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Kate is clairsentient and has been using her gifts to guide others for over 25 years. Her Spiritual Journey began aged 5, when she saw a spirit walk across the landing of her childhood home and disappear. Over time, she experienced clairaudience, tastes, smells and sensations, connected to Spirit. Kate uses the Tarot and dowsing alongside the channeling with her Spirit Guide. Kate will read on most subjects and Relationship Readings are her speciality. She also has a background in holistic therapies, teaching tarot and her Tarot Radio Show locally. She works with her guide, Mai Li, to channel her Readings. Kates style is uplifitng, compassionate, non-judgemental and direct. Helping clients find the right path is key to her Readings. Kate tunes into your energy and will give you the flow of information from Spirit, then invite your questions. As a qualified energy worker, Kate is able to send Reiki to her clients. If you are looking for a burst of positivity, struggling with decisions or uncertainty, why not give her a call?


  • Thank you again Kate for all the guidance you’ve been giving me, I appreciate you thank you. Lots of love Nadia 💕

    Nadia, April 2024
  • Instantly connected and completely nailed my current situation and gave me inspiration for my next steps in life . Thank you so much Kate

    Jordana, April 2024
  • As promised amazing reading from the start picked up my energy and what was going on in my life. Would definitely recommend her a very powerful and intuitive reader. Thank you

    Suzanne, April 2024
  • Kate is absolutely amazing. Always spot on with situation without me saying anything. Very remarkable lady. Glad I found her. Z

    ZV, April 2024
    Straight to the heart and soul of situation, people, feelings etc.
    Outstanding insight.
    She just flows and channels without interruption.
    Quite remarkable.
    It’s a 10 yet again.
    With thanks as always Xxx

    Anon, April 2024
  • A very thorough and insightful session. Kate consistently demonstrates reliability, hence why I repeatedly seek her guidance. Thank you!!

    L, April 2024
  • Brilliant as always…thank you Kate for your consistency, support and patience.

    Wendy, March 2024
  • This was my second reading with Kate. I never had to tell her anything just my name and she tapped accurately what was going on around me. In my first reading she mentioned that she saw a new contract coming towards me, I wasn’t sure as I didn’t apply for work, but she was right, a couple of days later after talking to Kate one of the companies I worked for in the past emailed to see if I would join their company, they would love for me to go back. Kate you are an amazing and very gifted person. Thank you ever so much, and I hope you feel better. Lots of love Nadia ❤️❤️❤️

    Nadia, February 2024
  • Wow, I’ve had a few readings with Kate & she’s out standing. U tell her what u want to focus on & nothing else & the information flows. Her approach is scarily accurate and so precise. Truly amazing. U really want to listen to this lady as she’s very clear , to the point but in a very caring and helpful way. I definitely 100% recommend having a reading with Kate. U will be astounded by how accurate she is with every bit of information she gives u. Wow is all I can say & thank you Kate for your advice & help. Xx

    K, February 2024
  • A very overdue testimonial for this talented reader. I had my first and only reading with Kate a while ago now. Things Kate could not have known were accurate during our reading. One prediction came absolutely true. It was an impossible situation but Kate predicted it would happen in February and it did. Knocked me over. Really. Incredible. Thank you.

    Tina, February 2024
  • I have readings with Kate and each time her predictions are not only accurate but incredibly helpful in decision making and steering me in the right direction
    Many thanks

    Hugo, October 2023
  • Had another wonderful reading session with Kate. It deeply resonated with me and has left me with valuable insights to ponder.

    L, October 2023
  • Thank you so much for the reading today Kate , it was amazing how you got so much without me saying anything , and also for being so calming.

    M, September 2023
  • Had such a great reading with Kate today, to say she nailed me in about five minutes would be an understatement. She really did get to the point of my question, and I literally had goose bumps with all the things that she was able to tell me. Kate even referenced to something I was doing the day before relating to sorting clothes, and I was completely blown away. An incredible reader…thank you so much.

    Daisy, August 2023
  • Kate is great. I’ve had two readings with her. The first was about a month ago at the beginning of July. She channelled a tremendous amount of detail on the areas of life I inquired about. The insights provided were helpful and have proven accurate, hence why I sought her out for another session and will likely continue to do so.

    During both readings, Kate demonstrated a remarkable ability to tap into the energy and provide meaningful guidance. Her intuitive skills are on point, and I genuinely appreciate the clarity she brings to each session. She also offered practical advice and actionable steps to navigate some of my concerns, leaving me feeling uplifted and inspired.

    L, July 2023
  • Wow, what an amazing lady. I’ve had a few readings with Kate now and she never disappoints. If you want a reading with someone who is direct, straight to the point and spot on with details then I’d definitely recommend Kate. Thank you so much.

    K, June 2023
  • Kate is a good reader!

    Lauren, June 2023
  • I can’t explain how amazing Kate is! She is so on point and in the space of a week some of her predictions have already come true. I’m hopeful, praying and look forward to the next ones coming true. Thanks so much! I will be back.

    JA, June 2023
  • I had a really good reading with Kate. Didn’t need much from me and described by situation with great detail and accuracy.
    Very clear and felt spiritually refreshing.
    I would thoroughly recommend a reading with Kate.

    AV, June 2023
  • Kate is simply amazing! The accuracy and detail in my reading was extraordinary. If you need straight answers with pinpoint accuracy, speak to Kate you will not be disappointed.

    TN, May 2023
  • Five stars for Kate. I love her style of reading, she pinpointed the exact POI quickly and gave very clear intricate details with lots of information and context. Her prediction was specific and with clear timelines. She also explained why things are happening in the way that they are which is very useful. If you like somebody to read with no nonsense and get to the issues with clarity, then this is the reader for you. I recommend Kate 100%

    TN, March 2023
  • Kate had been reading for me for a couple years. You never have to say anything, she tunes in immediately and pin points exactly what was on your mind. She is absolutely brilliant and her predictions have come about in the ways she said. I highly recommend her!

    Rosemarie, March 2023
  • This was my first reading after a long, long time and wow!!!!! What a reading! Thank you, Kate for giving me clarity and guidance for where I have been stagnant and stuck lately. Spot on and totally resonated with me. What an amazing reader!

    Kristi, February 2023
  • Kate is very professional, clear, articulate and helpful in her reading, and guidance in a very objective way and comments. Obviously a very experienced and exceptional reader. A pleasure to speak to. Thank you Kate x

    PM, February 2023
  • Wow! What a reading. Kate was absolutely spot on. She picked up exactly where I am in my life currently and provided me with clarity around my situation. She was emphatic and direct kindly, which I loved! She gave great advice and I look forward to the predictions she made coming to fruition. Thank you Kate

    Susan, February 2023
  • My first reading, Kate was straight to the point and went into great detail about my situation. Definitely given me the guidance I needed in order to move forward. Thanks Kate.

    Danny, February 2023
  • Amazing, direct and my grandfather came through from spirit world. Kate made my day, helped me move on from an issue very quickly!

    Maria, January 2023
  • Thank you for being straight to the point. I know I need this reading and will be back again in the future This lovely lady has gave me food for thought and will take her advice forward.

    Sandra, January 2023
  • This is an overdue review for Kate. I’ve had quite a few readings with this lovely helpful lady and her style is unique. Kate will go into significant detail on a specific issue that you ask her about…just listen and absorb all the details. The accuracy of her readings is both honest and extraordinary though you need to wait for things to happen. I regard Kate as one of the best readers on this site. Thank you Kate.

    Caroline, January 2023
  • Kate did a wonderful reading for me today. She tuned into the situation accurately and gave precise details which were spot on! She is direct and honest. Thank you, Kate. x

    Anonymous, December 2022
  • I have had several readings now with Kate and she is my go too, when I need to hear the truth. Kate reads with such clarity and picks up on the situation you are needing guidance with. What I love the most is there is no fluff, Kate gets straight to the point. Kate is not afraid to tell it to you straight, and although it isn’t always what you want to hear, With all my readings, Kate has always been spot on. I always leave her calls with a plan of action that helps me move forward positively and a spring in my step. I look forward to more readings with Kate, and a big thank you from me you are a superstar x

    Nikki, December 2022
  • A wonderful reading, made me realise the importance of energies between people and relationships.
    Kate highlighted my life path and whats to come! Will most certainly be speaking again soon.

    LM, December 2022
  • Kate was one of the best readers I have ever had. She knew all about me, and what I want to do in my future, and she gave me advice from spirit on how to achieve my goals. She picked up so much about me, and made some predictions about my future, that I know will come to pass. She is the real deal!.

    VB, November 2022
  • Kate, thank you so much for your reading today. You tuned in straight away to my POI and gave me the necessary honesty and guidance I needed. You did not sugar coat anything but delivered your reading in such a kind way. This is not the first reading I have had with you and your predictions have been completely accurate. Thank you again and I look forward to having another reading soon. Amazing xx

    AM, November 2022
  • Thank you Kate!

    Today for me you were the perfect reader! Kate tuned in to exactly where I am right now and gave me messages from spirit that resonated strongly and gave me an optimistic and joyful sense of my own capabilities and strengths. She has the ability to see clearly and communicate effectively with spiritual guidance and a sense of the earthly pragmatism that makes everything possible!!

    Thank you Kate, this was a truly wonderful reading and I’m sure that I will come back to you in the future. Best wishes, love and light.

    Gemma xxxx

    Gemma, October 2022
  • Kate is an awesome reader.. recommend her 100%

    Robyn, October 2022
  • If you have not spoken to Kate before and want a no nonsense reading then Kate is for you! Yet again information given at the start of the reading is interesting and sometimes you may think mmm not sure about that or I’ll write that down see if it comes up at a later date. Only in the last few days and weeks things that Kate has said only said so recently re names places have revealed themselves! I now smile to myself think Kate said that!
    It just leaves me to say thank you Kate,
    Warm wishes… M x

    Mandy, September 2022
  • Just had fabulous reading from Kate.
    Extremely gifted, very accurate and very caring.
    I highly recommend Kate.

    Robyn, September 2022
  • Kate direct approach is how I like a reader to be. The names Kate comes out with you may think how random is that, they do however fit in if not later rather than sooner. Genuine honest reader is what you will get with Kate. I love her download at the beginning then you can follow on with questions. Thank you once again Kate xx

    M, August 2022
  • Thank you so much Kate for always giving me the best readings and guidance. I always feel so enlightened after a reading with you. Predictions always come to fruition just like you say, your guidance is greatly appreciated and follow what you say as it always works out just how you explain. You link in so quickly and give so much clarity and information like an express train it really is unbelievable, especially how my poi is feeling etc. Such a lovely lovely lady to talk to. When you ask if I have any questions there never really is. You answer them all going through my reading that by the time you have transposed all the information I’m complete. It’s such a lovely experience talking to you and I always look forward to the next time we talk. Thank you

    L, August 2022
  • Just had my first ever reading with Kate. It won’t be the last. She is absolutely extraordinary. Her level of detail and insight is incredible and I’d recommend her to anyone in need to warm, compassionate, spiritual guidance.

    Karen, July 2022
  • Kate, this is a long overdue testimonial for you…

    I’ve been reading with Kate for a while now and have to say if you want a clear, accurate reader… this one is for you. I’ve tried several readers and Kate never fails to deliver very clear guidance. Her predictions have come to pass and what I love about her is that she delivers a lot of content without asking a lot of questions. Keep doing your amazing work Kate. You are AMAZING !!!!! Thank you x

    Claire, June 2022
  • As promised I would leave a testimony for Kate! Well where do I start? Kate has a phenomenal way of connecting to a situation gives detailed information , You don’t have to say much as soon as you speak with Kate ! Boom she is in connects immediately, excellent about a persons thoughts feelings and emotions! Remarkable and accurate No nonsense approach is what you will get with your reading that’s for sure. Gives you great advise in a positive way to move forward …Thank you Kate x 29-05-22

    M, May 2022
  • This woman is ridiculously spot on!
    I went through to two others before coming onto Kate and neither picked up what was going on as well as Kate has. I’m absolutely blown away!

    L, May 2022
  • 06/05/2022
    Thank you so much Kate for reading for me today. I was quite upset and tearful and you calmed me right down.
    You read my situation accurately and gave me some really good advice that I really need to implement and not just listen. It really is true that you have to work in reverse on the inside for the outside world to conform to your desires.
    It also hit home that I have a lot of fear and lack of trust that my situation will not change in love life. This is the main thing I need to work on and putting myself first as other predictions you have made in other areas have come true. It’s just love life now that needs to change.
    Thank you so much as I really was a mess.

    Charlene, May 2022
  • Really good reading, picked up really well. Legitimately Psychic in my opinion and I’ve been to a lot of psychics. Sorry to talk during the chat. Thanks.

    Sara, April 2022
  • Kate is wonderful reader ! Insightful , accurate and detailed . Many thanks for a fantastic reading . Five stars !

    Maggie, February 2022
  • A long overdue testimonial for Kate (7427) who has proved remarkably accurate for me, in addition to her wonderful warm manner. I was referring back to notes I’d taken in earlier readings and found all had manifested as she’d suggested. She’s brilliant at delving into connections with other people. A few weeks back she said she was 95% certain a new love interest would want to meet just after Christmas. I couldn’t see it. He texted unexpectedly and we met up. Many other things have manifested too. I don’t know how she does it but I’m very appreciative she’s able to assist with suggestions of where things might not be so positive in addition to the positive possible outcomes. Our free will does of course change things but her guidance has proved invaluable. Thank You Kate x

    Z, January 2022
  • I don’t think i need to say much because you need to live it to understand it. She is amazing person and reader very honest straight forward patient and understanding. Her voice on its own makes you feel comfortable and safe. Her readings are spot on the feelings the surroundings and does really give you the advice to proceed in the correct way. Thank you Kate you are what I needed at this point.

    Samantha, January 2022
  • Just had a reading and she was so spot on it was unbelievable …told me what going on with out any information
    Well done Kate very impressed.

    T, December 2021
  • I have just had the most positive spot on reading with Kate.
    Kate is an amazing reader very gifted no cards just tunes in .
    So happy I was able to have reading with this lovely lady.

    Robyn, December 2021
  • Kate is an incredibly gifted psychic and spiritual medium as well as a natural healer. Without prompting she delved straight to the heart of what I was calling about and offered extremely clear insight, I left the call feeling very uplifted, relaxed and rejuvinated. She was detailed and to the point and blew me away with her accuracy. I would highly recommend Kate if you are looking for clarity and understanding, she is second to none

    Chiara, December 2021
  • Kate is phenomenal! She gave me many accurate validations and her predictions seem spot on. She has accurately predicted for me in the past as well. Blunt, honest and also a very healing reading.

    Charlotte, November 2021
  • Kate is an incredible reader and her predictions are mind-blowing. She is accurate in describing your POI and everything around it. Looking back at my reading from June this year, she has predicted timescales to a tee. I will be calling again when she’s next free!

    Jennifer, September 2021
  • I’ve had the ongoing Joy of having insightful readings with Kate. Topics situated on love, career, mediumship, wealth, health you name it; I couldn’t name a lovelier, blunt, honest, warm & bubbly reader as Kate. Her & Fiona are Fantastic on this site. Keep an open mind whilst reading with Kate & you’ll feel refreshed. Kate has Kingship in my sphere!

    Hope, August 2021
  • I would like to leave another review for Kate. I have been talking to her for months and she has always been spot on on her prediction and description of situations. She is truly gifted patient and companionate. What an amazing soul. Thank you Kate for everything you have clarified and your gentle guidance.

    Charlotte, July 2021
  • Excellent. Validations are spot on. I will definitely call her again. Five stars

    Gaynor, June 2021
  • I just wanted to say thank you to Kate who I have had several readings with now over a period of time which have all been consistent no matter how much time has passed. She is so quick to tune in and hits the nail on the head every time. Not only is Kate a really gifted reader I always come off the phone feeling much lighter, clearer and uplifted. Thank you again Kate.

    Wendy x

    Wendy, April 2021
  • Thank you Kate for always giving me a reading a guidance. I have spoken to Kate regularly over a period of time now and Kate kindly gives me a reading clarifies details and predictions. Once Kate mentioning yachts and I could not resonate with that at the time of the readings. Then one day my partner talked about he placed an offer on a yacht. I was shocked of course on this prediction and reality unfolding before me. Most of all thank you Kate for supporting me.

    Gulshan, April 2021
  • Kate, I Love you, I really do. It’s so easy to love you. Wow. Her understanding and insight of my situation was beyond stimulating. She put me back in the game. Her predictions are bang on the money.
    I highly, highly recommend her words of wisdom and loving laughter. I’m uplifted & elated to keep you posted Kate. Without a shadow of a doubt top 3 on this site. ❤

    Leo, March 2021
  • Would like to say a huge thank you to Kate for her reading with me, she explained and connected to me and my situation straight away and gave clear insight on how to navigate the problems/blockages. She was very easy to talk to and nothing felt forced. Looking forward to see if her predictions will come true but she did mention to me a marketplace randomly and literally minutes after i got off the phone i was invited to go to a new food Marketplace that i hadn’t heard of for pizza and catch up with old friends! Laughed and felt joy as it was so quick to come through for me. Amazing read will definitely be speaking to Kate again in the future!

    Rachael, March 2021
  • Wow this is 1 lady! Difficult to get hold of, Kate is the 2nd best person, I only speak two and the other is just as gifted. Details, emotions, action and the ability to say it in a way that you can deal with. If you’re a very emotional person and can’t handle criticism then a reading isn’t for you. But, if you can open your mind to the things she says, take on board and apply it to your life when the prediction happens then she has helped you like she has done with me this year. Thanks Kate

    Alexandra, December 2020
  • Excellent reader !!

    M, August 2020
  • Dear Kate… I wanted to leave you a special 5 star testimonial as my “ spiritual guru” and acknowledge your inspiring and thoughtful guidance during a very difficult time for me. I would really recommend to anyone who really would like a in depth honest reading to speak to Kate. Always positive and accurate, at the same time very insightful with good guidance to deal with emotional challenges! Thank you so much and speak soon!

    KC, August 2020
  • Marvellous readings with Kate she is the best.kind caring fun to speak and an excellent reader thank you for all the support

    Iliana, August 2020
  • Kate is a gifted and exceedingly connected psychic that clear information flows through like water from a tap. She tuned into my situation immediately, with no information from me, and with an immense level of such accurate detail that it blew me away. She really is completely non judgmental, compassionate and so positive and calm in her delivery. I really appreciated that Kate was able to get straight to the core of what on the surface is a very complex issue and give a very holistic perspective and pragmatic advice that makes total sense. She also gave me so many insights in to my life in general, who I am and where I am in my life that has been both encouraging and motivating. I shall definitely be back for more readings with Kate.

    Rosalind, July 2020
  • Had a really good reading with Kate today . She had my love life spot on, so clarified everything I was thinking and feeling. She was easy to talk too and offered honesty , that has helped me move forward.
    She was also accurate about my house sale and career move. I would highly recommend Kate , thanks so much.

    Maria, July 2020
  • Dear Kate… just wanted to recognise and thank you for your help and understanding. I appreciate your patience and your non judgemental approach. Always very inspiring and helping me to align to reality. Anyone looking for good honest spiritual direction with real compassion and understandIng , I recommend you talking to Kate. She will tell you how she sees it and is very in tune with what you want to know. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!! Thanks a million!!

    KC, July 2020
  • Sorry I had to go Kate, my break was up. I didn’t mean to be abrupt. Thanks for being such a nice lady and a joy to chat to, with great energy. Thanks too for delivering what you saw and feel and quite shocked every-time anyone says he loves me, it is so bizarre. Quite interesting you see me doing poetry as it was the first thing the man I told you about wrote, when he was about thirteen. (I’m definitely channelling him.) We will see what comes to pass and hope to chat to you again soon at some point! S X

    s, May 2020
  • A huge appreciation and thanks Kate! You have been with me through some very challenging times in my life, concerning relationships, work and family. You managed to really connect and support me with clear guidance and help me to truly understand myself. I want to share how much I value your advice and would suggest to anyone who is looking for the truth in matters but at the sametime searching for direction to connect with you. Kate is very authentic and extremely gifted as she can articulate really sensitive subjects with clarity, detail and empathy. Kate has been able to describe the situation in granular detail which helps build a very clear picture to build confidence in yourself so you can go forward and reach your true goal in life. I recommend Kate to anyone as I am sure you will find it extremely rewarding!! Thank you so much Kate…. speak to you soon!

    KC, March 2020
  • Excellent…… got the details of my new car without me even saying!!!!
    Wonderful and uplifting…….thank you x

    A, November 2019
  • I’ve just had a reading with Kate and I was honestly so amazed how accurate she was. I asked her to tune into my love life and work and she was spot on about everything. She just tells you what she sees and is so accurate, I didn’t even have to say much. Thank you so much Kate for an amazing reading! I will definitely be back for more.

    Andrea, October 2019
  • Ive always said Elizabeth Rose have the best readers, and if youre looking for a truly gifted amazing reader here, please get hold of Kate. She was so accurate and to the point, I kept finding more things to ask her about because she gave me so much perfect clarity on all areas. Not only had she got pin point accuracy, but she is incredibly lovely to talk to. I was left smiling with so much optimism for the future. I will be becoming a regular, I just think she is amazing.

    Jen, August 2019
  • One word to describe this lady and this reading AMAZING. My reading was spot on Kate did not beat round the bush she gave me answers and insight to the person i am dealing with which all made sense she even got the persons job occupation right!! If you want to speak to a genuine honest reader who doesn’t go off the subject and feel like your not wasting your money this is your lady, a polite, caring woman with a very special gift.Thank you so much Kate for your reading. I have had plenty of telephone readings but this one was by far the absolute best THANK YOU!!

    Stacey, May 2019
  • Had a fantastic reading with Kate today. She’s very positive but straight to the point.
    She tuned into me and my partner immediately and got our personalities to a T.
    I would definitely call her again.

    lucy, August 2018
  • Thank you for such a clear, grounded, honest and empathic reading. You gave me the clarity I needed today and I can move forward now, the confusion is clearing. Thank you for the warning. I needed to hear that. It was so easy to talk to you and listen to you. I know it was a bit rushed my end but it was worth every penny to hear your advice.

    Eve, October 2017
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