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Lisa is a professional psychic, medium and clairvoyant who works with the tarot. She is very passionate regarding her work and really cares about her clients and tries to help guide them as much as she can. She is also a spiritual healer and reiki 2 practitioner. Sometimes when she is with a client her healing guides do some work on the client if they feel its needed. She absolutely loves what she does and feels it is her lifes purpose as a lightworker to be a teacher, a spiritual guide and healer. She has been doing this since the age of 33 and finds it a rewarding special journey. Lisa feels very humble to be able to be in service to the collective.


  • Oh my goodness. You re amazing. So sorry my call was cut short. Lots of love Susie

    susie, January 2024
  • 5 stars! Thank you so much Lisa! Lisa was beyond kind and caring and incredibly accurate! She is a very warm and genuine person and I really enjoyed my reading and it helped me so very much and I really need that right now. Thank you, Lisa xx

    Betty, January 2024
  • Thank you Lisa for your integrity- she correctly predicted that my gym interest was stuck on his past and wouldn’t pursue me more than he has. She also gave me a word of warning that my past would be resisting my future with an intention that wouldn’t serve me.. I guess only time will tell for the 2nd prediction but thank you for getting me back to focusing on myself!

    S, September 2023
  • Sorry Lisa my phone cut out…! I just wanted to say thank you and to provide some examples of how accurate she has been for me, having probably read for me three or four times now. She was the only psychic to tell me my partner would decide to break up with me, which wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the time but turned out to be the truth. She then has predicted other things that have come true, including him trying to come back into my life, where his head is at and more, all later confirmed as true. In a nutshell, it might not be what you want to hear, but I do think she has a real gift and a great way of delivering information, kind and caring.

    Laura, August 2023
  • I had a reading with Lisa on 3/7/23 and it was very enlightening and accurate. She picked up on an ongoing situation I have around me and was so on point. It gave me what I needed to move forward. Lisa is a very compassionate lady. Thank you x

    Anon, July 2023
  • I have experienced readings with Lisa and I find her extremely professional and ethical. If she does not feel a connection she will tell you. She is a clear and accurate reader and cares about her clients getting the best from their readings. Lisa has a calm and warm energy and is highly empathic and I can categorically say she does not have a poor attitude nor is she rude. Far from it in fact. Lisa is thorough and I highly recommend her. Thank you x

    L, July 2023
  • Reading on 30/6/23. I did not have the same experience as others below. She did not answer my question and kept jumping to something or someone else which didn’t make sense. She rushed and clearly wanted to get off the line. Rather than her just saying “I’m not connecting with you”; which I would have respected. She choose to waste my money past the 5minute Mark then say…”that’s all I’m getting” “but you didn’t answer my question “I was stunned and so confused at the call and attitude. It was bizzare. But at least she strung me along to get paid for the 6 plus minutes then claim there’s nothing more coming through even though she literally told me nothing of what I asked. And couldn’t clarify the ramdom thing she did predict. Shame. I do not recommend. Poor attitude and rude.

    Peace, July 2023
  • Lisa gave such a detailed reading that I am left amazed. She knew details that only I knew. She showed me how well connected she is with her clients. An amazing woman. 5 stars!

    Hannah, June 2023
  • I would like to say a huge thankyou to lisa . She is a calm , yet confident reader who is incredibly detailed and accurate . I would
    highly recommend Lisa !

    MR, May 2023
  • I’ve had a few readings with Lisa overtime and she is always on point and I can completely resonate with the detail given. She is a one of the most thorough readers using tarot that I have connected with. Thank you for your calm energy and your support. I highly recommend this lovely lady xx

    Lisa, April 2023
  • Lisa didn’t connect with me. I don’t doubt she’s a good reader, however she kept repeating what I said and wasn’t really answering any questions. I would have appreciated her telling me she couldn’t connect to save my time and money, rather than just making things up

    Meena, March 2023
  • I have had many readings from all sorts of readers, none has had the mind blowing accuracy as Lisa. Once you experience her, you will realise what I mean, now i have shot myself in the foot because she will be too busy to see me again!! You wont be disappointed.

    Ami, March 2023
  • I had a life changing reading with Lisa. Lisa is an amazingly gifted intuitive tarot reader. Her connection to source and spirit is extremely powerful. Her predictions and downloads about my past and events that have occurred was uncannily accurate. A tremendously gifted reader who also has wonderful energy, makes you feel at ease and is extremely empathetic. Worth every penny, I highly recommend Lisa.

    Jem, January 2023
  • All I can say is Thank you Lisa. Giving me an accurate and honest reading, and yes I will keep you up to date on future developments.

    AB, December 2022
  • Lisa has a very beautiful and healing energy….very intuitive and empathic reader. Lisa reassured me with her very in-depth and informative reading. Lisa used the cards along with spirit guiding throughout the reading. Thank you so much Lisa…I will be in touch again.

    Wendy, December 2022
  • Lisa is a lovely person and a great reader. She is very personable and as a Lightworker she is highly empathic and really wants to help you. She has a really high energy that just hits you. I knew before I spoke with her that I would connect with her. She was bang on the money and knew and read exactly what was going on with me. I highly recommend her, particularly if you are seeking guidance around relationships. Thank you xx

    Lisa, October 2022
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