13 Oct 2022

Should You Check Out a New Love Interest? by Elizabeth Rose Pin 7430

The answer is a definite yes!!!


To save you heartache in the future.

When you meet someone new and you really like him or her it is always a plus if you know someone who knows him or her or a bit about them.

Then you can have a friendly chat and find out more about them and whether they have a history that you cannot cope with.

If you don’t know anyone that knows them then you can always check out the media face book etc. If there is nothing about them in that area then maybe you can speak to one of their friends or family.

Even a friendly barman where they may visit regularly may enlighten you.

If none of these work for you then you will have to be very careful.

Many men and women target a new partner for their particular needs. They tend to overwhelm you at first sending continuous texts and phone calls sometimes gifts and flowers as well.

After three months there could be a dramatic change.

Often that is when the cracks start to appear.

The idea is to draw you in and maybe move in with you if they can.

Be very suspicious if someone new asks for money early on in the relationship, whether it is alone or any excuse to do with finances.

It is a well-known red flag that you are being targeted and used.

So be very alert with anyone new that you meet who has no family or friends even if they come up with a plausible story. It is often a sign that they have left an unpleasant situation behind.

It is always best to be careful if there are a string of relationships behind them.

If a previous partner of your new interest contacts you and tells you horrible things about them it could be they are just jealous, or there could be truth in what they say. So, it would not hurt you to keep an open mind and if possible, do some digging about your new partner.

With Google you can now see where people have lived and where they work.

Just taking a few diplomatic enquiries could save you heartache in the future.

Of course, it would also help to have a romantic reading with one of our experienced psychics.





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