Pre-pay by phone

Call our Psychic Team at Moon Predictions Ireland 01686 9338

 (international number: +3531686 9338) to book a telephone reading by credit or debit card.

Live premium line

Call our premium line 1580 411 161 (international number: +3531686 9338) for live psychic readings. “Calls cost €2.40 per min from Eircom landlines. All calls recorded, 18+ and entertainment only, SP: Helpline: 1800 719 347.”


Moon Predictions Ireland are proud to be able to offer a variety of different psychics to take your telephone calls. If you are a first time user, you may be wondering what do psychics do? Or perhaps, how do psychics work? It is a good idea to browse through and familiarise yourself with the psychics that work for us. All of the readers are hand picked and tested by the owner and manager of the company to ensure that they deliver accurate readings.

We offer a 5 minute guarantee on all credit card readings to all customers, no matter how many times you may have used that psychic in the past. If, for whatever reason, you feel that there is no connection with your chosen reader then all you need to do is disconnect the call within the first 5 minutes. One disconnected, call the reception team back and they will refund your full payment or reset your minutes and transfer you through to an alternative reader.

Sometimes, it is hard to choose a Psychic Reader and this is where you should use your own Psychic intuition. Everyone has the ability to tap into their reserves. Look at the photo’s of the readers and see who you are drawn to. Then look at the testimonials provided for that Psychic and if they seem to be on your wavelength, get in touch! Give the reception team a call on 01686 9338 and they will help you book in with your chosen psychic.

If you are looking to gain some insight into your life and future happiness then Moon Predictions are the people to contact as we offer Clairvoyant Readings in the UK. With over 35 years of experience, our team of Psychic Readers can offer you their astute abilities to assist you in matters of career, family, relationships and more. Our family run business provides excellent UK psychics as well as clairvoyants and mediums. Clairvoyants channel their energy to see situations that relate to the past, present and the future. The word Medium mean ‘channel’ which is what these gifted individuals will do, passing messages from spirits or spirit guides. Psychics on the other hand were those that were known years a go as fortune-tellers, are now those that posses the mental abilities to see and feel the future and make predictions upon this. We also have psychics that also work with tarot who can provide a tarot card reading.

There are many people who believe that psychics use methods of delusion and trickery to lure people into parting with their money, this is simply not true. True psychics use their extrasensory perception and susceptible skills to gain information that is usually hidden or not yet seen by the normal senses. You can choose which reader you would like to talk to when you have your clairvoyant reading, you may have spoken to them before or had them recommended to you or you can tell us your needs and we will match the best psychic to you and we have many relationship psychics available. With their flexible hours you can conveniently have a reading when it suits you, over phone or email in the comfort of your own home. Please look at our psychic website –

The spiritual guidance we provide is second to none, we do not give you misleading advice or probe you with questions, you should be relaxed and comfortable with the reading at all times, allowing the open channel of energies to flow to result in a detailed reading. Whether you connect with a Psychic Medium Clairvoyant  here at Moon Predictions we will simply tell you what we see and base our advice on that in a friendly and positive way. Our naturally gifted psychics have helped our company to become a respected and trusted one, we are known for our accuracy and the rapport we build with our repeat customers. If you want an expert reading from a talented psychic then it could not be easier, simply book online, text or call to be connected to a Psychic Reader. All contact numbers can be found on our clear website.