19 Jan 2021

coincidence or spiritual intervention by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

18 Jan 2021

Common Superstitions by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Do you know the origins? A common superstition is that a black cat will bring you bad luck and is a bad omen. This superstition goes way back to the 1200’s when Pope Gregory waged a war against symbols and he decided that cats, the black cat particularly was a servant of Satan and he had… Read More

13 Jan 2021

The Ancient Art of Cartomancy Part One – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Or the art of giving a psychic reading with playing cards.The origins of the art of doing a reading with playing cards is really so old that it is lost in the mists of time. It is known that they were used up to the middle ages and it was considered an oracle of wisdom… Read More

6 Jan 2021

A Day in the life of a Psychic – Blog 5 – Sophia Pin 7419

Day In The Life of A Psychic (5) In my last couple of blog articles, I have been writing about my journey towards becoming a professional psychic. If I had known, in my first class at college, that it would take so long to reach a level of skill where I was ready to work… Read More

21 Dec 2020

The History of Auras by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The History of Auras The fascinating subject of Auras. You may be interested to know, that they were first discovered in 1939 by a Russian Scientist called Semyon Kirlian. He discovered the Aura by accident, he had put an object on a photographic plate which was connected to a source of electricity, which then showed… Read More

16 Dec 2020

Day In The Life of A Psychic (4) – Sophia

Day In The Life of A Psychic (4) ‘I took the road less travelled by…’ In my previous blog article, I wrote about the beginning of my journey from keen tarot learner to professional psychic. It’s a subject I would like to take up again today. At the time of which I’m writing, I had… Read More

1 Dec 2020

A Day in the Life of a Psychic – Blog 3 – Sophia Pin 7419

I’m sure there are many different and worthwhile ways of learning tarot, including books and courses and lessons, but my own psychic path has been a bit more unconventional. Nevertheless, it has worked for me. One of my mentors said that I progressed so rapidly, spirit must really want me to do this work. I… Read More

23 Nov 2020

Revealing your Aura By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The Aura The Aura is a fascinating topic. It is an energy field of around one to two feet around living things. To Feel Your own Aura. All you have to do is rub your hands together and this activates the energy that you have in your body. You will feel a tingling or warm… Read More

16 Nov 2020

Day In The Life Of A Psychic – Sophia Pin 7419

Day In The Life of A Psychic (2)… I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong…From my years at psychic college, I knew I had some mediumship ability. Even practising athome, I had made contact with my friend’s mother in spirit. I had asked her whether thingswould work out romantically between me and her son…. Read More

21 Oct 2020

Aura’s – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

It does not take long to learn to read the Auras that surround all living things. There are plenty of books on the subject for the interested. One interesting thing that does show up in the Aura on a human being is their mood. The colour changes as your mood changes. A lemon-yellow shows that… Read More