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Available soon on PIN 7413

Gemma is a natural born seer, spirit medium and psychic. She will welcome you with a positive energy and calming nature. Her readings are conversational with astonishing accuracy. Gemma can look into the whys and the philosophies of life and spiritual matters or she can keep it Q&A - its up to you. Gemma works with four amazing spirit guides.She can delve straight into your situation without much from you,She can cover esoteric topics and is a reiki master.Gemma can connect to passed love ones too and is a non judgemental reader.


  • Gemma is amazing i had such a good reading with her she is so lovely we connected really well she knew exactly how I was feeling and knew exactly what i was thinking, told me my business name and so much information. I will without a doubt be speaking to her again. Thank you Vanessa

    vanessa, October 2018
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