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Thomas is an excellent and experienced psychic and clairvoyant, who works with spirit. He is very experienced with the tarot cards and specialises in relationships and love matters. Thomas has more than 25 years experience in counselling, advising, and predicting. Wisdom and prudence enable him to link to the clients energy fields. This gives him access to vital information that may be blocking or inhibiting the free flow of life that the client wishes to experience. He is well-versed with over a hundred Universal Cosmic Laws.


  • Spot on from start of reading. Very reassuring. Best reading ive ever had. Thank you

    Ro, January 2024
  • Thomas was a lovely, positive, compassionate and insightful man.

    He was able to pick up on my emotional and draining year and give me clarity and closure on my penance I have put into it and endured.

    He knew I already knew everything he was telling me, but understood I had lost my confidence to believe in my own strength and ability to let go of the past and the community of people who who were keeping there.

    He picked up on my wish and only wish i have that is pending a legal matter. Amazing!

    He told me my mum is around me through everything I have dealt with this year. My mum passed in June.

    Thomas knew about my illness and bout of depression. He didn’t mince his words when he said I still have some healing and letting go to do, but was so amazingly insightful on how this will heal and how. This resonated profoundly with me.

    I have been sent so many messages and happenings from the sport world that I had been blocking due to me being stuck in my past.

    Thomas was able to tell me all these signs and happenings that i will now be open and perspective too.

    I am going to take all your advice and become more confident, active, pro active and more my strong resilient self i once used to be.

    I will most definitely recommend Thomas and look forward to speaking with him again in the new year.

    Thank you 🙏 5 stars

    KH, December 2023
  • I regard Thomas as a trusted spiritual advisor. I repeatedly seek his counsel across various aspects of life, be it in handling work-related issues, managing relationships, coping with grief, more broadly realigning with universal consciousness, or whatever else. I deeply appreciate his support.

    L, October 2023
  • Thomas attuned to me straight away and could highlight my issue without me telling him. Everything he said resonated and left me feeling understood which was a great comfort. He was also able to give me practical guidance. Thank you, Thomas.

    Sharon, October 2023
  • Thomas is exceptional. I turn to him for guidance and counselling several times a year. He not only helps me grasp the intricate dynamics and relationships in my life, but also identifies any internal blockages and/or underlying fears, ultimately enabling me to harmonise more effectively with universal consciousness. I’m very grateful for his support.

    L, August 2023
  • I enjoyed talking to Thomas, things he told me rang true, am more hopeful that things will fall into place soon, feel more at peace now. Am looking forward to future.

    Sharon, May 2023
  • This is my third review for Thomas and he has been my occasional guide and mentor over I think nearly five years. In that time he has helped me on my spiritual journey – and with practical decisions so many times. His energy and connections are high and pure. I’m trying to think how to explain how he works and it’s something like the way a tree grows with it’s concentric rings showing you where the growth has been and how it’s both still you but also a different you : that we contain in us all the lessons and this is what brings us further forward in our life. Thomas is the forestry guardian helping me to become the best and strongest version of the tree that is me. Thank you.

    KM, April 2023
  • Thomas is patient, kind, compassionate and spot on in every energy reading he does. In fact, I have had the most trying year, and he has seen me through the challenges, the karmic suffering and helped me understand every lesson like a true wise master of his craft. I am a spiritual healer myself and energy and tarot reader – I trust no one else to read my vibration and frequency other than Thomas. He is exceptional beyond mere words and has never been off the mark to date and I speak to him at least 3-4 times a week, sometimes more depending on the situation. Even when at times, I have doubted his wisdom, sure enough they eventually come to pass, and because I doubted them, they bite me back hard! So have no doubt; if Thomas is reading your energy and he says I feel it – indeed he does and this is not a future reading, it is a reading of what is! What is meant to unfold karmically and what will happen as a result of choices, karma and interactions with the present moment! If you want to change these eventualities, then be prepared to change your perception by raising your awareness first, and Thomas has helped me reach those goals so much faster with his wisdom. I also thank him for putting up with my temper, which at times flares up in frustration- he always smiles and says “It’s alright!” – much love, blessings and respect dear master, you are in my daily thoughts and meditation with gratitude 🙏🙏🙏🙏🕉🕉🕉💕💕

    Zsena, March 2023
  • Thomas, you are an amazing reader. Bless you.

    Gill, February 2023
  • Thomas’s abilities to reach over to you through his inner spirit is a realisation of love and life.
    He is a remarkable healer, and psychic being one of the many capabilities which possess.

    Lloyd, December 2022
  • Thomas is such a beautiful, gifted and insightful reader…have had a lovely reading which has given me peace and calm.
    Thank you.

    Wendy, December 2022
  • Amazing, so spot on and instantly knew my situation. I feel a lot more happier and positive. Thank you.

    Lucy, October 2022
  • Probably lucky my phone called time as I could have easily listened to this wise and comforting voice all evening. I don’t know how he does it, but the words he speaks correctly gets to the point even if it feels a little way off. Thank you so much for your time this evening. Wishing you all the love in the world. Danielle x

    Danielle, August 2022
  • Thomas’ reading has been very special to me and heart opening. He’s an incredibly gifted person. Thank you x

    Ula, July 2022
  • Thomas is a diamond: gentleman, spiritual teachers and mentor.. He tunes in to your needs straight away and will support you in what is troubling you but also will help you with your evolution and progress towards a higher path and vibration. He channels high and pure energies and will share these with you in whatever way is needed in a session. Thank you again.. x

    Kikki, July 2022
  • I recently lost someone very close to me, and wanted to know if they are OK. I am having a few issues in my life just wanted to know if things would get better

    Jennifer, January 2022
  • Thomas has been reading for me this last few weeks and has helped me enormously with a love issue and told me to relax and stop negative thinking that have done in past but to believe universe will take care of everything and believe will happen …
    Thank you

    Trevor, September 2021
  • I have just had a reading from Thomas. He is so precise with his readings, he literally knows what you’re going through, without you giving away too much information. He has helped with self healing on decisions I made in the past and couldn’t let go of. He has also helped me decide what path to take in my relationship. He knew all the intricacies and variables of my relationship.
    I highly recommend Thomas for a reading. Thank you for your help Thomas

    Christian, July 2021
  • What a lovely generous soul calm reassuring I would describe him as a philosopher he has given me hope and understanding I thank you.

    Iliana, March 2021
  • Beautiful soul – guide ,teacher and healer. Thank you.

    Kiki, November 2020
  • Thomas has been a huge help to me over the years. His words are both soothing and powerful.

    Thomas is insightful and kind. Thank you Thomas


    n, October 2020
  • Thomas has been a huge support during these last few years. I value his guidance and readings very very much.

    Nane, August 2020
  • Thomas is a wonderful person to speak to, honest, positive and very intuitive. He has helped me enormously over this year and has also kindly provided inner healing work to help booster my positivity, strength and self esteem. Thomas always seems to have a clear direction of my situation and is my go to when I feel unsure or unsettled. I am so very glad I discovered him. Thank you so much Thomas.

    Gabby, July 2020
  • Very very good – gave me a real sense of peace and spot on also thank u Thomas.

    M, July 2020
  • A reading with Thomas is helpful on several dimensions, in the present and for the future. He has the gift of healing soothing and calming your soul down. He worked with me throughout the past year and helped me develop myself and connect with my higher self. Every single time I close the phone from him I feel so much better. I tried many readers he is hands down the best of the best. Thank you Thomas God bless you

    D M, May 2020
  • Thomas is absolutely brilliant! He is a very different sort of reader to the others on ER. If you would like to develop yourself, break your habits and patterns (which you yourself may not understand), Thomas will take you on that journey and allow you to reveal your true self, like a lotus in bloom. If you are here for quick answers – Thomas may not be for you – it is a two way journey where you will have to put in the work with Thomas’ guidance to reveal your true self and shed what has been holding you back.

    Personally, Thomas has helped me release a relationship pattern that I have held on to unknowingly for decades. It was not easy and it did not occur overnight but with his guidance I was able to bloom in to my true self and allow the old layers to fall away – truly the most beautiful gift ever. Thank you Thomas.

    T, April 2020
  • Thomas is a gentle, humble but incredibly gifted and knowing spiritual teacher/ guide. High energy and pure. Wherever you are at – or think you are at- in your spiritual journey he will teach you and guide you. Thank you.

    Kikki, March 2020
  • Thomas channels the highest energies I have ever known and has guided me from the depth of despair, when I thought my life was over, to a glorious time in my life filled with possibilities and my hearts desires coming true, all the while training me to develop my own inner guidance.
    He is immensely patient and understanding and incredibly psychic, his vibration is extremely high and is able to calibrate the energy of those he speaks to like a tuning fork. Outmoded ways of thinking, conditioning and limitations fall away in his presence.
    If you are interested in more than a reading and in improving your life at all levels, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically as well as experiencing improvements in all different areas of your life I would definitely recommend calling Thomas, he has changed my life far beyond what I could ever have imagined.

    S, March 2020
  • I just had the most incredible and insightful call with Thomas. To say he was accurate beyond belief would fall short. He is simply unbelievably good, his advice and care are only matched by his superb abilities. He has helped me no end and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to get in touch with him on any matter needing guidance or clarification. I know I will certainly contact him again. Thank you Thomas.

    Veronica, October 2019
  • Thomas is truly gifted. His in-depth explanations were so accurate that I was amazed because he described me and my situations better than anyone who knows me personally. Even though I feel people’s energies and use that to do my work, I find I get stuck when dealing with my own issues and Thomas was able to clarify and bring my attention back to where it needed to be. I am truly grateful and I highly recommend Thomas.

    B Bailey, August 2019
  • Thomas was simply amazing. I didn’t really know what I wanted from him, but in just a few minutes he had delved right into my aura and found the root cause of all my problems without me uttering a word about it. The things he said were extremely healing and I continue to feel a significant change. Thank you so much.

    Karen, August 2019
  • Thomas was spot on with his reading of all areas of my life with no information from me. Even more powerful however was his gift of healing and divinely inspired guidance on my soul path. My life has shifted for the better since speaking to Thomas, away from the concerns I called him about to a higher perspective of what I am here for and how to live a different more positive life and be of true benefit to others. I am truly grateful our paths crossed.

    Chiara, July 2019
  • In a few words: Read me like a book and was spot on about me as a person and told me what I need to do improve things.

    Bali, April 2019
  • For anyone on a spiritual journey, going through an awakening, or a believer of energy then Thomas is for you. On a complete whim I decided to have a call with Thomas yesterday and I am still processing all of the information he gave me. I can see that he has helped me greatly and I have already identified a key issue that has been causing me unrest from something that he said to me. And I know how I can work on it and it can be fixed! I cannot stress enough how much I have benefited from my call with Thomas, he is fantastic and highly gifted!

    Phoebe, January 2019
  • Thomas is more than just a reader, he is a true gifted healer! He is able to go so deep within and heal your mind, heart and soul – it is absolutely amazing. Thanks to him I have been able to release all the negative and painful things I have had within me for so long due to the healing session he provided for me. I have so much clarity now on everything and life and my whole being is so balanced. Anyone that needs more than just a reading and just needs real healing I recommend this wonderful man from the bottom of my heart. Words are not enough to explain. God bless you Thomas for helping me. You made me cry due to the beautiful inner peace I felt. I feel so full of love again and am so grateful and blessed to have found you. Look forward to speaking to you again. Love and light x

    J, January 2019
  • I never usually leave testimonials but I have just had a reading with Thomas and everything he said resonated with me. He clarified and reiterated what i have been told many many times. I am a stubborn person but his words today have hit home and he has given me the understanding of what i need to do and how to do it. He has the most amazing spirit and i feel as though today, he was the one person who could get through to the core of my problems and give me the tools to resolve them. I feel positive, light and motivated; and i believe his words today will have an amazing impact on my life. Thank you so much Thomas. May God bless you.

    Kassidy, June 2018
  • Last Summer I hit the metaphorical wall and was overcome with my fears and worries. God bless Thomas, his prayers , affirmations and spiritual healing began the beautiful process of turning this ship around to sail to the bright light waters . These spiritual truths keep unfolding and unfolding! Thank you Thomas! Thank you Divine Spirit.

    Alice C, March 2018
  • I have spoken to Thomas a few times last year and he never disappoints me. There just comes a point in your life when you need to have your “Thomas Fix” and He really does fix you! He is incredible at knowing your soul, what you need, how you think, and where your heading and what you desire. Trust me when I say this, you will have your eyes opened, your soul will wake up, you will feel healing, and you will feel lighter… Thomas gives you that light bulb moment and you will appreciate every word he delivers and in speed lightening time. I could ring a million readers but Thomas is the one that truly does teach me something, and I need that guidance as I grow from it. I feel I have my power back. From my heart to yours, “Thank You” Thomas! Look forward to the next one…. x

    Sarah, January 2018
  • Thomas is very communicative and very gentle without much prompting. He works with a group of teachers and guides who are very loving and specialize in what they do. With the help of his guides, he will provide you extra clarity on your life challenges. His prayer is very powerful and has worked very well for me.

    CT, January 2018
  • I just had reading with Thomas Pin : 7494

    I like to post a feedback/ review for him but can not find link to do this.

    I had very best reading and spot on for many question I had and I am very pleased to find him to guide me from my dark closed book to drive towards new life.

    I will get back to this website whenever I have question.

    He got 10/10 and I can see that he is true healer and teacher to guide from spiritual world.

    Viresh, July 2017
  • A truly incredible reading from a beautiful soul. Thomas hit the nail on the head with all my issues and explained them to me in way I have never been able to understand before but now makes so much sense. He is very wise and clearly works with spirit from his heart, offering his help and guidance with love. Thank you!!

    j, May 2017
  • Thomas gave me a reading this evening, his brilliant insights and compassion has helped me so much, his ability to ‘see’ is astounding and has been so invaluable and more than helpful to me in the difficulties I am facing in my life right now.

    Jeanne, March 2017
  • March 2017-Had my first reading with Thomas today and could have listened to him for hours.He connects with you on a spiritual level and helps you to see the truth to move forward and connect with your inner self..Such a wise,spiritual man!Thankyou Thomas-I will definitely return again for a future reading.

    Bev, March 2017
  • Thomas,
    Earth Angel!
    Thank you for sharing with me your
    Incredible insight and guiding me
    back to spirit.

    Julieanne, January 2017
  • This morning I had a very inspirational reading by Thomas. I was in a very painful place coping with the death of a child very close to me. Thomas showered me with his infinite wisdom. I can even say his words of guidance are still speaking to me now as I type. Thomas gently explained to me what had happened, why I am feeling this way and what can be done to improve matters. He recited some prayers and unblocked my heart chakra as well as giving me information to research into for my own spiritual development. I am sincerely grateful to Thomas for lifting me out of a very dark place and empowering me to believe in myself . I will never forget this reading and will be eternally grateful. I highly recommend Thomas; he is mature and bursting full of wisdom to share with you. Thank you Thomas, God Bless x

    Lisa, December 2016
  • I have spoken to Thomas on and off since last February/March and have found him to be a very healing and inspiring reader. I always feel good after speaking to him and he has been spot on with many things. Brilliant!
    I forgot to tell him tonight that one of my new male contacts had ironically been sent, erroneously, an ASTROLOGICAL EPHEMERIS for 2017, which he is now sending to me. Thomas will recognise the import of that from what he has been telling me! As Thomas would say, it is spirit that arranged it!


    yvonne, December 2016
  • “Thomas Is Magnificent”
    I’ve had a few reading with this Reader who truly knows all about you, your fears, your wishes, your dreams. He taps in, opens you up, connects you to the divine energy, and helps you rise your own vibrations levels. He truly is worth the call. He is my Soul Guru who has taught me so much and how to achieve what I desire…
    This Gentleman will truly enlighten you, encourage you but most importantly, teach you the tools within you. I’d love to spend a whole day listening and being taught by him. I will never forget Thomas, he truly has put me on the right path and opened up my roots within me!
    God Bless You Thomas!
    Really appreciate your insight, gift and knowledge. You always inspire me..


    Sarah, November 2016
  • Thomas is amazing. I have had 4 readings he pointed out blocks and having worked through what we discussed I have noticed a significant growth in my life. Thank you

    Tina, October 2016
  • I have had 5 readings with Thomas. His spiritual connection and insight into my life was truly amazing and spot on! I was not prepared initially for how accurate Thomas was . There were things he knew that I had not shared with a single soul … His guidance has been invaluable in my life and he is also able to recommend books that I have found helpful and mediation that has also enabled me to improve clarity in my life ! Thank you Thomas blessing and gratitude for all you do . If you choose Thomas you will not be disappointed . Sonia.

    Sonia, September 2016
  • I just had two amazing readings with Thomas. He is a very insightful and unique man. He was able to identify my fears and personality traits with no prompting. I am truly grateful for his sound advice and special prayer that he said at the end of my reading. I feel enlightened and ready to embrace life again. Thank you Thomas. I shall be contacting you again with an update and for further advice!

    kate, August 2016
  • Just had a reading with this amazing man , what I can say about this unique human being is that from all the readings that I have had in my life , this man not only connects to your inner world , and is spot on but also makes you feel better after the reading, having spoken to Thomas , I will continue doing so as he has helped me understand the meaning of life and was spot without questions asked ! His amazing and one of a kind ! Thank you so much

    constance, July 2016
  • If one is truly looking to be read, then allow the gifted connection of this human being to shine light into your mind! The most powerful, wonderful and spiritually gifted and connected divine being I have ever come across and I have come across many!
    I was at a crossroad in my life, where I needed the direction to come from outside of myself, because due to distrusting my own decision making, my heart chakra was blocked and I was unable to decide which road to take! After 3 consecutive readings that succeeded in only making me more anxious and nervous, I was driven by a knowingness that kept guiding me to call again and choose another reader, I finally found another human being, who not only spoke my language but has been a guiding light through a hard process, ever since. Accurate, understanding and gentle to the needs of his callers, he has been spot on in every instruction and direction he gave.
    This man is a gem for those desiring to connect to their own spiritual awareness. Not only do I highly recommend him, I cannot recommend him enough. God bless you Thomas you are an inspiration.

    Zsena, June 2016
  • Readings with Thomas is of a Spiritual kind. He sees your Soul and connects to your visions and out pours everything else. Thomas teaches you ‘YOU’ and helps you see your true potential. He is a Miracle worker, recites a pray which you benefit from, opens your chakras, which you feel it and become lighter. Thomas really teaches you the importance of who you are, your visions, manifestations and releases your fears and boy do you feel it. This is a very unique gift he has and you will appreciate everything he says and learn from it. I could talk all day to Thomas. Everyone should call Thomas as he unlocks who you are and watch yourself grow and become stronger. My soul has really opened up and it would still be blocked without Thomas help… He is a Miracle Worker!!! Call Him, you will heal from him! We need to learn these things to help us grow in life…

    sarah, May 2016
  • Thomas is incredibly talented and unique reader. Thomas is as much a teacher as much as he is a reader – some of the most profound insights I’ve experienced through a reading. Thank you.

    A, February 2016
  • Absolutely fantastic ! A great teacher a spiritual master , showed me how to connect to my inner teacher , inner knowing and wisdom to know self realisation. It completes me as a human and answers all my questions I ever had about life and spirit.

    Saima, January 2016
  • Saved me from myself and changed my life for the better forever.
    I know where I am going and I realised how and why everything is the way it is.
    Thank you so much, for all the prayers and blessings you taught me.
    Proved to me how divine I am, and what that means.
    I’ve had a dozen readings.. nothing compares to Thomas reading for you. Clarity has a new definition after Thomas reads for you.

    mariam, December 2015
  • Amazing and uplifting reading. I feel lighter and more positive about my future now. Would definitely recommend you have a reading with this brilliant man.

    Layla, December 2015
  • I I have two readings from Thomas ip to yet and they both gave me very accurate insight of what is going off in mine and my family’s life I wish I could of stayed on the phone longer Thomas also gave me healing which funnily enough I feel very calm today and also he said a really amazing healing prayer for me and my family which I thank him very much for.

    Sarah, October 2015
  • I walked and walked but didn’t know where to stop . I asked for directions but wasn’t guided to the right destination but having the urge to stop somewhere I found the right person to explain me the route properly and the answers I couldn’t find for the last 23 years I found it via Thomas.
    It is amazing what I have learnt about me , the guidance the realisation of what one can be is amazing. All questions are answered I no more feel like a lost soul and I no more require directions ; Thomas has given me the confidence to show others the directions.

    sami, October 2015
  • I have had 3 readings with Thomas and he has been extremely accurate in all of them . He gave me guidance where I had become blocked and he knew things about me and my situation that he could never have guessed. Thank you Thomas.

    S, September 2015
  • My name is Tameika. I have been speaking to Thomas for a few months now, the first time I spoke with him I was so shocked. He knew what I was thinking and as the months have gone by, everything he told me has happened – I cannot not believe it.

    Tammy, August 2015
  • I had a reading with Thomas yesterday and I just wanted to compliment him on his reading he was amazing and very respectful and courteous and great insight and clarity.

    Justine, July 2015
  • I have been talking to Thomas for a few months about my personal relationship and believe me when I say every thing he told me was spot on. I was so surprised. I truly believe he is gifted. I never believed in psychics until I spoke to Thomas.

    tammy, July 2015
  • Just had a reading with Thomas.
    Absolutely spot on, thanks so much.
    Highly recommend.

    Holly, May 2015
  • My intuition guided me to you, your reading of me and my situation was very accurate. The cleansing was transformational as I felt all the guides and angels enter in. The impact of the change was immediate and I am grateful for the peace that I have gained from the reading. Your energy work is divine and truth which I appreciate sincerely.

    Tanisha, May 2015
  • I had two readings with Thomas this last weekend and I came away from him feeling so much calmer than when I started. Many thanks Thomas – Gaynor.

    Gaynor, March 2015
  • My reading with Thomas was amazing with immediate results within myself and my relationship.

    Thank you, Thomas.


    Anita, March 2015
  • I have been feeling full of self doubt and very low in myself over the last few months, after a reading with Thomas in which he read a prayer to me and helped to cleanse my aura I have left the reading feeling calm, happy and in a much more positive state of mind. Thank you Thomas, you were such a lovely, gentle positive person to speak to. I will try all the positive tips you advised me to do.

    emma, March 2015
  • I have just an amazing reading (actually 2) with Thomas. Such wise beings…he made sense of so many things and reminded me to connect with my heart energy. We did a prayer together, I came out a different person with such different energy. Thank you for all of your wisdom and love…blessings

    Steph B., February 2015
  • I have just had a reading with Thomas. Thank you Thomas for your wise and spirit filled guidance. You are a goodly (Godly) man and I feel full of love after my reading with you and full of hope too. I feel blessed that I have had the reading with you.

    D, January 2015
  • Once again Thomas has worked his magic on me, the feeling I feel after speaking to Thomas is that I totally feel cleansed and uplifted and in a calm state of mind and a sense of inner peace. Thomas’s clairvoyant skills are perfect – he knew what things were in the pipeline for me and what was in my mind – Amazing, lovely man with a good soul.
    Thank you Thomas.

    Michelle, November 2014
  • Just had a very insightful and helpful reading from Thomas . He was so uplifting I called back again. I called expecting to understand what’s going on in my relationship which has left me heartbroken and I got so much more than that. He has helped me understand myself and guided me specifically on how to move forward. In 30 mins he has identified something in me even I did not realise existed and also guided me on how to address this. It was just awesome and extremely helpful. I know this reading has changed my life forever and I will definitely be calling him back soon with updates! Thank you so much Thomas.

    Aisha, November 2014
  • Thomas is absolutely brilliant!

    C, October 2014
  • Thank you Thomas for a wonderful reading/healing this morning. It’s taken me a couple of hours to reflect and think about all you said…Instead of fixating on resuming an unhealthy relationship – I’m going to start meditating again, work on myself – then hopefully attract a more suitable partner…it’s like a light’s gone on in my head – thank you so much for switching it on..!! Fabulous – Light and love to you….x

    J, October 2014
  • Thomas is a fantastic psychic. He not only sees or hears what you need to know and hear of but he helps you to understand yourself a bit more in any given situation that you may need to be clear on.

    margaret, September 2014
  • I just had an amazing reading everything was true that Thomas said to me he had nothing to go on as I said nothing also Thomas worked his healing on me with a strong prayer to enable me to connect with my higher self . I do feel Thomas is a very special gifted man and powerful.
    Thank you Thomas you angel you have made me feel a different person.
    Michelle x

    Michelle, September 2014
  • In 20 mins this guy described how my thought processes have always worked and why the outcomes which manifest did so. It was as though someone knew my intimate mental workings. Sounds silly but I truly hadn’t realised. He spoke of the future, which was the reason for my call, but far more interesting and ‘spine tingling’ – literally was the teaching which he imparted. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me, as he spoke I was feeling waves of tingling sensation passing through me. For me this guy was just amazing – what you need to do is speak with him – I’m so very sure that you will be pleased that you did.

    Pro fide, September 2014
  • He is a blessing, a guiding light. Never fails to tune into the exact essence of what you are calling for, even if you can’t verbalise it yourself. Prayers, laughter and insight … I feel a million dollars after the phone call. Thank you Thomas.

    Anon, August 2014
  • Fantastic awesome …

    Darrell, April 2014
  • Just had the most WONDERFUL reading with Thomas. Such a calm person who makes you feel sure about yourself and can pick up on past experiences without you even mentioning anything about it. I am so happy that I got a reading from you Thomas and I highly recommend others to contact you. I am still in amazement. I know what is the next step to take. You are truly awesome.

    Keshia, April 2014
  • Thank you! Such a lovely reading and spot on with the psychic ability – house move and new plan (and money! argh) but he did a prayer to ask my co-creators to come. I felt the presence. It was a lovely touch and feel blessed to have spent a short time with him. Thank you Thomas! Thomas I am going to go with my heart! Thank you again. Margaret. x

    Margaret, March 2014
  • “Just had the most amazing reading with Tom. It was like talking to an old friend. Not only did he pick up on specific details about my life and emotions, he confirmed and validated everything that I already knew deep down. An honest, lovely guy who I shall most certainly be keeping updated on what the future path holds for me. Thank you Thomas. Blessings and Light”

    Val 24.03.2014

    Val, March 2014
  • Thomas thank you for your gifts of spiritual healing and teaching which not only lifted my energy but saw me see a light of truth – highly recommended.

    J, February 2014
  • After having a lovely reading with Thomas today, I have felt more relaxed at one with myself and with others thank I have in many months.
    I could feel the power of love from the prayers that Thomas said to unblock my heart and which are to help guide me on my path.. Fantastic I feel great a very heart felt thanks and I would recommend this gentle man to everyone.
    Jill A. 5/2/14

    Jill, February 2014
  • ”I just had a very healing and uplifting reading with Thomas. He helped me find clarity on some long-standing worries and anxieties, and left me feeling more at peace. He is a true spiritual teacher and healer, and I highly recommend him.”

    Rita, December 2013
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