22 Feb 2024

Spirits in the Material World by Sammie pin 7486

They say, we are made up of 70% water and 30% mineral. Scientists like to try and discover and prove everything they can about us and the world we live in, but what of the spirit world, of which in ourselves we all have, but nobody can see. Or can they?

Recently, I had a call from a customer who asked me if there was anybody from the spirit world that wanted to make contact with her. It was quite late and I was about to log off, just as I went to log out, a call came in, from this lady and I described a female to her that she didn’t recognise.  I didn’t pursue the call for the simple reason; I was tired and she didn’t know who this person (a woman who I shall call Alison) was.  

It happens sometimes, that people don’t immediately recognise someone that comes in.  This is generally because they may well have someone specific in mind, like a close relative, mother/father etc which is understandable.  In our day to day lives, we bump into someone we haven’t seen for many years and we go our separate ways because that’s where our journeys take us. For everything has a reason, you meet every person, for a reason. Some will stay in your lives and some will not.  If you meet them again it may be because you have unfinished business, perhaps to close a chapter or to continue where you left off.   Sometimes they are kindred spirits and just have a message to pass on, like they do from the spirit world!

So who was this lady Alison?

After some thinking, and seeing this lady again in my mind’s eye (the third eye/brow chakra) I knew she was a friend to the caller, and had in fact become her spirit guide.  The lady had passed some years previously and wouldn’t have been immediately known to the caller for the reasons that these two people were friends from an early age and had not seen each other for many years.  If the caller ever rings again, I will be able to let her know!

Why did she come in?

In our lives, we are assigned guides.  During our life on earth, some will come in for a short time and then leave when their work is done.  I have heard that there is a guide for every situation, and we do have more than one. Some mediums know who their guides are, mine are a mixed bunch of ancestors and old friends.  

When we have guides that are ancestral, they are generally grandparents and often some from very much further back, sometimes parents (although I think we ignored their advice when they were on the earth plane and therefore may ignore it from the spirit world and it is more likely that they send signs to us, as opposed to them being permanently with us. We will meet them when we cross over.  Some mediums as you probably have read, have red Indians as guides, I am not here to question them about that.  We are all humans having a unique human experience while here on planet earth!

So, back to the call I took. I felt that Alison had come in to pass on some words of advice, often people call when they want to contact the spirit world because they are facing some difficulties and just need reassurance. People contact mediums for all sorts of reasons. It can be confusing for a caller if a set person doesn’t come in immediately or readily from a closer person like the person they were thinking of.  Whoever wants to come in, will come in.  As above, so below, even those in the spirit world have to have a day off sometimes!  

However, had the call continued, I am sure that this lady once identified would have moved over and the gentleman that wanted to say a few words would have done so.  It is almost like they push for position, and like a bad signal on an FM radio, I need to tune in to the strongest signal first).  I knew the caller was most likely someone like me and probably had got to a point where she needed some assistance to help her on her way, that’s why we do this work!

So does everybody have these capabilities of seeing and hearing spirits (clairvoyant, clairaudient)?

I am not going to say yes.  I think when you know you have something, you know.  For some people, it would scare them to death, and they wouldn’t feel confident or capable of passing on messages.  However, everyone has a gut instinct, which you must always trust. How many times have you said, ‘I knew I shouldn’t have done that’. Lesson learned!

Is there a spirit world? Yes, absolutely there is.

While the majority of my callers are not wanting mediumship, I will add that with all of my calls whether I use tarot or not, will have at least one of my guides assisting me.  It always comes from a good place.

Love & light.

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