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Melanie is a compassionate and understanding Psychic Clairvoyant. Melanie tunes into you quickly and is exceptional with relationship problems and psychological issues. She is a natural clairvoyant and has had her abilities since birth and has been practising regularly for 20 years. Melanie connects with the spirit world for help and guidance.


  • Melanie was absolutely spot on. She quickly tuned in to exactly what I was feeling. And reinforced what I had thought about something all along- something that would have meant nothing to anyone else. Her reading gave me lots of hope after feeling in a dark place.

    Paula, April 2022
  • I have to say an enormous heart felt thank you to Melanie, who has been an incredible support in the past couple of years. Her astounding psychic ability has guided me through some trying situations, and she is always so empathic and kind. I simply don’t know how we would have coped without being able to talk to her, and we think she probably deserves a medal for listening to us. She always gives us hope, and I just thoroughly enjoy getting readings from her. Simply the best psychic and an absolutely wonderful person. 5 stars!

    Jen, January 2022
  • This is the first time I have spoken to Melanie. She is brilliant. She has a lovely Soothing voice and she is very very good at answering questions. She eased my worries and gave me confidence moving forward. She is quite accurate. I like Melanie she is a lovely and brilliant reader and I was so pleased to go through to her after having a psychic binge. I was now able to move forward with confidence and more assure of my situation. Thank you Melanie

    Sonia, September 2021
  • Melanie has been my guardian angel and guiding light for a few years. Her readings are soothing, compassionate and incredibly accurate. Her ability to read people and their energy is extraordinary. She’s also fun and incredibly kind and laughs with me when I try to ask her a trick question. Melanie, thank you for all the hand holding. xxx

    Anonymous, July 2021
  • Melanie has been a breath of fresh air. Kind compassionate wise and understanding her readings are full of clarity and she is very soothing thank you

    Iliana, August 2020
  • Eternally grateful to this wonderful lady who is the most patient, supportive, empathic person and stunning psychic. I listen to her wisdom with great care, because her predictions are always bang on, and she has a way of weaving the most amazing supportive kind sense of understanding into the reading, while nailing the predictions for me time and time again. She has offered tremendous psychic guidance to me, through some very tough times in life, and been a great support offering hope – especially right now when the world is going through such a difficult time. Melanie has been reading for me for a few years now, and I’ll keep returning to talk to her for many more.

    J, May 2020
  • Melanie is one of the most kind hearted and patient readers I’ve ever spoken to. She’s consistently calm and a pleasure to speak with no matter the situation. I’m very grateful to Melanie for her time over many years of reading and would highly recommend Melanie particularly where compassion is required.

    ALLY, May 2020
  • Melanie is not only the most kind, caring, non judgmental reader to be able to talk to, she is also astoundingly accurate and everything she has read for me has come to pass. She gives information in a clear precise way, but you also feel that she really cares and really thinks about what you are going through – even when you have put the phone down. I have been coming back to talk to Melanie again and again for the past year, she’s just tremendous and I am going to keep coming to Melanie for readings, she’s fabulous.

    Jen, April 2019
  • Dearest Melanie,
    Thank you is such a small word to say for the kind and gentle lady that you are . You have been with me every step of the way in the long emotional journey that I’m going through. In my darkest hour I call you and your calm and gentle voice reassures me every time. You have heard me cry and laugh and you have been right all the way. I have said on many occasions that I see you as a friend and I can honestly say, hand on heart, to everyone, that you are amazing and genuinely care for who you are reading for. No doubt I will be calling you soon …thank you a trillion times over for everything.
    Lots of love. Ana x

    Ana, November 2018
  • Having a reading with Melanie just makes everything feel like its going to be alright. She is so caring and supportive, but leaves you with a very clear insight into what might be going to happen for you, and gives very precise predictions. You come away feeling like its all going to be ok, no matter how hard things might be in the present. She is an excellent reader combining clear precise predictions, with compassion and empathy for your situation. Just wonderful to talk to.

    Anon, September 2018
  • Thank you Melanie for the continuing support you have given me in the last year, I honestly really don’t know where I would have been without it. You are an incredible reader and so spot on, amazing!

    Jacqueline, January 2018
  • Would like to say thank you to Melanie for an outstanding and comforting reading this Christmas morning .Melanie was my angel today she was of pure spirit this morning ,so gentle and honest I am still vibrating from her wonderful and insightful reading and it was like listening to the most beautiful fairytale only this was profoundly and tangibly real,my heart and soul were connected this morning by Melanie she made gold today in my heart ,Melanie the alchemist ,my angels and spirits thank you .Melanie you are a beautiful soul X

    Seb, December 2017
  • Just wanted to thank you Melanie for another year of consistently great readings.Your guidance has been invaluable and I am so very grateful for your dream interpretations which enlightened and reassured me on many different occasions.I look forward to another year of readings with you.

    Janey, December 2017
  • Testimonial for Melanie 28th November 2017
    Thank you Melanie for our conversation last night. You were so honest and clear and helpful, that I did get some answers to an old issue that has been on my mind for 22 years! I can understand the last and how events unfolded better now and can even stop wondering what if? Things panned out the way they were meant to and have indeed had an unlucky escape as you said. That was a very comforting and grounding reading. Thank you xxx

    Eve, November 2017
  • A big thank you Melanie for all the 5 years you have read for me, you have always been spot on.

    C x

    C, December 2016
  • Many readings with Melanie. I find her to be very accurate with a gentleness around her. She is very good with relationships and tuning into your moods. Will be using Melanie in the future as it is always comforting to hear what she has to say.

    Karen, October 2016
  • Testimonial for Melanie
    Dear Melanie I would like to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your sensible caring outstanding guidance. Your voice is healing in itself ; so calm , focused and soothing. You present the facts with compassion and speak the truth as you see it. You have the astounding ability to tune into anybody mind soul and heart. I was able to make sense and understand all of the things that happened to me and to walk on with peace and my head high. You are genuine compassionate and supportive. You are all of those things we hope to find in a partner or in a friend but that we can rarely find and are that type of Earth angel that makes someone life better just by being alive. Thank you thank you thank you. All my love to you.

    Monica, August 2016
  • I’ve just had a wonderful settling reading from Melanie. She spoke so calmly and knew things about me only I know. She’s super wonderful and I
    couldn’t recommended these reading highly enough. When your minutes run out they are happy for you to hang up if you want to.

    Sharlene, June 2016
  • Recently I have had unusual dreams.Some were recurring,others not and I was quite disturbed about their true meaning.I didn’t know that Melanie was masterful at dream analysis.She asked a few straightforward questions such as colours etc and then quickly,almost without thought,was able to translate and analyse these dreams.It certainly made full sense to me.She didn’t analyse the dreams in a general way but in a manner personal to me.I’m really quite relieved to say the least and just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’.

    J, March 2016
  • Really good, spot on.

    sam, February 2016
  • Thank you, Melanie. You made me make sense out of all incomprehensible things in my life. Blessings

    Elin, February 2016
  • Just wanted to leave a testimonial for Melanie with whom I have spoken on many occasions.Her vision is incredible.I have had a very complex relationship issue and I didn’t think it could be resolved.She has a completely calm,non judgmental approach and I felt as if I could tell her anything and everything.She made some very firm predictions to me,and even took the trouble to EXPLAIN these predictions so that they would make sense to me.She was,and is still now,exactly right and I am so unbelieveably relieved.So a very big THANKS to you Melanie,a genuinely gifted psychic.

    Jane, February 2016
  • I have been having readings for six years and Melanie has always been spot on. Her timings have all been correct. Thank you for your understanding and calming nature and for being there for me.

    K, December 2015
  • Melanie is a true, authentic and extremely insightful woman.
    From the first reading I’ve had with her I have felt in absolute synergy with her.
    She connected extremely well with my situation and all protagonists and described feelings, thoughts and interpretations with complete accuracy and depth. Her sensible and intelligent take on things is very helpful and through our readings she has helped me reach inner peace and find the answers to my most difficult issues and burning questions.
    Her truthfulness, kindness and openness is admirable and she knows how to ease and instil a sense of understanding and acceptance.
    I cannot recommend anyone more suited and committed to help out.
    She deserves 10 stars not 5 and I am confident in knowing that she will help others as she has she has with me.
    Thank you Melanie!

    carla, December 2015
  • I had a phone call with Melanie 7423 tonight and I would just like to say the difference she has made to me has been incredible and that it has shocked me the effect it has had. She was so perceptive and understood my situation and through talking to her I have had so many confusing issues explained. I felt a real connection with her.

    G, June 2015
  • Melanie – Once again, thank you SO much for a wonderful, insightful and honest Reading….Have had turmoil in my head recently and you’ve given me some peace of mind through explanation of how other person sees things…THANK YOU..!! xx

    Jane, September 2014
  • I just wanted to thank Melanie for her calm & clear insight. She is a modest soul .She tuned in so accurately & was spot on with a very complex situation. She is very gifted & could see exactly what I rung about. Her delivery was honest & sincere. I will definitely ring her again & will recommend her to my friends. Lara

    Lara, March 2014
  • Gentle highly eloquent lady and always so lovely to talk to Melanie. Very caring and very very good. She delivers prediction after prediction which happen every time. She reassures and is always so calm. I don’t think Melanie realises just how good she is. I am incredibly grateful to her and she deserves recognition – thank you. Anna xxx

    Anna, January 2014
  • SUPERB – REALLY SUPERB! INCREDIBLE Melanie..! Waited to see if the prediction and outcome would happen. EVERYTHING Melanie gave has happened so far. She is consistent, resolute and unwavering in her delivery and messages and ACCURATE. Information precise, clear and specific. She just KNOWS. What she SEES is what she gives – nothing added. Kind, extremely caring, gentle lady. A FABULOUS TOP reader.

    Diana, January 2014
  • Hello, Just to say a big thank you to Melanie – I had a telephone reading with her this morning. She was amazing – her insight wonderful….she helped me find peace of mind! Will recommend her and your website to my friends. Very best wishes, Jane x

    Jane, October 2013
  • Wow have had many readings, which have been spot on. So truthful and has given the exact situation. Information just flowed and she told me exactly what she saw without asking me questions. I liked her style of reading. A true psychic, amazing insight. Her advice was sound and honest. I,m always so much happier and relaxed after her reading. Amazing lady. Thank you Melanie we will definitely speak again.


    Carolyn, August 2013
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