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Luna has the gift of clairvoyance. She is also clairsentient, clairaudient, psychic and telepathic. Even as a young child of only 5 years of age, Luna became aware that she had remote viewing and psychometry abilities. She has demonstrated her mediumship on the church platform and conducted many private readings to very happy and satisfied clients. While linking into the spirit of dearly departed souls, Luna can bring messages of comfort to her client, often from loved ones. These messages may contain information from past events or what may become in the future. An asset that Luna possesses is her ability to connect with departed pets in spirit world. Shes able to use the tarot as a tool but it is not essential for a reading. If the client desires a specific tarot card reading, Luna will be delighted to assist. Using her genuine and blessed gift, she draws upon the divine spirit and her guides to help and comfort those in need, and those wishing to seek advice and spiritual comfort. Luna has the skilled ability to give messages surrounding all aspects of your live, from love & relationships, to career and job opportunities. She is also here to assist your own journey into the mysterious and wonderful world of spirit. She is a kind and non judgmental psychic medium that is here and ready to help guide you, allowing you to lead a more positive and happy life!


  • Just had a reading with Luna, wow what an amazing genuine psychic, a big thankyou Luna you have really lifted my spirits and have made such a difference. I would love to have another reading with you and I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to speak to a genuine psychic. Lots of love xx

    R, March 2024
  • The best reading I have ever had when it comes to mediumship skills and that includes members of the spiritualist association of great britain who havent been as accurate as Luna was today. She identified my family who have all passed on and described places where I have lived all were deadly accurate. I would not hesitate to recommend Luna to anyone who wants a good medium.

    Carolyn, March 2024
  • I recently had a reading with Luna (Feb 2024). She’s a really lovely and calm lady to talk with. Her reading was very insightful and she picked up on a lot of things connected to me and my new partner which were very accurate, to the point she gave a significant family member name and also a place of significance. Luna picked up on some circumstances that are happening presently around my partner and also the line of work he is in. She saw many positive things ahead for my relationship which was very encouraging.
    Luna is a very gifted reader and needs no information to give you what she sees and feels. I would very much recommend her.
    Thank you x

    Lisa, February 2024
  • I spoke to Luna for the first time in January, she was a joy to speak with, please do give her a call she is very good, she picked up on things which were so accurate, I won’t go into specific details but I know who I will be speaking with going forward, thank you Luna

    Marianne, January 2024
  • Luna was amazing. Tuned into a loved one who was passed without any prompt or detail from me and so much accuracy.
    Felt like a really honest, natural reading, Luna was sharing as she found things and as they came to her but with such coherence and detail. I was left reassured and feeling much lighter. Thank you Luna.

    Jo, January 2024
  • Luna has a lovely warmth and cheerful energy. She gave me a good accurate reading and confirmed a few things. I will be back to let you know once it happens !

    Val, December 2023
  • Luna has been a star, fantastic validations, and read my situation really well. Without knowing the full story Luna picked up on events that had been happening and was able to advise me going forward. Although the outcome wasn’t what I wanted, I knew Luna was spot on and my gut was telling me the same. Will deffo look forward to having further readings with Luna thank you so much loved it x

    Nikki, December 2023
  • Thank you Luna for the incredibly accurate and insightful reading I had with you, it all made so much sense to me. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders with your guidance and psychic gift. Give this incredible woman a call you will not be disappointed! I will definitely be back for further readings. Thank you so much x

    Anon, November 2023
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