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Louise has been reading for over 20 years and her gift started in childhood. From the first time spirit revealed himself to Louise she has been growing her gift and helping souls cross over. She helps people with the hardest journey they will ever face - which is called Life. Louises readings are always truthful no matter how difficult the subject matter. She approaches all of her readings in the same way, with honesty and is none judgmental and always friendly. In addition, Louise can call upon spirit and spirit guides to help during a reading. She is able to connect with the spirit world and is also able to connect to the angelic realm.


  • I’ve just had my first reading from Louise and would just like to thank her so much. She was so,so in tune with my current situation and through her excellent mediumship gave me so much positive information and suggestions on how I can move forward that I feel totally motivated to make the changes in my life that I’ve been struggling with.
    She is empathic and non-judgemental and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Louise – tonight has been a very healing experience for me and I am very grateful.

    Anne, July 2019
  • Louise has been an absolute diamond. I have called her many times and even in moments of despair and she has always been there for guidance, without judging me, listened and been a kind and warm person. Thank you Louise for being so genuine, her readings and predictions are so consistent, and on top of that such an amazing person. Thank you again x

    H, July 2019
  • I’ve been speaking with Michelle many times over the years and she never fails to amaze me with her gift. So many predictions have come true and very precise at that – So I know for sure she is the real deal.

    Trevor, February 2019
  • Dear Louise,

    This is to say a sincerest thank you for the two readings you very kindly gave me last week. The insights you provided into the way things are between my friend and me seem amazingly accurate and have taken a weight off my mind. Without a shadow of doubt, they will help our friendship to blossom specially I feel, from my perspective.

    When first calling, I was apprehensive about the way things would eventuate between us. Yet your intuitive reasoning – knowing some key factors without asking questions and without my disclosing any information, was quite astonishing. It all definitely makes sense. As a result, I’ve gained an optimistic outlook that helps provide a more stable basis to the friendship from my viewpoint, at least.

    With renewed and heartfelt thanks for your two readings that together with those by a few other female psychic mediums from Elizabeth Rose, have helped make a really positive difference to my life.

    Wishing you continued success and happiness.

    Kind regards,

    Deborah, February 2019
  • Louise is beyond amazing, she is the best reader I have ever spoken to. Louise has the most beautiful soul and her connection to spirit is breathtaking. Louise is absolutely spot on with what is going to happen, I can honestly say I don’t know where I would have been without Louise’s guidance. She has been the light in the darkness I was in. I also appreciate that Louise will come on if needed. Thank you so much you will never realise how much I appreciate you being there xx

    Zoe, January 2019
  • I’ve had several readings with Louise during some very trying periods in my life. This wonderful lady is a beautiful soul who cares deeply about people and delivers her messages with compassion and kindness. Louise is way more than a psychic reader – she provides invaluable help and support. Her messages are accurate, even if she knows something will be hard for you to hear ,she has a way of telling you that leaves you feeling empowered, cared for and supported. I feel the most positive I have felt in a long while and know that the best part of my life journey is just beginning. Louise has confirmed this today. Thank you Louise for being a shining star always xx Amy

    Amy, November 2018
  • I spoke with Louise tonight for the first time and I was completely bowled over with her energy, skill, compassion and understanding. Louise you knew straight away the issues that surround me, spoke with a sensitiveness to help allay my worries giving guidance on how I should go forward.
    I’ve spoken to several psychics in my life and you are way up there at the top for demonstrating your ability with accuracy.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Nicky, October 2018
  • I have had a few readings with Louise and she is an absolutely amazing psychic. Louise delivers her messages in a calm, considered and compassionate way. Words cannot express how brilliant she is. She has been a godsend and life saver to me whilst I have been going through a difficult emotional time with a relationship. Louise has helped me keep faith, believe in myself and what I feel. Louise thank you so much you really do soothe my soul xxx

    Sarah, March 2018
  • I wanted to leave a long overdue review.
    I love speaking with you and having readings with you.
    So far everything that you have said would happen has.
    You always pick me up and give it to me straight.
    Thank you for everything the new job lady did have an angel broach.

    Anon, February 2018
  • Thank you Louise for always being there for me, coming online even when not working. I am in a difficult situation but you have supported me to ensure I don’t give up on something very special. I look forward to your predictions and will write again when they materialise. You are truly a special lady.

    Gem, September 2017
  • Hello, I thought I would leave a small review.
    Firstly let me say to anyone who is looking at this and thinking should I speak to Louise? My advice is yes!
    I have met lovely Louise in person she is every bit as lovely in person and genuine as she is on the phone.
    I first met her when my mum was in the same hospice as her aunt.

    Louise had a warm comforting way about her and would often sit with anyone who seemed to be afraid.
    I asked Louise for a reading many times but each time I got told to ring the team here at moon.
    So very loyal.
    So I did, but I never said who I was and she got everything right.
    Louise is always busy and for good reason too.
    She had us all laughing and crying.
    Such a lovely person.

    joy, July 2017
  • Thank you dear dear Gem Louise after some time
    it was a blessing to have a new reading this morning.
    Thank you so much for your talent.
    The Love story i am in is so special.

    w, July 2017
  • I would like to leave a million stars review for the kind and beautiful Louise. I had my first reading with her last year and I didn’t have to say anything; she picked up the situation immediately. I was going through a very dark time, but she always saw the light and kept me going. She is my rock and has become my friend. Not only are her assessments and predictions spot on, but her caring and humanity is truly amazing. She is a very special lady.

    Butterfly, June 2017
  • Louise, thank you so much.
    Your inspirational loving readings have really helped me with your warm manner and lovely kindness.
    I can’t believe you got the name right about the man.
    You were so right about everything the thing I love about you is you get straight to the point.
    If you want a reader that is honest accurate and to the point Louise is your lady xxxxxxx

    A, April 2017
  • I’ve been having reading with Louise for two years now. I gave up and called her each time saying nothing was happening as she predicted. Each time she reassured me it will happen. Now it has. I’m just waiting for the final bit to unfold. Louise you are so amazing. I can’t thank you enough for always being so welcoming and looking into things for me over and over. Louise is phenomenal and a true reader. I will write another review once the second half unfolds. ive realised to stick to one reader and without a doubt Louise is my pick! -K

    k, February 2017
  • I would like to leave a 5* rating for Louise please ….. I have had a few readings with Louise now and she is an amazing person and very gifted reader she gave me such clarity on my situation and made me feel so much more at ease. Everything she has told me so far has been spot on and I am so looking forward to 2017 to see if what else she predicted will come true 🙂 thank you Louise x

    lucy, February 2017
  • Hello Louise.
    I have been wanting to put something for a while…
    Now anyone that is reading this and is thinking should I have a reading my answer is yes and with Louise!
    Louise is a one off unique reader who is just amazing.
    She is so honest and connects with such grace.
    Myself I teach reiki and I also used to read.
    For over 35 years.
    Louise is the real deal.
    The man came back the money came in and I sold the house.
    12 or so of my friends also agree with me about Louise she is special.
    With Louise I know I can trust her and so can you.
    Happy new year Louise

    Angel, January 2017
  • Hello Louise.
    I have been wanting to put something for a while…
    Now anyone that is reading this and is thinking should I have a reading my answer is yes and with Louise!
    Louise is a one off unique reader who is just amazing.
    She is so honest and connects with such grace.
    Myself I teach reiki and I also used to read.
    For over 35 years.
    Louise is the real deal.
    The man came back the money came in and I sold the house.
    12 or so of my friends also agree with me about Louise she is special.
    With Louise I know I can trust her and so can you.
    Happy new year Louise xxxxxxx

    Spiritual lady dove, January 2017
  • Would like to say Louise is phenomenal and has a gift to counsel as well as give an in depth reading she has helped me so much this year and I will never be able to thank her enough for keeping me calm a truly beautiful earth angel many blessings to her and a thank you to Elizabeth rose and company

    anon, November 2016
  • Louise my darling you are fantastic you always cheer me up and believe in me when I don’t, your help and guidance over the last few month is unbelievable.if anybody is thinking of a reading Louise is your girl she will amaze you, thank you again your the best x

    Simone, November 2016
  • Hello Louise this is your favourite pixie.
    I want to tell anyone that is thinking of Louise for a reading, that she is a lovely person and one amazing psychic.
    Because of Louise I have rebuilt my confidence and my outlook has changed.
    Louise’s predictions have all been consitant and she has never changed her predictions.
    They have all happened, the phone call happened the date with the green table cloth happened.
    His mum finally admitted things and now because of Louise’s advice my business is taking off.
    Louise you are a star you are my lucky star thank you for everything!

    Melody, October 2016
  • I found that Louise is amazing and a wonderful person. She leaves me with relaxed and content after my readings with her. She picked up my issues straight away and awaiting for the results to come..I love you louise..your a star xx

    Tracey, August 2016
  • Hi Louise just wanted to say hello and leave some feedback!
    I first saw Louise in a magazine and she was amazing she has such a happy lovely vibe and put me at ease her prediction was accurate and she looked at work for me which was correct too thanks to Louise I now feel happier and more confident she validated it by saying word for word what had been said and would be said.
    The cat also was a white one with a black tail he stole my heart just like you said Louise.
    Thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxx

    Anon, August 2016
  • I have been having psychic readings for over 40 years and Louise is the best psychic reader I have ever found.
    Just to clarify I spend a lot on my readings I take them very seriously. I was first off recommend Louise by two co-workers so I called Louise and I was impressed. She is warm, very funny and has so much knowledge and her accuracy was amazing. Louise explained that is was MY reading and that I had control.
    She asked no prying questions and answered all my concerns with such ease. Moon predictions you have a diamond of a reader in Louise.So far everyone of her 14 predictions have happened and yes I keep a list. A glimmer of light in darkness thank you Louise xxxx

    Angel, June 2016
  • Louise you my girl will be famous!
    I must admit when I first read the reviews etc I was unsure.
    BUT then I was met by this lovely lively welcoming jolly lady who is just lovely you can feel her energy and love.
    Louise tuned in to me and got my situation spot on.
    At first I thought she was telling me what I wanted to hear then about a week later it slowly happened.
    Louise gets to the point no dilly dallying she just goes straight in.
    Louise explained that she uses my guides to help.
    She gave me details about my life about what signs I will get and so far all of happened.
    The loveliness of Louise is amazing and with her gift she is going places she proved spirit do exist give her a try she’s honest decent and genuine.

    Ms Cotton, May 2016
  • Big thank you to Louise, all her validations were correct and looking forward to other predictions happening.

    Anon, April 2016
  • Louise is absolute gem she is friendly and very detailed …. her timings and predictions are very accurate too

    sam, April 2016
  • I have been wanting to write a review for Louise for so long but I have never really had the time.
    Louise has the most friendliest personality and the warmest way about her.
    When she connects she does it with love and care humility and honesty.
    I have been having readings with Louise for months and she has been consistent and accurate.
    Her predictions happened in the order she described.
    I didn’t dare believe that something so good could happen.
    When Louise says she will send energy and healing I believe she does because I do feel it and it makes a difference.
    Please give Louise a go she is dedicated and even has been known to come online when she is not working to help me.
    Louise I love you thank You for everything and more.

    Anon, February 2016
  • Very good reading was impressed. Will return if predictions come to pass.

    G, January 2016
  • Thanks a lot brill reading very accurate.

    tee, January 2016
  • Dearest Louise
    I love you.
    From day one you have taken the time to explain to me how life’s matrix of webs work I never believed, you.
    Until he showed up at my door saying everything you have said he would.
    He even said the mans name who had taken him in and been a friend to him.
    He’s now back with me loving me and we are happy.
    The ring also turned up in a wet grey dark place that floods!! Turns out it was the washing machine ring.
    My grandma was right when she told you.
    Thank you forever.

    Grateful pixie, December 2015
  • I have just had a reading with Louise and can honestly say this woman is AMAZING. The things she picked up on is incredible, to the point of knowing names of people in my family and someone who is not in my family but I have had problems with in the past. Everything she said is spot on including mine and my partners thoughts and feelings. Louise reads in such a caring and positive manner, non judgemental and NO probing questions. I feel very uplifted and happy since my reading. Highly recommend this lady you will not be disappointed.

    Lucia, November 2015
  • Louise told me that my partner would be back by the end of October.
    On the 31st of October he called me,and we are trying again.
    Louise mentioned a name to me who was helping me.
    I found out that the name belonged to his friend who died last year.
    It proves to me that angels do exist.
    Louise’s other predictions have also come to pass.
    Read Louise’s blog she is knowledgeable this proves Louise is not here to make money but she truly cares about people.
    This shines through in her kind responses .
    Because of Louise’s insight my business is doing better I am doing better and my whole outlook has changed.

    Angel lover, November 2015
  • I just wanted to leave a message for Louise and say to her that she is very good and caring psychic. I enjoy her readings . I find her very interesting. There is only 3 psychics I usually speak to on here, and she’s one of them!

    lolita, November 2015
  • I have had lots of readings with Louise some short some long.
    Louise is a truly gifted and talented reader.
    I have read myself for 40 years.
    Louise is amazing.
    When she first tuned in I thought she was telling me what I wanted to hear but then it happened just as she said it would.
    Give Louise a try she is one of a kind.
    Louise has helped my new business grow and helped me in my personal circumstances.
    Both me my daughter and her mother in law use Louise.
    Louise will give an honest account of what’s going on and why and what spirit world are doing not from what you perceive but from what the spiritual realm perceive.
    Louise connects so well give her a chance

    Anon, October 2015
  • I like to think of my self as someone experienced in the spiritual field, after spending most of my life working as a teacher of metaphysics.
    I have gotten my fair share of readings from people tarot readers mediums/psychics etc from all around the world,
    both in person by email and by the phone.
    When I first spoke with Louise I thought she was as mad as a box of frogs with her jolly voice and upbeat humour.
    I thought none of what she said was true and none of it would happen.
    However three days later the impossible happened and Louise’s prediction came in.
    So I called again this time I asked her something – once again she gave a too good to be true answer. When I asked Louise how she knew she explained her method etc and again it happened.
    Louise is a fun, no airs or graces reader.
    Her blog on here is out of this world and I hope to read more soon.
    I have been on a quest for 25 years to find someone like Louise.

    LLin, September 2015
  • Louise! Thank you so much for your insight and incredible ability to tap into such difficult and complicated issues with such ease and genuine positivity! You turn a negative situation into something positive with your friendly nature and calming voice.. You are truly a gifted reader !!!!! Without your insight I would have been lost in a puddle of despair …Spot on everytime! Nadine X

    Nadine, September 2015
  • Hello Louise
    It’s me thank you a million times. I was very skeptical when I first spoke to Louise because when she said an ex who I love is coming back to me in September I thought it was not true but she said there would be talk of marriage. But it had been over a year since I spoke to him. Last week he showed up he text me we met up.
    To cut a long story short we have been back in touch and seen each other a lot and last night he PROPOSED!!! Thank you Louise every other psychic said he was gone but not you. Thank you. Xxxxxxxxx Ps you said the ring would be gorgeous and it is xx

    Anon, September 2015
  • I first spoke with Louise on premium after my friend and sister had a reading with Louise and recommend her to me.
    Louise is amazing and the real deal she connects with such care and even got my family’s name and traits who are in the spirit world.
    She told me I would find a house with a blue back door and a pond in the back garden; this was correct and I found out today my offer was accepted.
    So many other things have happened too what Louise said would she is wonderful I will be back soon.

    D, September 2015
  • Louise Louise LOUISE!!!!
    What a complete star!! I am no beginner when it comes to having psychic readings BUT Louise is amazing!!
    She knew and understood my delicate situation straight away!
    She was funny kind respectful to the point and very very accurate!
    The predictions have already come to pass!
    Louise is like the Mary poppins of psychics.
    What I like about Louise is she is real, she does not talk to you like she is the all knowing powerful oz but as a true friend!
    Louise your gift is wonderful don’t ever leave!
    Mrs C

    mrsC, September 2015
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