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Jenny-Lee has been reading since 1980 and we are pleased to welcome her back to the company after a break. Without a doubt her reading gift comes from the maternal side of the family who are Irish. She uses Tarot to channel questions for her clients. Jenny-Lee looks for the best way to deal with situations or to prepare for challenges that life sometimes throws your way, as well as seeing the good, happy, and healthy things that will be arriving.


  • Just wow. Beautiful connection and reading this evening. So much healing and insight. Thank you. I think this it the third or fourth reading I’ve had with you and all have been good and helpful but this evening was really powerful. Thank you so much. K

    Kikki, December 2023
  • It makes me smile reading a few of the testimonies on here, confirming just how much of an amazing person Jenny-Lee is. Many a time I would call in hopes of finding a Solution and some form of direction, Jenny just knows how to give you peace of mind and in a way puts you back into the drivers seat. I don’t know how, I have no explanation but all I know is that it feels right and Jenny has given me that ‘ina’ conviction and confidence moving forward. Deffo that friend you can call on! Thank you, I hope you know how much you are appreciated my lovely 🙏🏾❤️🙌🏾 xx

    Natalie, December 2023
  • I have left reviews before about Jenny-Lee but I want to do another one as I have now been receiving advice and guidance form her now for over a year. As I have said before I contacted her when I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life and I really did not know which way to turn. From the very beginning Jenny-Lee has been utterly amazing. She has given me advice, insight, encouragement and wisdom on a level beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. She has literally guided me from a place of no hope to one where I can now see a future in front of me. Her support has been nothing short of extraordinary and she is one of the greatest blessings that has ever come into my life. Thank you so much Jenny-Lee I do not have enough words to say how grateful I am. As others have said in their testimonials, if you choose Jenny-Lee for a reading you will not be disappointed, far from it. Can I give 10 STARS !!!

    David, October 2023
  • I just want to say that Jenny-Lee has been reading for me for around 7 years and I also want to say she is just such a gifted reader who is honest and precise with her readings.I have recently been through quite a traumatic and tough time in my life but when things went wrong she was there for me and guided me with her psychic abilities with compassion and genuine care and really picked me up when I lost direction. She is a beautiful soul and I simply adore her sense of humour !!!She is very accurate with her predictions and gives that peace of mind when I feel troubled. I would highly recommend her if you want a direct and clear reading….I assure you, that you will not be disappointed.
    Thank-you soooooo much Jenny-Lee….May God Bless you always!!!
    Gurdip x

    Gurdip, October 2023
  • Jenny-Lee is unbelievably good. Wonderful wise counsel. Healing words comes through her. Extremely accurate in what she sees and seeks only our highest good. Call her and see. Magpie.

    Magpie, October 2023
  • Jenny Lee is such a fun and compassionate reader, she has given me an inspiring and uplifting guidance and has reflect on how else to grow and cleanse.
    She’s is a lovely soul, beautiful person, and a generous spirit.
    Thank you 🙏

    Ula, October 2023
  • Just had a really wonderful reading with Jenny-Lee so friendly and down to earth and also very honest about what can actually help in the situation I am in! Really enjoyed it and felt like I had a mission when I got off the phone. Would highly recommend x

    Stephanie, October 2023
  • A long overdue testimonial for a reader I consistently come back to over years and years. Jenny Lee always has the guidance spot on not just predicting what will happen but also around how j should approach or reframe things. She challenges as well as reassures me with her readings and because of her my confidence has developed massively and value in myself. She has a wonderful kind, thoughtful manner and can phrase things in the right way you always dial off feeling that much more positive.

    Thank you Jenny Lee for constantly reminding me that I am a treasure and that a picky man picked me 🙂

    Ruby, April 2023
  • Jenny Lee is a fabulous reader and gives very grounded and reassuring sensible advice, particularly on friendship and love matters. She gets my vote and I await to see what happens next. Jenny Lee, I have bought the book you suggested and look forward to reading it. Thank you. C

    C, March 2023
  • This is my second testimonial for Jenny-Lee. I wrote my first one after getting readings over a short period when I first contacted her. I have continued to have readings from her and she has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have really been through one of the most difficult periods of my life but not only Jenny-Lee has given me amazing insight into what is happening, she has been unbelievably kind and supportive, giving me wonderful advice on how to understand things and move forward. She really has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I truly cannot recommend her highly enough.

    David, December 2022
  • I can’t rcommend Jenny Lee highly enough. I have been going through a really difficult period and when I spoke to Jenny Lee she was so kind, approachable and helpful. She explained to me what was actually happending and where things were going. On top of that she gave me some wonderful advice about things I needed to be doing to help the situation along. She is truly an angel sent to help us at this time. Thank you Jenny Lee I am so grateful

    DJ, November 2022
  • Jenny-Lee…very simply thank you for the words of calm reassurance and guidance amidst confusion and concern I have had.

    Lisa, October 2022
  • Jenny-Lee is unique in the fact that she offers a clear analysis of your situation without digressing. She reads thoroughly well – without cues or background information, stays to the point and then offers several solutions as to how you can tackle the issue at hand. Her readings place your everyday reality, values as a person and aspirations for the future at the focal point of your session. As a result, you come off the phone knowing that whatever decision you decide to take, both your heart and mind will not regret it.

    Simi, September 2022
  • Lovely lady, spot on with the energy and some great advice! Will have to see how it unfolds.

    Aiysh, September 2022
  • I love Jenny-Lee no nonsense approach, Jenny delivers her readings with such insight and wisdom helps you to see things with fresh eyes and clarity. I will definitely call again in the near future with updates as things begin to unfold. I cannot recommend Jenny -Lee highly enough, she really does care for your well-being, after the reading you feeling more at peace and optimistic. Thank you Thank you Jenny -Lee and for the rose quartz 15-6-22

    M, June 2022
  • Jenny-Lee is the REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had readings with her since December 2021 and she has not wavered or changed her predictions. She has been 100% spot on with predictions and I cannot quite believe these came through.

    From the moment I spoke to this utterly incredible woman, I have felt so safe and comforted in her presence. She has gone into great detail about my situations and provided extraordinary detailed validations that have been completely correct.

    In my case, the person who had been in my life- their situation, she described to an absolute tee. I have had confirmation from this person (with no knowledge of my exchanges with Jenny-Lee). Word for word, she described what he would say and do. She’s been spot on time and bloody time again and left me in a state of shock and disbelief.

    Jenny-Lee is like a breath of fresh air, she lifts you up in the most miraculous ways and even in my darkest (and I mean really dark) moments, she has lifted me up and helped me to survive an emotional low period and even made me chuckle hysterically. I know exactly where I’d be if I wasn’t for this Angel of a human being – on the floor, in a mess. She has gotten me through and given such extraordinary advice that I know I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. She has a knack to make you see things for what they truly are and not how you see them. She had provided me with perspective that I could not have got from anywhere else.

    I could go on and on, but all in all, anyone reading this needs to know: she is a REAL and TRUE Psychic, accurate with predictions, sees and describes things in the finest detail, has so much integrity, honour and truly cares about her clients. She is true to her word, graceful, strong and has the funniest way with words. She will make you cry with laughter, even when you it’s impossible. She will tell you straight and is not in the business of sugarcoating. Always honest and will deliver messages, information etc in the most sincere, direct and compassionate way possible.

    Amazing, incredible, phenomenal, magnificent, the ultimate psychic- I could go on! Words will never be able to describe the experience I have had with this woman!

    Jenny-Lee is the best reader on this site- if you’re looking for a Reader who will show you the truth and who will be fun, sincere and accurate- please choose her- I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I am eternally grateful to have found this beautiful soul! ❤️❤️❤️

    Eleanor, February 2022
  • Jenny-Lee is an amazing reader. She has been a source of great comfort for me and her readings have given me hope with certain situations. She is kind but doesn’t sugar coat things which is how I like it. I always feel on top of the world after a reading with her. I can’t thank her enough.

    BG, February 2022
  • Well, well, well…. what can I say, this lady has been amazing, she’s so accurate and spot on its scary. She’s managed to pick up on things that other readers have failed to do. Spot on is an understatement, she has guided me through a very difficult time and did it with me gracefully. Jenny-lee a huge Thank you to you xxx

    Mandy, February 2022
  • I would like to leave a long overdue testimonial. Jenny Lee has an amazing ability to tell you about the situation before you say anything!! I have had a lot of readings and I mean a lot !!! I first talked to her several years ago and she didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but with the benefits of hindsight she was spot on. I have started having readings with her about an extremely complex situation recently and she described the situation to a T , I can only hope her predications are as accurate as last ( I’m sure they will be ) .If you want to speak to someone genuine who tells you as it is ,and also has a laugh THIS IS YOUR LADY

    Colin, February 2022
  • Jenny-Lee is truly one of a kind. She is absolutely hilarious and has the really rare ability to lift you up and see the joy in life.
    She is able to describe situations in a unique and accurate details. Love her energy and she is one special soul.

    Eleanor, January 2022
  • JL is the REAL DEAL. She picks up on your situation quickly and validates everything that is happening. She’s a confident reader and a straight shooter. She will tell you exactly how it is in her own charming funny way. I always enjoy my readings with JL.

    L, December 2021
  • Jenny-Lee has been consistently an exceptional reader and the go-to person, at hard times. Not only does she have the right way to lift your spirit – yet being honest – but she also coaches you for personal growth, confidence and stability. You leave the reading confident, knowing where you stand and with a big smile on your face, regardless of the situation. Five stars!

    K, November 2021
  • Jenny-Lee, just thank you so much for your guidance and support with your recent insight into things around me. To the point but kind and nurturing, bit like talking to an Auntie! Her insight was so spot on. I’ll now be the passenger on the bus and look out the window…but prepare for the tsunami!! Will let you know when I’ve survived that. Thank you again x

    Lisa, October 2021
  • Jenny-Lee is a very gifted reader she always gets how I’m felling and my situation to a T. She is direct which I love and she genuinely cares about her clients providing blessings, help and support as well as awesome psychic insight. I feel uplifted after our chats and we always have a laugh it’s like chatting with a close friend. Her predictions are spot on too. Many thanks Jenny-Lee for all your help, sharing your gift and kindness. X

    Tracy, October 2021
  • This was my first reading with Jenny Lee but from the first minute se spoke I felt really comfortable and safe. She was spot on how i felt and the tone of her voice calmed me down. Her guidance was amazingly helpful and helped me realize how i was really feeling. I rarely feel so safe with people but with jenny lee it felt like i was under i protection shield. Told me how things are and how i can work on me to make me feel better and then make the situation better. Thank you so much for everything you said to me you have changed a lot of things. Your rainbow scorpio 😊

    Samantha, October 2021
  • I absolutely loved Jenny so down to earth direct nurturing loving and to the point which is what i needed no fluff.

    have been frustrated with work and received the clarity so will get to work on what was given and tomorrow is a new day.

    Will keep you updated Jenny thankyou x

    five stars all day long

    Nicola, October 2021
  • This was my first reading with Jenny Lee and I was not disappointed!!
    One of the best and most accurate readings I’ve ever had !
    She described every situation and person with detail and was spot on !
    Sometimes it’s hard to hear the truth but the fact that she doesn’t sugarcoat anything makes her even more amazing !!
    not only she picked up on everything and explained it in detail but she also provided helpful ways to overcome them and deal with them.
    An absolute ANGEL !
    Will be calling her back 10000%

    H, July 2021
  • I don’t quite know how to describe Jenny Lee that does her justice.
    She is an amazingly accurate psychic. I have spoken to her a few times in the past and she is my go to psychic.
    Recently I rang about my daughters. One had just interviewed for a job that was a perfect fit for her so when she hadn’t heard in the time agreed I rang Jenny Lee to ask what she felt.
    No hesitation she said no she hasn’t got it. All the things that should make her a perfect for the job will be perceived as a threat to the two women interviewing her. Also she will not get honest feedback.
    All was correct she also said she has had a lucky escape. She had to wait a fortnight to get the result and it was an answerphone message. (This is a top professional position) Then she said – “I am not saying this to make anyone feel better- I totally trust that if she doesn’t get it she doesn’t resort to platitudes. but this is a wonderful opportunity window for her in her current job. Two days later the head of her work team resigned suddenly and my daughter has been hugely promoted and several teams have tried to Head Hunt her.
    Next I rang about my second daughter – a romantic question and Jenny lee saw it exactly has it turned out – again lucky escape but the man involved had acted out of a desire to protect my daughter as he had fallen for her and knew he couldn’t offer her what she wanted
    they remain good and loyal friends.
    Then completely left field she said that this daughter will get a new job very soon she emphasised very soon. I knew she wanted a new job sometime but she has been at her current job for ten years and wasn’t in the frame of mind to change jobs. She had her CV for a few months but nothing suitable came up. Well within one week she was invited to apply for a particular job (that she was very excited about)
    attended a English and Maths test she is beautifully practical but not confident academically . She was two of six that passed. Interviewed by zoom. Within a week she has a new job. She starts on the anniversary of her Dads passing who was a maths wizard.

    Everyone would love to have Jenny Lee as a genuine and uplifting fun friend. A cracking girl and has a wonderful grounded colourful way of describing people and situations in your life.

    Much love and blessings. CC

    CC, October 2020
  • Jenny-Lee is truly one of a kind, just terrific. Feeling completely tossed up in the skies, not being able to get things together after a very tough few years, Jenny-Lee has deciphered it for me with amazing precision. Every single thing she told me absolutely resonated with me a hundred fold. I cannot recommend her enough.

    A, August 2020
  • Brilliant lady, straight to the point. Picks up on things very well. Hit the nail on the head with some of the things she said. Very caring and down to earth.
    Gave me advice I needed to hear and confirmed some things i already thought. Definitely recommend her.

    Waiting on the predictions…

    A, July 2020
  • The first prediction Jenni-Lee made came about within a week of her reading. Highly recommended reader . E

    E, June 2018
  • Jenny-Lee is an amazing reader. Quite different to others in the way she sees things no other psychic has. Supportive , nurturing and very gifted. Will certainly be back for another reading.

    EZ, April 2018
  • Jenny-Lee is such a loving, kind, and honest reader. She is accurate about my current situation that I am in. Jenny-Lee, you are amazing. She has a gift in depth reading. She was able to give good advice and see the future accurately. I will definitely get a reading from her again!

    CL, November 2017
  • She is an AMAZING reader! Having readings with her for a year now and so far everything has happened. I love how she explains the situations, describes people perfectly in a way no one else does – feels a bit like speaking a fairy Godmother! I have an ongoing relationship issues and every time I call she never changes her predictions which is amazing because she doesn’t remember me or what she said before. If it wasn’t for her I would have given up! Thanks a million!!

    Berta, October 2017
  • Jenny Lee has given me several readings, tuning in quickly and accurately assessing the situation. Last week she predicted a bit of a windfall… I received a cheque yesterday! Wow. Jenny Lee is always “real” and a pleasure to listen to, I will definitely get readings in the future and hope her other predictions come true. Caroline,

    Caroline, January 2017
  • Very good – Jenny Lee tunes in quickly and is pretty accurate. Will always be calling her if I have concerns. She can pick up on your emotions straight away. Thank you for all your help so far.

    Karen, October 2016
  • I just wanted to congratulate Jenny Lee on an truly fantastic reading. She was absolutely ‘spot on’ in everything she told me about my life – incredible! She gave me some very sound advice about some on going issues that I have and I feel very reassured and positive about the future. Many thanks. C.A

    carol, August 2016
  • Jenny – Lee has surpassed my expectations in her interpretations of personalities and situations. This has helped me make better decision moving forward.

    Heston, June 2016
  • At first I was sceptical using a psychic line. This was my first reading with this company and I was advised to have a reading with Jenny Lee as I specifically asked for someone who did Tarot readings.

    Jenny Lee was exceptional!! She had her finger on the pulse and as the reading went on I was so emotional. She picked up on all the little things that counted and it has lifted me out of a very dark place. The reading was wonderful – JUST WOW.

    A big thank you to reception for putting me through to Jenny Lee but most of all thank you to Jenny Lee, I will speak to you soon.


    Sebastian, May 2016
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