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As a Natural Clairvoyant who uses the Tarot to earth his abilities, Luke has years of experience doing psychic fayres, face to face readings and telephone consultations, nationally and internationally. As well as his clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant abilities (which happen in varying ways during a consultation), Luke works with his own personal family of Spirit Guides. Luke finds the Tarot, at the start of a consultation, can cut quickly through the psychic fog, and act as a bridge across forever upon which we can better build our connection, for answers to come. Luke also has experience in dream analysis, past lives, and astrology. Luke works Tuesday - 6-9pm, Wednesday 6-9pm, Thursday 6-9pm and Sunday 6-9pm.


  • I first spoke to Luke in Dec 22 in the aftermath of a complicated relationship breakdown. He was spot on with his validations, he gave me a lot of good advice and the predictions regarding the ensuing 12 months were absolutely spot on. January 24 I was back, lots more great advice, validations and predictions. Luke is warm, caring and full of wisdom. I’ve spoken to several psychics/mediums over the years but Luke is the best I’ve come across and now I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks for the chat again this evening Luke, very enlightening and I’ll speak to you again in the coming months 😊

    E, February 2024
  • I really enjoyed my reading with Luke, he is warm and kind natured. He described my situation accurately and with depth – it made a lot of sense to me!

    VB, August 2023
  • Sensitive, in-tune and aware- this is Luke.
    Thank you for the insight.

    Lauren, June 2023
  • Luke was honestly amazing! He knew straight away I had a new beginning and issues with the partner I hope to rekindle with. I didn’t even need to tell him much! My phone line cut but I will be back for sure! Thank you so much. The best phone reading I have ever had.

    JA, June 2023
  • 5 Stars for Luke – I’ve had readings with most people on this site, Luke needed no prior information, just yes and no answers. He connected and nailed my POI very quickly with a few surprising connections, twists and turns! The information that he provided was very accurate and predictions aligned with what I pretty much expected but great to hear the validations. I can’t wait for the predictions to unfold, and will be back to review again in September/October this year.

    Tamara, August 2022
  • I’ve been reading with Luke for a couple of years. You don’t need to tell him anything, he links in as you focus on your question and he begins. Astoundingly accurate in his reading of situations, when they began, how they will or could unfold over time. Luke is very upfront about how certain situations could go in different directions– it often depends on various factors, including your own actions. But with his incredible insights into the hopes, fears and motivations of people in your circle, he gives you clarity to better understand the options and helps you navigate situations towards the results you’d like to see. I’ve been dealing with multiple issues overlapping, professionally and personally and his readings are also very calming, positive and reassuring. Thank you Luke.

    K, July 2021
  • Great reading, thank you Luke.

    Katie, May 2021
  • I had my first reading with Luke and as soon as I heard his voice it felt soothing. He is spot on with dates that things happen. I said nothing to him and he knew exactly what was going on. He says things in a very calm way and helps you understand how things will progress. He is calming, funny and understanding and helps you with his guidance. He will not say what you want you hear just so you can hear it. I will be having more readings with him. Thank you so much Luke.

    Samantha, May 2021
  • This is a testimonial for Luke, his an amazing, down to earth and caring reader who’s insight has never failed to amaze me. His accuracy, predictions and validations have been incredible and he has helped steer and direct me in the last year during some very difficult circumstances

    Simona, October 2020
  • I have spoken to Luke weekly for the past year during a difficult relationship, he has been so supportive and his predictions about communication and meetings mind blowingly accurate!! Thank you so much for all your help and support.

    Colin, January 2020
  • This is a long over due testimonial for Luke, he is lovely and very easy to connect with. I have found Luke to be accurate in his readings and had great insight into my situation. He has been hugely supportive and was able to guide me through my situation. A massive thank you xx

    Anon, March 2019
  • I have had numerous readings with Luke over a period of many years, including when he worked for a different company. He made predictions about important events in my life and these have come to pass. His insights have always given me a lot of comfort and increased clarity when dealing with life’s challenges.

    Malwina, June 2017
  • A few readings with Luke. I find him very calming and comforting. He tunes in quickly to you and told me things that he could not have possibly known. He will give you good advice and how to go about preparing yourself for things happening. Will be using Luke in the future.

    Karen, October 2016
  • I have had quite a few readings with Luke over the past years. He is a marvellous reader, extremely in tune and sensitive and able to really understand the issues to hand. I strongly recommend him for accuracy and his insightful ability. I really can recommend him strongly.

    Rachel, May 2016
  • Just wanted to say how happy I’ve been with the incredible readings I’ve had with Luke. He’s warm, very easy to connect and his accuracy level is absolutely amazing. I will definitely be calling again. Thanks. Diana. (Client from a previous company).

    Diana, April 2016
  • You have always provided me with much needed reassurance and insight into
    my past, present and future, especially as I have recently changed my
    career and life path over the last few months. Knowing the possible
    options available to me is so invaluable in this modern and hectic world,
    and helps build my confidence. I sense things are going to happen and
    generally they do, but I doubt myself so much, which is why I always check
    it out.
    Luke, thank you so much, I appreciate all that you do for me and I am very

    With warmest wishes, Clive (Client from previous company)

    Clive, April 2016
  • Had a reading with Luke last night and I was floored! He immediately pinpointed my issue and told me when the problems began. He was 100% spot on with when the problems started telling me the exact month! He was very calming and look forward to seeing if the future transpires as he said. Will definitely be having another reader with him. Thank you so much Luke. Sam (Client from previous company).

    Sam, April 2016
  • I’ve just had a phone reading with Luke and just wanted to say how fantastic and brilliant he is. He is very warm, honest, and right on his insights. I really had a wonderful reading with him and would recommend him very highly. I have tried a few clairvoyants in my time, but he is the best to be found anywhere. I appreciate all his advice and everything he said was spot on…I hadn’t even told him anything but he knew! Thank you Luke, you are a wonderful soul and I hope to speak to you again. C.A. (Client from previous company)

    AC, April 2016
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