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  • At my darkest time, she completely showed me the light, this woman is incredible. I am so thankful that I experienced her gift

    Anon, June 2021
  • I have been meaning to write a testimonial for Rose for a while now as I have been speaking to her for a few years and no matter how long passes whether it be a couple of weeks or a couple of months she is always consistent and is always spot on with how I’m feeling at the present time and why I am ringing without me saying anything. She has described in great detail the looks and personality of the person I am closest to along with their thoughts and feelings. I love speaking to Rose as she always gives me clarity and grounding and I really appreciate the wonderful gift she has and her support and kindness.

    Thank you Rose. xx

    Wendy, January 2021
  • Rose is simply fantastic, told me about a photograph that I would receive from person I’m talking about and photograph arrived 5 days later and she even described the photo exactly how it looked and was what she talked about . The best reader by far, you won’t be disappointed

    Trevor, November 2020
  • Had a reading with Rose today 18/10/20 what a lovely lady, Iv had many readings but I loved the way Rose so accurately validated things about me and others around me, going into great detail on what others are thinking and feeling. Rose left me feeling so positive after my reading as prior to the reading I was expecting a lot of negativity which other readings had given me. I 100% recommend a reading with Rose and I will definatly return to her for further readings. Thanks again Rose for the fabulous uplifting reading speak to you again soon xx

    R, October 2020
  • This is a testimonial for Rose your insight is incredible. Thank you for all your help and support. Your validations always take me by surprise. You have a true and genuine gift

    Simona, October 2020
  • Fantastic reader calm understanding supportive her readings have empowered and helped me through dark times I would recommend her without any hesitation thank you

    Iliana, September 2020
  • Rose knocked my socks off me. I felt speechless at first as she picked up on someone from the past who continues to be on my mind. But I never spoke of that, or rang regarding that – she brought it up and just kept delivering and delivering information over it. I thought I was going mad before I spoke to Rose, she confirmed a lot to me. And helped ease my mind. I absolutely loved my reading and will be back again. I really appreciate Rose’s gift and you will too. Thank You x

    S, September 2020
  • The reading with Rose blew me away – it was so accurate and really uplifting! She described how I looked and where I lived exactly. She is the real deal!

    Jennifer, August 2020
  • Rose was such an amazing reader, and so lovely, she described exactly certain situations and people. I can’t wait for her predictions to come true. Thank you xx

    Z, July 2020
  • Dear genuine gifted Rose !

    “He” DID send a specific hi today on Valentine day !
    You are so fun to talk to too ,because I love your sense of humour !
    The way you describe people ” (Weasel ) ” are INCREDIBLE SPOT ON !
    Have a GREAT valentine day !

    Marie living in Europe.

    Marie, February 2020
  • I would like to thank rose for my reading

    Very emotional and accurate – she helped me to have fair that the path I wanted to go down was the right one.

    I enjoyed the reading and she showed real insight into who I am and the situation I have – I was astounded at the things she knew, could pick up on and the detail she gave me based on on star signs really.

    A very friendly and professional lady

    Would definitely recommend and will be back.

    JP, August 2017
  • Rose is the best reader by far I’ve found as she gave me a date that someone I was thinking about and what they were doing etc and when I looked back at all she was 100 % correct really amazing !!!
    She only tells the truth and I believe her to be genuine lady

    Trevor, October 2016
  • Two weeks ago I spoke to Rose about a problem I was having with my boyfriend. During the reading, Rose advised me on what to do.

    We then had a discussion with my boyfriend and during the conversation, he repeated word for word what Rose had told he would say. I was astonished. It is a complicated situation that Rose has advised me will take a long time to resolve. But so far, everything is unfolding according to Rose’s reading. I have total faith in Rose’s ability and I believe that it will be fine.

    So glad I found you!

    lilly, October 2016
  • I have been having a few readings with Rose and she always makes me feel happy when I come of the phone from her as is helping me with an on going situation when I feel a bit down about my situation she always is a bright light for me and says there is light at end of tunnel and just be patient
    Lovely lady and I always trust her

    trevor, July 2016
  • Rose is very straight taking and direct but delivers her readings in a kind way. She will not say things just because she knows that is what you want to hear. If she is ever unsure she will say that she doesn’t know rather than guess at an outcome. When Rose is very confident you should be too as it will happen as she said it would.

    Sharon, July 2016
  • During the last few months I have been through a harrowing time due to the death of my long term partner very suddenly. I have had readings with Rose to help with the grief I am going through and I have found her to incredible comforting and always come off the call feeling much better about things. She reads with compassion and empathy and will only touch on the difficult parts if you want her to. I’m not sure how I would have got through the last few months without her. She is so accurate beyond belief without giving her any information at all.
    All her readings have been spot on and she has given me hope for the future.
    I shall continue to talk to her as she is the biggest help to me at this present time.
    E – June 2016

    E, June 2016
  • I’ve read the reviews about Rose and she sounded amazing so i thought I would have a reading ,was glad I did as she got straight into what I was thinking about and without any information from me etc and was able to make me feel at ease so I look forward to her predictions which I’m 100% confidant will happen. Happy client. Trevor.

    Trevor, February 2016
  • Just had a reading with rose she is an amazing lady spot on with everything she blew me away looking forward to the future can’t thank you enough xx

    simone, November 2015
  • Rose is an incredible psychic!! She tuned into my situation instantly and read my emotions with incredible accuracy. She is very straightforward and empathetic and extremely insightful. She predicted something that came to pass 2 days later!!! You should contact her as you will not be dissapointed!
    > Thank you Rose for your guidance and help.

    C, October 2015
  • This lady is just amazing!!! She picked up straight away on my current situation, how I was feeling and how a person was making me feel and the way I looked down to a T.

    She is such a genuine lady and feel I have made a friend who I can talk to when I feel abit down or waiting for things to manifest. I’m just waiting for the predications to come true but I’m sure they will as Rose is 100%. Honestly try this lady out as you will be amazed what she says as she told me things I had never shared with anyone before which was astonishing.

    Sukhi, November 2014
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Rose who I consider to be one of the best readers I have ever spoken to. She has a comforting tone and was able to describe accurately my house, my children, my dad and my husband. The first day I spoke to Rose many months ago she gave me the outcome she saw for me and my family. She knew the thoughts and feelings of my dad and my husband, including the fact that my husband always dressed immaculately and had a nice smell. Rose was most professional, honest, kind and truthful in what she could see. I would jokingly call Rose my ‘other mother’ and I would have no hesitation in lifting the phone to ask her advice in any area of my live. I have learned what Rose sees does truly happen, today, tomorrow or many months down the road she sees it very clearly and for all her help and advice I am truly grateful. x

    Pete, August 2013
  • I’ve just had a reading with Rose and wanted to give some feedback. Rose is amazing! she described how i looked, people around me and she delved straight in to my problem without any information from me at all! she has a lovely way about her and makes you feel very comfortable talking to her. I can see why she is so popular, Rose i thank you and i will be speaking to you again xx

    Michael, August 2013
  • Had a first reading with Rose tonight lovely lady new exactly what I wanted to hear thank you and will contact again xx

    Sarah, August 2013
  • Just to say thanks to Rose for my reading this evening. As before it was very helpful insight and i felt she homed in to the situation quickly and picked up on the key points around the problem. A very good reader who has a definite gift. I will certainly call Rose again when i cant see the wood for the trees!

    Sheila, August 2013
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Rose who I feel is an outstanding, delightful reader. I have had several readings from her and she is always reassuring, calming and spot on with her predictions, and she speaks in such a way that it is like talking with a friend. Some of Rose’s predictions have already come true and I am looking forward to my life unfolding. She is amazingly accurate. Big THANK YOU Rose AH

    Cat, August 2013
  • First time I spoke to Rose, she described with accuracy – the man, me, my Mum who has passed over and my house – spot on…..!

    Consistent every time I speak to her, never wavers. She is reassuring, gentle, understanding, calming and just what a professional lady. She helped restore my faith – this woman is a professional in every sense. Just love working with Rose every time xxx

    Miss L, Guildford, August 2013
  • I’ve had readings with Rose for the past 18 months now, as she also read for me on another line. She is a wonderful and warm person and always with good intentions. She has amazing accuracy, and sometimes can blow me away with information on detail that no-one could know. I always feel lifted and confident once I’ve read with her, and yes some of her predictions have come true!

    Miss R, Berkshire, August 2013
  • Hi all, I would like to sat that Rose is a good reader and can put you at ease with any problem you have. I had several readings with her in the past and she has been great. I would like to recommend her to anyone. Love and Light xx

    Tom, August 2013
  • Hi Moon Prediction, just like to give a comment on Rose. Had a reading with Rose second time and her accuracy is amazing!!! She is sweet, calm,genuine in her reading and really brilliant- you just can feel it the minute you hear her voice on the phone.

    Its instant connection- meaning she reads your mind!!! She is frank and tells all the events good and bad and then gives you her expert advice-and yes it works out right.

    I highly recommend Rose if you have a baggage in your heart, She can and will remove it. Thank you Rose

    Lisa, August 2013
  • Just want to say, Just had a reading with Rose. She was excellent! Described my Ex and my 3 children perfectly, and the man I want to be with also. I would recommend her highly and will definately keep in touch with her so I can let her know of my developements…it’s been brilliant!

    Lisa, August 2013
  • Having had a reading with Rose I would like to comment on her accuracy, honesty and advice. She picked up my situation immediately and described exactly what had happened in a very empathic and friendly manner. She gave me alot of information and was very positive in helping me move forward. She really has helped me with my life journey to see the way ahead, her advice has been gratefully received. I highly recommend Rose and would continue to remain in contact. Thank you

    Name Withheld, August 2013
  • Hello, Just over a week ago I had a really inspirational and revealing reading from Rose. She was gentle, but exact, to the point it made the hairs stand up on my arm. Thank you so much.

    Charlotte, August 2013
  • About five years ago I first spoke to Rose as I was very unhappy in my home life. She told me she saw another man I would meet at some point much more suited to me – I have to say I could not believe it at the time. Sure enough a man unexpectedly came into my life this year and I contacted Rose again, she said he is the one.

    It hasn’t been plain sailing, he has made a massive error in judgement which I would not normally forgive, but with Roses continual support and guidance she is helping me to remain focused on forgiving this man and getting the rest of my life sorted out to create what she can see as a great future for me with him.

    Every time I start to fall to pieces she makes me feel calm, uplifted and optimistic. During one reading she told me about my beautiful cat who was tragically killed some years ago, she described her to me in detail and how she used to sit on the window sill watching the birds, and that she is still around me. Rose is an exceptional talent, don’t hesitate to call.

    LJ (London), August 2013
  • Elizabeth Rose I just had to contact you to send my most sincere thanks to Rose for my recent reading. It is the most accurate and amazing reading I have ever had and will certainly be calling again. Rose was able to describe people and places currently having major involvement in my life and picked up on the issue I needed clarity on immediately without any prompting or question from me.

    To be honest, I was quite stunned! It was easy to relax to Roses friendly chat and manner in which she conducted the reading, and I can move forward now and am feeling much more reassured about my future. Thank you Rose!

    Michelle, August 2013
  • I wanted to thanks Rose for her reading for me over the last eighteen months. Telling someone of a house move is one thing but to describe the things that I already had planned for me in detail was quite surreal as were the details of my job and the outcome of my position within the company. It wasnt the outcome id wanted to hear but what you said happened and I appreciate your honesty in what you saw above all else, it certainly prepared me.

    Its actually a tick list of things that you saw that have been happening and your sequence of events has been accurate as were your details of the people involved in the situations, not only of their star signs, but their mannerisms and appearance. Thank you again

    Callum, August 2013
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