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Since childhood Sharon has been aware of her close connection to the spiritual and natural world, Sharon is honest and direct with her readings and connections and aims to give clarity to any given situation through her own individual readings. Sharon can connect with the energy surrounding people and situations in their life and connect with their thoughts and feelings which will help move you forward with greater understanding. Sharon likes to give comfort and reassurance that loved ones are always with them bringing through love,support and guidance. A free-spirited soul, who can show empathy and strength in any situation, very much a people person from all walks of life.


  • Hiya Sharon. Thank you so much for my reading over the phone . It’s my second time speaking to you. As always you are so lovely .on the phone. Kind and so spot on with our conversation. And reading .
    Thank you. I’ll will ring you again . Give you four stars Sharon . J

    J, January 2023
  • Definitely my go to reader. She is excellent. 5 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟

    Susan, December 2022
  • This woman is absolutely fabulous I highly recommend!!

    M, December 2022
  • Sharon is a wonderful, and honest person – giving the guidance to really move forward. She gives you signs about the future and her connective abilities are tremendous.

    L, December 2022
  • Sharon is a very gifted reader. The real deal. She read the problem I was having in a relationship very accurately. Very positive, Looking forward to the predicted outcome. Shall be in touch. Thank you

    A, December 2022
  • Sharon is brilliant a very clear reading and able to help clarify my options, she is great! Thank You.

    Michael, November 2022
  • Brilliant reading, spot on with everything she said & a really lovely lady i highly recommend xxx

    P, November 2022
  • Hi Sharon, thank you so much it was nice to have my lovely nana Mary come through miss her, love her. Everything was so correct on all that we talked about, my career and love, what is to come for me. I will talk to you again Sharon. Thank you, God bless you. Jackie

    Jackie, September 2022
  • Unfortunately had a very disappointing reading with Sharon. It was repetitive without any substance. Lots of waffle and inaccuracies. Not helpful in any way.

    P, August 2022
  • I’m not really good with words but through the tough times I have been going through Sharon has been helpful and made some accurate predictions.

    Will, August 2022
  • I had just a reading with Sharon and she brought clarity to a question I needed answered. She was very clear and accurate and was able to provide information on what I needed to know. An amazing psychic that I would recommend.

    Marie, August 2022
  • Sharon is an amazing medium. She is bang on the money and she was very warm and insightful. Thank you so much for the amazing readings today!

    Marie, August 2022
  • Thank you so much Sharon, you have helped me in more ways than one. I was glad to have a reading with you.

    Hannah, August 2022
  • Such a lovely lady, she gave me good advice which is what I actually needed more than predictions and I feel like I can get cracking with being happy now – thank you!

    Aiysh, July 2022
  • Sharon is an absolutely fantastic reader, I highly recommend her. She makes you feel like she completely supports you, and her predictions and insight into people are spot on. She is really accurate, and straight to the point. I thoroughly encourage anyone to get a reading with her. Brilliant. 5 stars.

    Anon, July 2022
  • I’m sure she’s a great reader but I was put off by her asking lots of questions before she could get into the reading and such a shame as I waited to try her.

    L, June 2022
  • Great reading with Sharon, no fluff, just facts as she was getting them. Sharon covered my POI with detail and left me feeling reassured. I would recommend Sharon for a reading, very accurate and predictions that made sense.

    Tamara, June 2022
  • Wow. I’m a regular to psychic readings to say the least, though hadn’t had a reading from Sharon before. Just had a reading with her and WOW. She picked up on information without prompting and it was all accurate. Also, the conversation was full of information, not like other psychics who will use ‘filler’ statements to run the clock. Leaving the reading feeling at peace, excited and quite frankly shocked at how attune she is. Can’t recommend her enough

    Jillian, June 2022
  • Sharon, you are a 5 star reader. Highly recommended and bang on the money with everything you said.

    Gill, June 2022
  • 16/5/22. A strange encounter. I am not likely to recommend. Can’t even explain or put into words the randomness. Stay protected and full of prayers always. Xx

    Peace, May 2022
  • Thanks so much Sharon for the reading today, it was so helpful. Really appreciate your time and skill. Lots of information given that was true and correct and you have such a lovely way about you that really made me feel at ease.

    Stephanie, May 2022
  • Sharon was very accurate on everything she picked up from spirit. Lots of stuff I needed to hear. So glad I chose this reader. Defo recommend! Thanks for the reading.

    Fee, May 2022
  • Thank you for giving me your patience whilst I remained sceptical! Sharon picked up on a lot despite me not giving anything bar a confirmation the start of our call. You gave a prediction for the next 6 weeks, if this passes, I shall come to update this review x

    Annonn, May 2022
  • Just had a lovely reading with Sharon. From the first second, i felt really calm and comfortable. straight away she picked up on my feelings and going into the reading she went straight to what was worrying me and the cause of my worry. Without saying anything she knew a few things that will happen in the future and guided me to how to deal with them with confidence. Will be coming back for sure very soon.

    Samantha, May 2022
  • Hi Sharon, we spoke yesterday and I just want you to know that you told me I would receive a knock on my door , well , she came knocking last night !! You have given me strength and hope through this very difficult time. Your reading was spot on in every aspect, you are truly gifted and I look forward to talking to you again soon. with sincere gratitude and love, Sara xxx

    Sara, May 2022
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