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Agnes has been a professional reader for over 26 years. She is a natural clairvoyant and psychic medium. Her speciality is relationships and reading your partners thoughts for you, as well as other life matters. She is also a circle trained professional psychic medium. Agnes is trained in the use of the Tarot, the crystal ball, of which she has many, and will happily work with the appropriate crystal for you to gain insight. She also does tea-leaf readings so if youre on your tea-break why not pop your kettle on and Agnes will make a psychic brew too and answer all your questions. She also uses the pendulum for further insight on yes/ no questions. She is known as very open minded, discreet, and easy going so please feel free in your reading to ask and confide any of your concerns, she really will astound with her accuracy. Also, as a healer, most clients remark they feel a sense of better well-being when they talk to Agnes.


  • Excellent..all her readings have been accurate..a big thanks for showing light!

    Ravinder, April 2021
  • I’ve had numerous readings with Agnes over the last few years and she has been consistently excellent. One area of my life is extremely complicated and I knew she was a reader I could rely on when she said something which is so weird that I don’t think anyone else would have dared to risk saying it but was 100% accurate and applicable to my situation. She recently said something to me in a reading I couldn’t quite understand at the time but I trusted her due to her numerous spot on predictions and needless to say that night exactly what she had described happened. She’s spot on in terms of picking up on other peoples’ thoughts too. Fantastic reader!

    Vicky, April 2021
  • ive had two readings with agnes and today i spole to her about gow the police are involved in my reationship they think its a scam and no its not everyone is against us at present and im having a really tough time agnes really helped me connect today and she said many people are jealous and insecure about me and this relationship wonering where theyll fit in and people have been using me. this partner is nnot a scam like many friends have said and she said i will get an apology im having such a crap time right now but agnes knew i was really downa dn she helped me today
    thanxs agnes


    ps i love the way you descrivbe my man as beautiuful and angelic and a gift from god ive got my ticket now lots of love

    Fiona, March 2021
  • I would like to leave a review for this wonderful lady.
    I have had so many readings with Agnes and she is always been so spot on on every readings. Especially on people feelings and emotions.
    I can’t wait for the predictions to come.

    Thank you so much Agnes for your kindness and patience.

    Charlotte, October 2020
  • Wow! I can say so many great things about Agnes. I called 4am (US time) for some clarity because I was struggling with a relationship problem and she picked up on it and my POI right away and provided so much insight and clarity. All was accurate and resonated and also provided things to look forward to. Agnes is the real deal! She even picked up on a situation I had never even verbalized to anyone. Thank you so much, you’ve helped me to find peace with the situation.

    K, September 2020
  • Agnes is a lovely lady. Accurate with her readings .. warm and gentle. I’ve been having reading with her for few years now.

    M, August 2020
  • Had a lovely reading with Agnes. Tunes in straight away and validates correctly. Has predicted what other psychics have predicted. Just have to wait for the predictions. I would recommend her though as she works free hand and tunes in quickly and with spirit. LnL. Xx

    Peace, May 2020
  • Agnes was spot on with her observations and described character traits of those that had to do with my concerns very accurately and quickly. She was also very friendly, thoughtful, and honest. She told me how she sees some things unfolding in the upcoming year. I can’t yet say whether these predictions are correct, but all the information that she gave me about the past and present, certainly was. I would definitely call her again!

    SC, April 2020
  • Agnes is by far my number 1 psychic/clairvoyant. I’ve been speaking to her since last year, her prediction always happen. I am amazed by her talent.
    She predicted that I will get money at a certain time, which came true.

    Thank you very much Agnes, with love.

    Julie, February 2020
  • Very good. Just had a reading with Agnes and she is clear, detailed, honest, to the point and even if it is something you think oh no really? (not in a bad way) – she will stick to it if she is sure. So, she sticks by her convictions – which I found refreshing. I have had a reading with her in the past and she was very accurate.

    Thanks Agnes!

    Soph D, October 2019
  • Soothing and caring , I will have regular readings with Agnes, she made me feel far more positive about my future and I can now see a way forward

    Lian, October 2019
  • What a wonderful experience having a reading with Agnes. I was tired and
    stressed after work one evening. She was the best pick me up.
    a lovely soothing soul.

    Simmone, May 2019
  • A lovely Lady , very soothing and immediately calmed me as i was very stressed on ringing, I felt really good after my reading and Agnes prediction came true. So pleased.

    Judy, January 2019
  • Spoke with Agnes a few times now and what a delight she is. I Absolutely loved each reading, very clear and each time she is absolutely certain of something I asked about to happen! I will only speak with Agnes now, she is just so full of information and sees ahead how things will unfold. Definitely great therapy for me and so respectful to how I felt too. Beautiful lady who id love to take for afternoon tea… Thank You So Much! Will be in touch again for certain as she really does put you at ease! X

    S, November 2018
  • Thank you to Agnes who listened with kind caring to my worries late at night . You helped reassure me that my loved ones will be ok. Thank you particularly in regards to your calming advice about my dog. Xx

    G, September 2018
  • I would give Agnes 10 stars if I could ! I have had many readings with her and she is consistently excellent. She is also a lovely lady .

    Elizabeth, June 2018
  • Agnes amazes me every time I have a reading with her. She is so accurate and goes straight to the point. She only tells you what she can see and it’s always on point.
    I had an interview and I was worried about not being offered the job however, she reassured me and told me the time I would be offered the job. I was amazed because everything she told me actually happened and I was offered the job at the exact time she told me! She also told me things about my family that no one knew. Thank you Agnes for having patience and taking your time to read for me and thank you for reassuring me and putting my mind at ease. I would highly recommend her for a reading

    Andrea, February 2018
  • I have spoken to Agnes a few times and something’s I thought…really but why…
    This time she has been SPOT ON, having a few relationships issues and she said its not over, he’s going on holiday and you’ll be hearing from him the same week.
    WOW and she was right I heard from him and then he went on holiday.
    To be fair everyone on this site are the best I have spoken too
    Thank you ER and MP

    Alexandra, September 2017
  • Agnes is just wonderful , she never fails to amaze me and is spot on with everything many thanks

    Simone, November 2016
  • I found Agnes excellent value for money. I got all my questions dealt with
    in our session time. A practical genuine psychic.
    And she was accurate.
    Great value for money and accurate can’t say no to that!

    Jacob, October 2016
  • I just wanted to say how wonderful I think Agnes is! I had a reading with her late on Saturday night when I was at a low ebb about a relationship. She gave me renewed hope and was absolutely spot on about when I would see him and his feelings! She has such a gentle, caring way about her too! Thank you Agnes! 5 stars!

    Helen, May 2016
  • Thank you Agnes for your reading tonight. 7th April. You connected into my situation quickly and I was surprised at your predictions as to how things are going to develop. Thank you again.

    Sheila, April 2016
  • Just had a reading with Agnes, she is truly amazing ,spot on , she makes you feel very uplifted can’t wait to speak again xx

    simone, January 2016
  • The best reader I have ever had.
    every-thing she predicts comes true for me. Agnes is like a fairy God mother, if she says it will happen it does happen.
    She really is a caring reader who wants the best for my life and that comes through whenever I speak to her.

    Tahnk-you so so much

    lucy, December 2015
  • I like having readings with Agnes . She is very down to earth and easy to talk with.
    She always calms me and I feel a lot better in myself after having my reading.
    I would recommend Agnes.

    janice, October 2015
  • Agnes is a lovely reader, so easy to talk to. She always makes me feel uplifted
    I know she is a Shamanic high priestess also. So it is nice to know the healing rays are there as she does my reading.
    Agnes is definitely the best reader. Also she has sat in circle for many years which makes me feel I am in the hands of a professional reader.

    My thank-you to you Agnes leaving a testimonial,Jackie

    jackie, July 2015
  • The Best reading Ever. Blown away.

    Best reader and best company for genuine readers, ethical service. And polite
    mannered staff.

    Definitely coming back for more readings.

    heather, June 2015
  • Good on you, Agnes, as always you were right on it . As a business man your
    spirit guides have been invaluable in helping my company grow.”

    Good on yah girl you’re a sweetie and straight up.

    josh, June 2015
  • I had a reading with Agnes and was amazed at how spot on she was in every aspect of the reading. She asked no questions and said everything like she was actually there, witnessing everything first hand. She really is a lovely, honest beautiful person and I thank her for a very much needed reading. After listening to Agnes, I had complete peace of mind, so important , thank you.

    Sade, June 2015
  • I was embarrassed ringing a psychic. Not daring to admit being a gay married man.
    Agnes picked up straight away , “Are you having an affair with a married man”
    she enquired. I thought she was going to judge me instead she calmly said ,
    just making sure we have the right person you want me to read on.

    Non judgemental highly recommend to gay community or extramarital affairs

    A nice down to earth Lady


    anonymous, April 2015
  • Was in need of Agnes to connect with my loved ones in spirit. I nearly collapsed from how accurate she is. A TOP READER (EXCELLENT). A big hug.

    Deidre, March 2015
  • Just want to leave my comment – Agnes is a lovely warm and understanding person. I have yet to see if her predictions come true but she is really nice and a great comfort to speak with.

    Melissa, February 2015
  • Well done Agnes you predicted the exact day and time of birth of my son – I am amazed. My wife asked me to have a psychic reading and reluctantly I did. I promise I won’t be a sceptic again. Great company and great reader – James.

    james, January 2015
  • Thank you Agnes, our house did get an offer this January, very accurate with your timing. I will ring next week for a top up reading with you. Very much recommended as one of the top readers I have had – Regards Suzy

    suzy, January 2015
  • Hi. I thought I’d leave a testimonial, well deserved. I tried a reading for entertainment one night. But wow, truly a believer in the spirit world now. Agnes knew details about my life that she couldn’t have known otherwise. Upmost respect for you Agnes.

    Juliet, December 2014
  • I have been having readings with Agnes over the past year. A heart breaking marital split was the reason I looked advice from a genuine psychic. Which through Moon Predictions I found in Agnes. Through regular readings with Agnes not only has my husband returned, but we are literally living a second honeymoon every day.Thank you SO SO much Edith.

    Edith, December 2014
  • Agnes is a top class reader. extremely accurate, with loads of spirit guides who
    all astound with what they know about me. It is always a spookily accurate read
    with Agnes, but she is a lovely down to earth lady very nice, the reason my family all
    have readings with Agnes.

    Anon, December 2014
  • This is a testimonial for Agnes. I have to say this lady is amazing as many others on this site. I was shocked at how accurate she was and the things she picked up about me and what’s been going on around me. Truely a rare and gifted lady. Thank you

    Lucia, November 2013
  • Ive just had a fab reading with Agnes, amazing lady and so clear with the information she picks up. She helped me see how the man in my life was feeling about me and the way forward and what I could expect in the future. Such a straight forward genuine lady. Thank you for putting my mind to rest

    Stefan, August 2013
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