5 Dec 2022

Do You Feel Trapped in a Stale Relationship? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

7 Nov 2022

Can you tell if someone fancies you? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

It is really easy to tell if a man fancies you as it is all in the body language. A man will keep looking at you if he is across the other side of the room for instance and, if he is with you will keep trying to get eye contact. He will be constantly… Read More

13 Oct 2022

Should You Check Out a New Love Interest? by Elizabeth Rose Pin 7430

The answer is a definite yes!!! Why? To save you heartache in the future. When you meet someone new and you really like him or her it is always a plus if you know someone who knows him or her or a bit about them. Then you can have a friendly chat and find out… Read More

7 Sep 2022

Is my partner lying to me? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Can you tell if your partner or new person in your life is lying? Well there are some pretty sure signs that they are if you look for them. One of the finest things is your gut feeling or instinct, is it telling you that something is not quite right? If you feel this way… Read More

2 Aug 2022

Are You in A Relationship with A Controlling Partner? By Elizabeth Rose Pin 7430

People who control their partners are not always aggressive or violent. One of the first signs of a controlling person in a relationship is that the partner tries to isolate their partner from family and friends. In can start in quite a small way by them complaining how often or how long you talk to… Read More

2 Aug 2022

Moon 11 Launch

To celebrate the launch of Sophie’s new underwear brand which incorporates natural healing crystals, we are running a promotional offer as a collaboration. The offer includes 10% off the first 10 orders with the discount code ‘ERMOON11’. The discount code can be used at checkout on the website –   Find out more in Sophie’s blog post below.   MOON… Read More

23 Mar 2022

The Most Haunted Place In The United Kingdom? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The Tower of London has been around for 900 years and is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. It was built by William the Conqueror in 1078. Anne Boleyn one of Henry VIII wives who was beheaded has been seen looking through the window of the room where she… Read More

10 Jan 2022

Witches through the ages by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

We think of witches today as people who have a black cat and that they use spells and calls upon the spirits. In the middle ages people were afraid of witches and they played a large part in people’s lives. In 1301 the Bishop of Coventry was accused of sorcery to acquire a large fortune. They… Read More

11 Sep 2021

Hints and Tips on How to Meet New People by Elizabeth Rose Pin 7430

If you are looking for a new partner, it is tricky these days, especially with Covid stopping many social events. However, things are beginning to relax so bear this in mind. Look at your own interests first and what you like doing. For instance, you might like reading. Most Libraries have a book club, which… Read More

17 Aug 2021

How to Deal with Someone who Blows Hot and Cold in a Relationship – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Blowing hot and cold in a relationship can be sign of many things, but mostly that the person wants the control. They also do not want to get hurt. It is so upsetting if this happens to you especially if they have been very keen, which they usually have been, as they want to be intimate… Read More