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  • Gary is absolutely one of the best readers in this service. He is simply in my readings never wrong, one thing after another predicted comes to pass, and I just keep coming back to him because he has pinpoint accuracy. It is worth it to me to be able to call and get straight to the point, and have incredibly accurate predictions on times and dates on when things will happen and they do. An astounding gift. Not only is he phenomenally accurate, but he has been incredibly kind to me during a times of great stress. Being able to see a way clear through this and watching one prediction after another come true, as well as feeling like he really does care for the people he reads for makes Gary in my book someone I will return to over and again, because I trust what he says, and I have lived the evidence of his predictions. He really is astounding.

    Anon, May 2019
  • Gary is an incredibly gifted reader. He could accurately see exactly what is going on in my career and when I asked about difficult people in my family he could see them too and gave me really constructive advice on how to deal with them. He is a Genuine Psychic, really gifted and his advice helps a great deal. Thank you Gary for helping me! I look forward to talking to you again in the future! I highly recommend him as a positive, helpful, intuitive psychic.

    Elspeth, April 2019
  • I just had to come back and write another testimonial for Gary as he is simply an incredible reader. He pinpointed dates for the rental of a family property, and did the same for questions around an important meeting and when it would take place.
    Everything happened just as he said it would to the day. He has given our family huge relief to know when certain things will happen. I feel very fortunate to have been able to speak to Gary, he is so good at what he does and he does not sugar coat anything, he just gets straight to the facts and you have your answers with tremendous clarity. I completely recommend calling Gary if you are looking for great accuracy and clarity. He will absolutely astound you.

    Jen, April 2019
  • Gary is an absolutely astounding reader. Incredibly accurate and to the point, he gets straight to the answers of your question. He tunes in immediately, and you come away feeling so much more secure in knowing what is going on. I highly recommend him, you will be astounded at how fast he knows what his going on.

    Jen, March 2019
  • It was a pleasure to speak with Gary who was very reassuring regarding a special friendship issue. His practical, kindly approach put my mind at rest completely. It was interesting to hear a male point of view for previously, have spoken with female psychics. Gary came across as sincere and genuinely concerned for my well being, and I would really recommend a reading with him

    Deborah, March 2019
  • Gary tuned in straight away with my situation giving lots of detail. I have had 2 readings with him and the information given was very accurate. I would definitely recommend Gary as he was recommended to me. The other people i have spoken to also said he was spot on with what was going on with them at the time of their reading.
    Thank you Gary x

    Shauna, February 2019
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