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Michelle has 28 years experience as a natural gifted clairvoyant, psychic and medium. Her readings are genuine, honest and direct! She will tell you as she sees it, although it may not be what you want to hear but it will help you make the right decision. As soon as you speak to Michelle you will feel that you are speaking to a genuine psychic.


  • Great service

    Kira, March 2024
  • What a beautiful solid reading. Effortlessly flowed . Incredible talent. Give this gifted lady a call . Her vision and insight remarkable .
    I’ll clock back in when my new beautiful home is underway .
    Thank you so very much xxx

    J, February 2024
  • Said would get picked for the travel award, did not come true.

    SM, December 2023
  • Lovely lovely lady with so much insight. And I’ll be back for another reading. Thank you very much. Xx

    Z, August 2023
  • I cannot express how much comfort that Michelle brought to me this morning. She was very accurate on everything & told me things that I hadn’t even shared. I know that I have to live in the present moment but I am walking to my future with hope & a smile. Highly recommended, best reading I have had. Michelle is very kind, caring & compassionate & I will definitely be speaking to her in the future. Thank you.

    LF, June 2023
  • I had a reading from Michelle for the first time recently. I had high expectations based on the comments I had read and the high calibre of readers on this site . However, I was highly disappointed. She was asking loads of questions and made me feel very uncomfortable. It didn’t feel like a reading from a psychic, but like I was chatting to a very nosy neighbour who was coming to natural, commonsense conclusions about my life. She may be a talented psychic but I didn’t experience any of that . Instead, she was patronising and judgemental. I have had many readings by other readers in the past and I have felt uplifted. However, I felt deflated and disappointed after Michelle’s reading A waste of my money and time !

    Anon, April 2023
  • Michelle, we got cut off but I just wanted to say a massive thank you. You read the situation exactly right and I feel so much calmer and have more clarity. Thank you!

    L, January 2023
  • Michelle never ceases to amaze me …I’ve used a lot of readers over the years and she is my number 1 as she tells it how it is plus her prediction always comes through in the end …really lucky to have found her.

    Trev, July 2022
  • Felt I needed to write to say thank you Michelle for pushing me forward. It’s not what you want to hear, it’s better than that, it’s what YOU NEED TO HEAR. The truth has to come out and it sets you free. I appreciate you being straight forward and not dressing up the message from the spirit. Not wasting time and minutes. You are truly amazing with your gift and it’s made me open to new chapters and beginnings. My tears and fears have faded now with your guidance and I got my man and new life. Amazing, Amazing! Speak soon, love JT. November 2021

    JT, November 2021
  • I had a reading with Michelle the other day because of the hype over here and I am sorry to say that I really did not enjoy it. It did not feel like a reading at all, when I tried to explain her the situation she cut me off and answered me with a single word. I tried going into detail but she cut me off again and in fact, she came across a little insensitive. I am a bit disappointed but I am sure she is a great reader to many of you, just not for me.

    h, September 2021
  • Michelle never fails to amaze me …speak regular to her ( she is the best one on here I think personally) tells how it is and not what u want to hear

    Trevor, July 2021
  • She was really nice to me and patient – will see what she says comes true in the 6-9months to come. Thanks very much.

    S, November 2020
  • 💖 truly great

    Maegan, September 2020
  • Fantastic reader. She has been more than supportive all the months she has been reading for me – genuine, excellent and wise . Thank you.

    Iliana, August 2020
  • Michelle is best of the best as I have spoken many readers and she has genuine gift with perfect detail amazing lady
    I speak with her on regular basis as so good

    Trevor, July 2020
  • Michelle gave me a wonderful reading. Michelle, I do hope you are reading this as I would like to apologise for my phone cutting out during our reading! My provider did not allow me to spend over a certain amount of time upon checking and I was cut off immediately. I was so worried you’d think I didnt enjoy my reading!
    It was excellent and I will be back.
    Michelle gave me excellent insight into my problems and told me directly what I needed to do to resolve this. Thank you, Michelle.

    Olivia, May 2020
  • Michelle is lovely and straight to the point, but I didn’t feel she connected with me, she needed to know my age, his age, if we are together or not, she changed the last communication from a week or 2 to 3 months and she didn’t pick up on the situation. Really lovely with the advice she gave but not really a psychic reading, maybe she didn’t connect fully with me.

    J, November 2019
  • Michelle is a different type of psychics. She reminded me of Archangel Michael, loving but stern, ready for actions. No waffling, cut straight to the chase and all about taking actions. This does not mean that she does not provide validations, but more interested in helping you resolving the issues. She will motivate and empower you.

    Sometimes, when we are in deep emotional trouble, we would like the security of knowing the future outcomes, and this can create a form of paralysis, in-actions, and “wishful” expectations. What I learned from her is that you make your destiny. You are a co-creator with the universe. You are a player in the game of life, not just an audience.

    Randy, January 2018
  • I’ve had several readings from your psychics over the last year and generally as good as they are i dont leave feed back. Today is different. I’ve just had the most honest and down to earth reading with Michelle and i can honestly say it was brilliant and so empowering to the mind and soul. I love Michelle’s delivery and especially her ability to get straight to the point, its almost like she’s in your head, reading your thoughts, just love it. Thank you Michelle for encouraging me to move forward on my path and achieve my dreams

    Nicky, April 2017
  • I just wanted to say that over the years moon predictions has helped me sort my head out, when everything was too much and talking to my friends wasn’t an option.
    I have had a couple of readings with Michelle recently whilst going through a stressful time. She was so grounded and matter-of-fact and kind.
    The predictions she made for the following week were astonishingly accurate. Many thanks for the advice and for sharing your gift. It has helped me enormously and I’m so grateful.
    Best wishes,
    E xx

    E, March 2017
  • Had reading with Michelle and all I can say is 10/10
    She told me things that only I know about and only me ..she was really specific and that totally floored me in a good way ! Amazing reader
    She tells u the truth and is straight to the point

    T x
    November 2016

    T, November 2016
  • If you want a honest reading Michelle is the one for you,she is brilliant

    Simone, November 2016
  • At probably the most difficult time in my life so far, the last 6 months lead me to connect with spirit providing me with clarity, good advice and guidance. I have been in contact with Michelle for the last 6 months and found her approach to my commercial divorce incredible. Her “can do” attitude picked me off the floor and helped me on my way in a professional and encouraging manner. At times Michelle had more belief in my ability than I did! Michelle encouraged me all the way throughout the process with messages from spirit, using the talents and abilities which were gifted to her. An amazing individual who deserves true credit – Thank you, I am eternally grateful!

    Adam, November 2015
  • Had now 2 readings with Michelle and I have to say she was so spot on I was amazed she was able to describe in detail the person I met and I mean in great detail she even said his teeth has a wonky one at the front and he has ..I’ve seen loads of readers but this is the best she kept telling me about this person in detail and kept saying yes that is correct . I trust in what she has told me and I look forward to her prediction. I’m very impressed. Thank you Michelle x Trevor A

    Trevor, November 2015
  • Hi, I would like to leave a testimonial for Michelle. I have enjoyed a lot of good readers on Elizabeth Rose but what I was told this morning tops everything. Michelle was very direct, down to earth and straight to the point. She picked up on a matter that she was describing to me in a visual manner that was exactly the same as what had happened 2 days ago. Absolutely amazing and highly recommended. Thanks Michelle I will never look at a cat the same again 🙂

    FS, October 2014
  • I wanted to leave a testimonial for Michelle. She is so accurate and tuned in straight away. I would highly recommend her and will definitely call again. A huge thank you.

    S, January 2014
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Michelle who read for me last night. I couldnt believe how quickly Michelle tuned in, direct, blunt and very much straight to the point. I didnt ask any questions what so ever, she used no tools just connected immediately and delved straight into the situation without any prodding or pushing. Does not sugar coat the issue, and told me off a few times ! I loved her bluntness and straight talking. A very lovely lady. I had been searching for honest answers for a while, and have found a great site with what feels like honest, genuine pyshics. I hope her predictions comes True !

    Fleur, August 2013
  • Direct, no messing around. This is not about what you want to hear but what she gets and Michelle will give you that – for your best interest.

    Love her manner and love her honesty. Super lady and accurate with her reading and information that she gave me. Phone and ask to speak to Michelle…..! xxx

    Miss L, Guildford, August 2013
  • I have just had a reading with Michelle – she was very clear and spot on!

    Maria, August 2013
  • Had an excellent spot on reading Michelle – hit the nail on the head with all issues…!!

    Jas, August 2013
  • I have had a few readings with Michelle now, and she never fails to amaze me. She links in straight away and gives such amazing insight and accuracy to things no one could possibly know. Michelle I will be eternally grateful for the help and comfort you have given me,

    I can’t recommend this lady highly enough… Thank you

    Rebecca West Sussex, August 2013
  • I’ve had a few readings with Michelle now and as much as I find her predictions and her descriptions of the people and situations around me to be amazingly accurate, I really enjoy just talking to her.
    She’s warm and funny and I never fail to feel better after talking to her. She has me in stitches even when things aren’t going so great.
    So Michelle thanks you again for all her help thus far. Knowing me, I’m sure we’ll talk again!
    Blessings always

    Sue London, August 2013
  • Just had reading with Michelle, absolutely brilliant. She gave me lots of validations, quickly tuned into the situation and so much information coming through like none other that I have had before. Very much worth spending a full 20 minutes at least as Michelle kept giving me more and more. I have had a few readings with psychics in the past and I must say I was very much impressed with Michelle and everything that she communicated.

    I feel very humble and grateful, thank you Michelle. Will definitely be ringing you again. Love and light A very grateful Wendy xx

    Wendy, August 2013
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