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Sophia found she could see the future when she began studying meditation and experiencing visions. She then learned that her great-grandmother, Marie-France, was a psychic in Normandy, and that the gift had passed to her. Sophias readings are caring, compassionate and inspirational. With the use of her tarot cards and pendulum, she will help you on your journey towards light and love.


  • I have been having readings with Sophia for around six months, not only is she a lovely person but also an incredible tarot reader who also uses the pendulum accurately. I decided not to write a review after the first prediction came to pass but rather wait until all the ones until the end of the year had. Every single thing Sophia predicted has proved true, her tarot month timings have been accurate as have her weeks and days timings with the pendulum. Thanks Sophia!

    Adele, December 2020
  • What a fabulous, gentle and accurate reader. Reassuring, positive and very supportive – thank you for all you have done for me.

    Iliana, December 2020
  • Deepest thanks, Sophia, for your warmth, compassion and patience. The sensitivity you bring to the readings and the space you open up is rare – truly gentle and without ego. My apologies for having taken so long to leave a testimonial.

    Miranda, April 2020
  • Sophia is excellent! One of the most accurate readers who uses Tarot cards and clairvoyance. She is extremely quick and gets to the crux of the matter very quickly – super efficient, accurate and compassionate reader !

    T, April 2020
  • I have had a few reading over the last few years and have found Sophia to be indepth in her readings and told me step by step what was going on and when the problem or question in general would be over, want to thank her deeply as this episode has impacted my life for a decade, and wish her all the best in health and happiness in the future. Xx

    Michael, April 2020
  • Sophia gets it right again, and again, and again. I’ve been reading with her for a few months and the precision of her readings, the level of detail and her layered understanding of the complexity of each situation is really quite something. Everything she has predicted has so far come true, during a very difficult, complicated period of my life, on multiple fronts. Her readings also allow to prepare for certain unfolding situations too, because free will remains a part of life and every reading. k.

    Kim, October 2019
  • Spoke to Sophia about a past and present relationship which I have been worrying about and she absolutely understood my issues and completely put me at ease! I now feel i can move forward ….thank u so much.

    Colin, March 2019
  • I have benefited from a few readings with Sophia at points in my life where I am been struggling with direction and working out what was happening to me. I find Sophia to be a perceptive and down to earth reader, with a heart full of time and love for her clients. She feels into what the cards are pointing at, allowing you space to work out how they apply to your everyday life and giving you the answers you need in the moment.

    Jack, January 2019
  • Sophia is an excellent perceptive reader who takes her time to feel into the energy of the cards and give you a detailed holistic overview of what is happening in your life. She holds a space for you that is very compassionate and free from judgement, allowing you to delve deep into your own soul as the cards present what is really happening with you.

    J, January 2019
  • Had an absolutely brilliant reading today with Sophia. She is down to earth, no nonsense and will answer your questions without judgement,just gives very clear and reassuring answers using her astounding psychic ability. She was incredibly accurate, and gave me tremendous hope for the future giving timing on things, and such an accurate reading of different peoples characters who were a part of my reading its as if she actually knew them. I will be getting readings again with Sophia in the future without a doubt, she is just really great to talk to and has an excellent gift. One of the best.

    Louise, December 2018
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