Clairvoyant Reading

There are many ways in which a clairvoyant reading can be described – as a ‘psychic reading’ for example. Generally most readers are psychic and clairvoyant so it doesn’t really matter how the reading is referred to. It is commonly understood by companies offering these services that they can be requested by customers in many different ways!

That being said, sometimes clients would like a reader that does not use any additional tools – eg, tarot cards or pendulums. If this is the case and you are unsure of which reader to choose, speak to our friendly receptionists who will be able to advise you of a suitable reader for your clairvoyant reading.

If you require a reader to connect to spirit – it would be advisable to request a medium. However, there are no guarantees that the reader will be able to connect with someone specific who has passed over. Please don’t be disappointed if this happens, it’s not any fault of the reader – they can only connect with people that make themselves available at that time.

Tarot readers can be excellent at predicting time frames – our reader Sarah is exceptional and her customers return time and time again for further information once the initial time frame has passed. Some tarot readers are extremely gifted psychics/clairvoyants too and generally they offer a very thorough all round clairvoyant reading.

Whenever you wish to have a clairvoyant reading  – our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are unsure of which type of reader to choose, look online at and familiarise yourself with our readers and read their testimonials. Alternatively, call reception on 01686 9338 who will advise you which readers are currently available to provide a clairvoyant reading.