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Sarah a truly brilliant Tarot, Psychic and Clairvoyant. Sarah is excellent with relationship issues. She is very specific with times and dates. Her clients return again and again. Sarah has a unique way of reading, and will amaze you with her ability. Sarah works 7-9pm Mon, Weds, Thurs and Sat evenings. Call now to pre-book.


  • Sarah is brilliant! I’ve been reading with her since around 2003 – that alone answers how awesome she is! Thank you for always being there Sarah!

    Shruti, June 2022
  • Had my first reading with Sarah and wow first prediction came true so impressed as happen few days ago
    Looking forward to many more reading’s
    Thank you xx

    Trevor, December 2021
  • Wow, ur spot on Sarah fabulous reading can’t thank u enough bless u ur amazing xxx

    Rose, May 2021
  • I have read with Sarah since the beginning of 2021. I came across her profile prior to reading with her and decided to give her a try. Since then I haven’t looked back. Sarah is extremely accurate with timing as well as her predictions. She paints a picture so she can walk you through life. She is such a phenomenal, sweet individual. I continue to return to her time and time again. I enjoy our conversations we always seem to have a nice laugh. Her words of encouragement always keep me going. I appreciate the time spent in every session. She is one of my go to!

    Avery, May 2021
  • Many many thanks Sarah for a lovely, fulfilling reading with you tonight it was a long time. When we spoke tonight you have given me clarity and understanding to close a door on one situation and excited for the next one to open . Times and dates I’ve yet to get there but really  looking  forward to a bright future. Sarah you are inspirational and lovely lady I would really recommend a reading with Sarah.Love and blessings. xxxx. 

    Sue, May 2019
  • I have had readings with Sarah for the past 4 years and without fail her reading of the current situation and subsequent predictions have been accurate. I have had readings from a number of readers from other companies, however, find myself returning to Sarah who gives in depth, clear and precise readings. Sarah is the only reader I have come across that has given me predictions that have come to fruition

    Kaye, September 2017
  • Sarah mentioned something about documents, i confirmed the same thing the same day just two hours later. She’s brilliant, I’m looking forward to October for changes. Thank you Sarah.

    brito, October 2015
  • Thank you Sarah for the wonderful readings you had done for me in the last couple of months. This lady is absolutely amazing and she put me at ease when I was going through some really hard times. She is really good at picking up on things in relations to others around me and providing exact dates. So far her predictions have come true, and now just waiting for the rest of them to unfold. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Sarah and you truly deserve all the recognition you can get.

    Anonymous, May 2014
  • I have had regular readings with Sarah for 13 years now, throughout this time she has never been incorrect with her predictions. Over the 13 years she has accurately predicted all changes in my life . Her ability to give exact dates , exact locations and exact sums of money never fails to amaze me. Whether you are looking for answers to a relationship issue or career, business, health or property issues she will not disappoint. I highly recommend her and would be at a loss without her as the future never takes me by surprise. Sarah is a truly unique psychic and a wonderful person.

    Anonymous, December 2013
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Sarah. She has an amazing
    ability and she predicted the same things for me like a few others on
    this site have that have come true. Thank you, Catherine xx

    Catherine, August 2013
  • Would like to leave a testimonial for Rose, Sarah, Kriss and Pooja, they are excellent readers and very accurate, thank you for ur guidance.

    Anonymous, July 2013
  • I just like to say a big thank you to Sarah, her guidance over the last few months have helped me no end. Her straightforward readings are amazingly accurate, I don’t think even she will know how much her readings have meant to me, she has literally been an angel, guiding me. He predictions are spot on! Spot on! Down to a T. Thank you so much Sarah. Thank you for helping me.
    All my love, Krina

    Krina, June 2013
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