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Paul is a down-to-earth Sensitive who has been living, breathing, studying, consulting with and teaching Tarot for almost 40 years. He usually describes himself as a “Direct Clairvoyant” or as a “Seer”. Pauls reading style is incisive, empathic, sometimes challenging yet practical and straightforward, he will only ever convey what he senses with authenticity and integrity – this may not be what you want to hear, or perhaps, expect to hear! There is absolutely no mumbo-jumbo involved in Pauls readings. He believes that reading the energy around people is as real as sound waves and the unseen currents that power light bulbs! Paul works Monday 12-4pm & 6-10pm, Tuesday 12-4pm & 6-9pm, Wednesday 12-6pm, Thursday 12-4pm, Friday 12-4pm & 6-9pm and Saturday 12-4pm.


  • I said nothing until he’d finished. I had to agree that most of what he had said did resonate very clearly with me. He finished by saying that the energy felt as though I was starting a new job, the cards, the excited but yet nervous etc etc that was the only way in which he felt he could convey the feeling ….. which was odd because I had phoned as I was attending and interview for a role I really wanted!! Paul knew nothing of this. However, I did get offered the role and I start next Monday. I now hope that the rest comes to pass …… Cheers Paul

    Ian, March 2017
  • Had a fantastic reading with Paul- he tells it exactly how it is and really gets to the root of the issue, there’s an absolute truth and depth to his reading that you do not find with many readers. Paul is not the type of reader to sugar coat or tell you what you want to hear but gives you fantastic insight into the deep, underlying issues of your life and what you need to do to over come them. I loved his honesty, sincerity and ability to get straight to the point of the issue. If you are expecting a reading where someone will wave a magic wand and tell you everything is going to be alright where you will not have to take action or responsibility then Paul is not for you. If you are willing to listen and accept the key issues of your life and what to do to overcome them then I thoroughly recommend Paul- the best reading I’ve had on here and I’ve had readings with most of the psychics on this site.

    Faye, February 2017
  • Paul is the only reader who has picked up the traumatic event that happened last year, and also picked up clearly on another very big sad issue that is seperate to that event. He also knew how last year had left me so very fragile and unable to see clearly. I did not tell him anything until he had given all of the correct information. Paul really has been the only one who has said exactly how it is now. Tragic events which he could see.
    He gave me some advice today, as he could see how my behaviour towards the second big issue was possibly going to effect my overall outcome.I very reluctantly took his advice today and immediately I got a response back that I feel has put me back in the drivers seat or at the very least eased my mind over a sad situation I had left on bad terms.
    It is not going to be an easy journey but I’m healing and Paul has helped me to see how I am self destructing, I need to stop going round in negatives circles. Let myself feel the real grief and come out the other side. I believe he really can see into your world, i do not get how! topped with a huge talent for cutting through to the core of your personality.
    I would only ever use Paul now.

    Anon, January 2017
  • Paul is an exceptional and talented reader – a cut above the rest! I have sought readings with Paul for many years and he always provides clarity with pragmatism and honesty. I love his direct approach and I can’t think of any reading when I haven’t laughed and felt lighter after my calls – even when matters are tough and serious. I don’t give recommendations lightly – but Paul is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to hear it as it is and move forward.

    natalie, December 2016
  • 10 stars for Paul. He is one of the most genuine readers I’ve had. He is very accurate without needing any information from the client. He brought much clarity to my situation and guidance for the way forward. It was clear he cares greatly about using his strong gifts for the benefit of others. On top of all that he is able to bring through (and that was a lot), he talks to you like you are a dear friend – with great patience, care and concern.

    jenni, December 2016
  • I would like to give a heartfelt recommendation for Paul.
    This was my second reading with him and I can say as an experienced Psychic/Medium who has worked with and been tutored by some high profile Mediums that I am in awe of Paul. His preferred way of reading is for him to connect with your energy and his cards and then tell YOU why you are calling.
    My reading was complex and on more than one level. He told me why I was ringing he told me what had brought me to this point with the sensitivity that the situation required.
    He told me he wasn’t a Medium ( I beg to differ) but said that if a presence makes them selves known he feels obliged to pass on what he is being told.
    Well I can assure he told me LOADS, a constant flow of faultless information with out a word being wasted. The whole of the reading (and previous one) was completely relevant and I was completely reassured of the outcomes that he has predicted.
    He got my family dynamics correct and was able to give me information about each of my children and information regarding them moving forward. There is no guess work or vague information and he doesn’t ask you he tells you. This may sound like arrogance but my experience was of a man who is a master of his craft and I am personally delighted to have found someone who works to such a wonderful high standard. I will definitely ring again as will my family and friends who I will recommend. I would also advise any aspiring Psychic Medium wherever they are on their path to ring Paul as he sets a standard that anyone would be proud to achieve.
    Well done Paul many blessings.

    Christine, December 2016
  • I have had many readings over the years, from many different readers. Paul read for me today and I was amazed at how he totally hit the nail on the head with everything he said about whats going on in my life just now. Spot on, great guy to talk to, does not paint pretty pictures which I appreciate greatly. Honest, direct Genuine psychic. Thanks a million for your help and advice. Tracy.

    Tracy, December 2016
  • Hello I just wanted to leave feedback for Paul please!
    I managed to track down Paul as he had left the last company he’d been with (thank goodness for the internet!) this alone should be a testament to how good he is, as there is no body else I wanted to have a reading with.
    I first spoke to Paul many years ago when my first marriage fell apart, and kept calling from time to time whenever I felt I needed to. To say he is good would be an understatement- he’s the best. He has always been consistent, he won’t sugar coat things – he will always be straight with you. His insights have always been right.
    Paul’s manner every time I have spoken to him not only put’s me at ease but has made me feel like I have had a talk with a good friend whom has known me my whole life. Yes ironic since I have never met him!
    Thank you Paul for all your sage advice and it is always a pleasure talking to you.

    Catherine, October 2016
  • Paul is a fantastic and very accurate reader. If you’re looking for someone that is down-to-earth and says things how they are, and who you can have a laugh with, then Paul is the reader for you. My reading with Paul this evening was spot on and he was able to give me messages from my partner ‘on the other side’. Being able to laugh whilst receiving such clear guidance and messages was very much needed. Thank you Paul.

    W.A, September 2016
  • I had an amazing reading with Paul. He is very gifted, my friend recommended him to me and I didn’t regret.
    I was astonished how he picked up the situation (or moment) from my past that has influenced me the most and it still does till now. He helped me to understand things better and guided me with honesty and kindness (like a friend that I have known for ages). Thank u Paul!!!
    Daniela D.

    Daniela D, September 2016
  • I enjoyed every second of my reading with Paul, he was spot on from start to finish and made me feel at ease straight away. I definitely recommend Paul and will most definitely have a reading with him again.

    Jas, September 2016
  • Paul was brilliant and he picked up on all areas of my life. He also picked up on a name and that was from the past, which really amazed me. Really gifted. Thank you.

    M, September 2016
  • Paul is an absolutely exceptional reader who will tune into your problems and past with such accuracy you will be astounded. This was my second reading with Paul and I truly cannot recommend him enough. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. He will give you the clarity and guidance you require with a level of honesty that I have never had in a reading before. Paul has mastered the art of being both honest about what he sees and compassionate, and what results is a one in a million reading.

    Joanna, July 2016
  • Namaste Paul. I am almost without words and cannot begin to express how utterly powerful in the most spiritual and perfect way I received everything Paul shared with me. To say that he was pin point accurate and able to help me is an understatement. I only wish I had recorded the reading. I will do in the future.

    Caroline, June 2016
  • A five star reader! I love the fact that he asked you not to say anything at the beginning and then nails exactly the reason you have contacted him within the first few minutes of the reading! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who is down to earth, ‘tells it as it is’, insightful, easy to talk to and real deal! Paul will provide you with that uplifting impetus to go forward with more confidence than before you rang and a spring in your step. An amazing reader!

    Nikki, June 2016
  • Had two readings with Paul – in both he said exactly the same thing.. Some readers tell you something different to what they would have told you a few weeks ago, but not Paul! Looking forward to see if the next three months unfolds as predicted- he’s as amazing reading

    ketna, June 2016
  • Paul is one of the most excellent readers I have ever encountered. He is no nonsense, down to earth, accurate and informative. He never wants to know anything and just reels of accurate information right from the word go. He does not sugar coat and gives it you straight and direct. I really do recommend him, you will be amazed.

    Rachel, May 2016
  • Totally amazing reading with Paul today. He asked for no information whatsoever , and everything he said was totally true , even back to 1997 ! Gave me immense hope for a brighter future , thank you. xx

    Sue, May 2016
  • I’ve used many Psychics over the years and know a good reading from a fair
    one. Paul literally blew me away when I called him one hour ago. He wanted
    me to tell him nothing at the start and straight away he was telling me why
    I called, what I wanted to know and began to fill in all the details rapid
    fire. No hanging about, no maybes all clear, concise facts about the
    situation. This guys not a five star reader, he’s 11 star. Roger.

    Roger, May 2016
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Paul. He was spot on, read me like a book! No probing questions and lots of information given. Paul is very direct and easy to talk to. I would certainly not hesitate speaking to Paul again, very honest and sincere.
    Thanks S xx

    shauna, May 2016
  • Had a lovely reading with Paul. Sorry I got cut off . Paul is very good he explained his findings to me very clearly. Looking forward to my predictions. Thanks Paul, best wishes Heather.

    Heather, May 2016
  • I love my readings with Paul, and he has provided great insight and wise counsel to me. He says he is a direct reader and doesn’t sugar coat what he sees, but whatever I am going through he conveys empathy and warmth with an uncanny ability to make me laugh every time. I always feel uplifted after chatting with Paul and more confident about where I am going. He is the most accurate reader that I have encountered and wouldn’t turn to anyone else. I am grateful for his gift and talents and look forward to my next reading. Natalie – January 2016. (Client from a previous company).

    Natalie, April 2016
  • Paul has been ‘reading’ for me for more than 13 years. He is truly amazing. I am always astounded at his ability to see exactly what is happening in my life without being given any info whatsoever. He does not tell you what you want to hear (believe me I have pushed for that sometimes) and he does not apologise for this. His promise is to offer insight and guidance to help you see a way forward especially through difficult times of which I have had many. I have recommended him to non believer friends and family when they have sought solace and quietly smiled as he brought spirituality to them. Across the years he has taught me how to manage my own emotions and reactions positively with difficult situations and people and as a result I am a happier more balance individual personally and professionally. I have had readings from others in the past and nobody has ever come close to this gifted man. I cannot recommend him highly enough to you. Thank you. Joan- January 2016. (Client from a previous company).

    Joan, April 2016
  • I wanted to say thank you to Paul, who gave me a reading so accurate that I couldn’t have hoped for more clarity. His insightful delivery was exceptional and he has helped me realise that the “fog” just has to be there for now – but the good news is the sun will shine through soon! Thank you so much Paul – I started out as a sceptic, now I am a convert. Andrea, UK – March 2016 (Client from a previous company).

    Andrea, April 2016
  • Had a wonderful reading with Paul. Without asking any questions he got straight to the point and touched on several areas of my life. The reading was inspiring and left me filled with hope and motivation. I can only give Paul my warmest recommendations if you want a reading with a friendly, kind and empathetic man, who will give it to you straight, help you find your path and then give you the push you need to walk down it. Thanks again. Sarah, UK – March 2016 (Client from a previous company).

    Sarah, April 2016
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