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William was born with the ability to speak to angels and Spirit guides, which enables him to have intuitive and divine insights guiding others in connecting with their personal angels and Spirit guides, he has 25 years experience and has helped many. He is honest and straightforward and has a special way of making his spiritual brothers and sisters feel the Comfort when it matters most. connect with him today for a better tomorrow!. Advises in matters regarding love, Finance, career, Investments, addiction, family issues, phobias, and connects with the lost loved ones.


  • I am very grateful to Bill for his wonderful readings over the past year. His perception on situations and people has always turned out to be accurate. He reads the energy of the people you are dealing with accuracy and detail. So authentic in his approach, with advice you can trust and helpful guidance, a great sounding board on situations.

    J, September 2023
  • He was waffling on about something my mum could tell me …. I asked him about spirit and loved ones and he didn’t give me any messages or answers …. Not the best on here at all. Just seem to keep blabbing on about stuff I could be told by anyone. Nothing, no insight or anything.

    Katie, July 2023
  • Bill is incredible! I’ve spoken to him a few times in the last 6 months and he used a word in one reading that is so rare and so relevant to my situation that I knew he had fully tuned in. He also picked up something I hadn’t mentioned at all to anyone. His insights and guidance are incredible and to top it off he’s so lovely to speak to. He’s honest without being harsh and he’s easily my favourite reader ever! Thanks, Bill. Your work is appreciated.

    BH, November 2022
  • This is the first review I did on Site. My first reading with Bill was GREAT. He knew everything! He knew I was crying before the reading. He knew how I was feeling, and put my mind into eased. He tuned in into my POI, I didn’t have to say anything HE ALREADY KNEW ❤️❤️❤️

    Arnajah, September 2022
  • Bill is amazing! Great validations. You can tell when they’re good and he is! Thanks Bill.

    Hannah, May 2022
  • Bill correctly confirmed the star sign of my POI. Thank you for the guidance. Awaiting your predictions x

    Anon, May 2022
  • Not sure if I got Bill on a bad day but just seemed to waffle on and on without taking a breath . Gave no insight really into the question I had asked just kept telling me what I was like said I had bad karma around me not sure why this would be so that unsettled me a lot.

    Did not really let me ask questions and seemed to just want to stay on the phone talking about nothing really even though at one point he said ” I do not need your money ” I wish I hadn’t spent my money on this reader and advise others not to as he will not let you off the phone and offers no insight

    Trudy, April 2022
  • 2nd review for Bill and he said I would hear about a job on a certain date and guess what, today was the day, he was 100% right. Well done Bill.

    Trevor, April 2022
  • Had few reading with bill and he is fantastic very genuine and on point


    Trevor, April 2022
  • I am no stranger to the experience of receiving a reading. Bill kindly have me a reading today and I can’t imagine a more hepfulful, accurate and honest insight into my situation. I lost my connection at the end and couldn’t thank him; therefore I thank you now, Bill. SUPERB. I’ll definitely be back for more.

    Christian, January 2022
  • My first reading w Bill was August 2021. I remember saying to myself this dude is a firecracker (haha)… He is a straight shooter which I like. If he doesn’t foresee it he will be sure to let you know. Bill is not only an incredible reader he is extremely personable. He won’t judge you on any topic you may bring to him. Instead he will give you the best advice or look into how to get the best outcome of any situation. I feel as though I am talking to my Big Brother. I enjoy our sessions I can tell he truly cares about his Clients in the advice he gives. I continue to come back due to his accuracy, such great detail, as well as transparency in his readings. I trust his insight, and have been reading w him ever since. If you ever get a chance give Bill a try you won’t regret it!

    Avery, November 2021
  • Just to let y’all know this man called Bill is a true Gentleman in the absolute truest sense. A most beautiful reading in a moment of anger and irrationality by me. He listened he assessed in the most serene manner and my rage was abated. Bravissimo wilhelm(Bill)
    I aspire to be like you as human. You came across like the great beautiful sage. You are indeed a beautiful man, an honour for me to listen to a great example of a human being.
    Thank you, beauty love peace.

    Bassy, October 2021
  • I love bill. I have had a few readings with him and he is the real deal. I really do love him as a reader. Hes passionate and real. He confirmed alot of things I knew to be true already. He cares about his clients and lifts you up. As an American he adds in his own flavour of passion and genuineness. He is the real deal.

    S, August 2021
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