7 Sep 2022

Is my partner lying to me? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Can you tell if your partner or new person in your life is lying?

Well there are some pretty sure signs that they are if you look for them.

One of the finest things is your gut feeling or instinct, is it telling you that something is not quite right?

If you feel this way then you can bet your bottom dollar that there is something wrong.

A liar has to have a very good memory for a start, as inconsistences in their stories should raise your suspicions.

Do they hang on to their phone and never part with it, even take it to the loo or take it with them to the shower?

They definitely will have a password on it.

Do they rush into another room to answer it?

If so something is not quite right.

Do they want to take you out to a Pub or Restaurant or Public place?

If the answer is no then ask yourself why?  If they just want to stay at your home or hide away in some very quiet place again ask yourself why?

They are obviously hiding from someone or something and do not want to be seen with you.

If they do not introduce you to their friends or family then that to is a bad sign, although it can also be a sign that they are not serious about you too.

Look at a person’s behaviour and not what they say, ask yourself do they tally up, or are they saying one thing and doing another.

This is a sure sign that they are lying or are up to something that they do not want you to know about.

Do they go out and give silly reasons for where they have been and whom they have been talking to?

Do they suddenly give you chocolates and flowers for no reason, this can be a sign of guilt because they have been up to no good and also want to look good to your friends and family that they are not doing anything wrong they are just being a good partner.

Other signs of a liar are that when asked a question they tend to fidget. They sometimes will not give you eye contact.

They will also talk a lot because they feel nervous.

They will often scratch their nose hiding their mouth with their hand, psychologically showing they do not want you to see the truth.

They will also wave their arms about more than usual and go into a lot of detail hoping to put you off the scent.

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