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Jackie is a a natural psychic Remote Viewer reader from birth and has been reading for professional platforms for over 15 years. Jackie has had many celebrity clients affirming her credibility and confidentiality. Jackie reads from the vibration of your voice and energies that are around you in our time here in the earth classroom. Your reading with her will be honest, blunt and straight to the point aiding you to choose your best path to follow because as a psychic she cant tell you what to do but show you the optional paths in front of you to make informed decisions yourself. Jackie can do past lives readings - past lives can influence why we react the way we do now. Jackie tries her best not to leave you confused about the messages or predictions that come through on your reading and she looks forward to helping you become the best version of yourself.


  • I’ve had many readings with Jackie now, and she is always very warm and compassionate. Great validations and a couple of things she predicted have come to pass. At times when I’ve felt distressed she has been so comforting and reassuring, and with great humour too. Thank you Jackie for everything, I will keep you posted on how things develop and look forward to speaking to you again. X

    Rita, April 2023
  • Wow. It is hard to find appropriate words to describe just how extraordinary Jackie is. Do NOT pass up the opportunity to receive a reading from this wonderful person. She is confident in her delivery, does not rely on questions, but confirms her accuracy just very occasionally. I am completely blown away by Jackie, and thank her for the best and most insightful reading I have ever had,.

    Christian, April 2023
  • Jackie was AMAZING! She got to the heart of my problem immediately. She wasted no time and gave me intricate details about my situation. I’ll definitely be calling her soon enough. I highly recommend you give her a call.

    Andre, April 2023
  • All I can say is wow every time I have had a reading with Jackie she has been amazing and spot on she has picked up names and everything about my situation correctly she is very honest and is also amazing with guidance I have gained so much clarity with her i highly recommend x

    EP, March 2023
  • Thank you for the guidance. Your prediction came true.

    Anonymous, February 2023
  • Jackie has such a gentle caring genuine amazing energy about her she gave me so much clarity only said things I knew and even manage too say people who I only know she was spot on at the situation everything was amazing and is my favourite psychic on this platform I highly recommend .

    EP, February 2023
  • Spoke to Jackie on 15/10 regarding love, she predicted that me and my love will run into each other before the end of the year she advised me to update my energy and work on myself- I’ll let you know how it goes xxx

    Anon, October 2022
  • Hi Jackie, just wanted to say what a lovely uplifting reading I had with you the other day. I really appreciated the fact that you didn’t sugar coat anything and that your validations came through very clear and fast. I would highly recommend a reading with you to anyone who would like straight honest answers to their questions and a great detailed reading. Thanks again xx

    Rose, October 2022
  • What an unbelievable reading.

    Jackie is an absolute blessing. The accuracy without any info was just mind-blowing. I am in total awe.

    Thank you, Jackie, for the calm and peace I feel; I can’t wait for our next chat. X

    Alice, October 2022
  • Jackie is an amazing reader
    She is spot on world affairs , relationships and career
    Highly recommended .

    Doreen, September 2022
  • The most amazing reading ever. Jackie picked up on so many things that not even those closest to me would know and gave extremely sound and solid advice about steps forward. I feel empowered and so positive about my future, thank you Jackie.

    Ruby, August 2022
  • Jackie… what can I say…. the first time I got through to her… approx 8 months ago and she read for me and I didn’t not believe a word she said. Now the events are unfolding.
    Jackie is lovely to talk to. She does make you laugh whilst she reads for you but is also very empathic. She can encourage you like a mother xxx love her loads.

    Sonia, August 2022
  • This is my second testimonial for Jackie. I have connected with her very recently and she is an absolute godsend and is so deeply insightful in how she reads. She is continuing to guide me through a situation I am in and just reads me, the person connected to me and what is going on like a book. This is a situation that has taken 30 years to evolve and she is so on point with it. She is compassionate but says it how it is. I am so grateful I have connected with her. An absolute gem. I will say to anyone reading this that I highly recommend reading with Jackie as she is superb xx

    Lisa, May 2022
  • Made correct validations. I await your predictions. Thank you for your guidance x

    Anon, May 2022
  • I spoke to Jackie recently for the first very time late one night due to things weighing on my mind. She was so attentive and caring. I ended up on a very long call!! She was straightforward with no fluff and gave great detail regarding my situation. She got the person in question down to a T and what was going on within themselves. Great insight and clear advice to follow. Thank you so much x

    Lisa, April 2022
  • I had such a lovely reading with Jackie on the premium line,and I was delighted at how much Jackie picked up straight away.Spot-on!All her predictions are coming through and she was very patient and detailed.
    A really caring and in-depth reading-I highly recommend!

    Camila, December 2021
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