7 Nov 2022

Can you tell if someone fancies you? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

It is really easy to tell if a man fancies you as it is all in the body language.

A man will keep looking at you if he is across the other side of the room for instance and, if he is with you will keep trying to get eye contact.

He will be constantly preening himself by undoing his shirt collar button, arranging his collar and running his fingers through his hair.

He will keep turning his head towards you if he was in a group for instance although his body may not face you and if he makes eye contact, he will smile.

When close up the iris – that is the black dot in the middle of his eye – will dilate, that is it will get bigger. Something that he has no control over and a sure sign he is interested, if you can get near enough to look into his eyes!!

His mouth will slightly be open and he may well touch his lips or even his ears.

A strong sign is also if he is nervous or a bit fidgety in your company.

When standing or sitting his feet will tend to point straight at you.

Men wearing jeans often stand with their thumbs in their pockets with their hands pointing down towards their genitals, say no more!! They are saying I am a man and I am ready!!

They will touch your arm when talking and if you touch them first will respond by touching you back.

They will try and make you laugh all the time keeping a lot of eye contact.

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