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Merlina is a fourth generation psychic medium. This gifts runs in both sides of her family. Merlina is a compassionate and empathic reader who specialises in love and relationships, career and house moves. She is a good listener to her clients needs and wants. Clients need to be open to receive information for their highest good. She will tune into your voice vibration to establish a link with you. Merlina works with her guides and she tends to work hands free and with crystals. She also uses tarot, angel cards, runes and pendulum as a focal point if needed. Her skills include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient, claircognizance and mediumship. She is also an angelic reiki master, levels 1 & 2 usui reiki, crystals therapy, and Crystal gridding. Merlina would also l like to add: Energetic space clearing is a highly effective technique to clear the past energy of a home or land. By moving the energy to a more vibrant, positive, revitalised energy we can see improvements in the quality of life, health issues and promote a more positive outlook. The energy of a cleared space will have clarity and positivity. This will also work if you are struggling to sell a property . Love & light Merlina xxx


  • Merlina is one of the best readers in the team. She is very kind and her predictions are spot on.
    Many thanks, Merlina for your guidance through a very difficult time. You gave me hope and comfort.

    Catherine, June 2022
  • Merlina is excellent. Highly recommend. Thank you Merlina. xxx

    Patricia, March 2022
  • Wow what amazing incredible reading.  Merlina was  on point with everything! After the reading I felt so much better and all my questions were answered to great detail.


    SK, March 2022
  • Dear Merlina, thank you for such a lovely reading. Your validations were spot on, you’re such a beautiful soul and easy to talk to, you understand me so well. I look forward to your predictions xx

    Anon, November 2021
  • Merlina is amazing, so reassuring, kind and accurate. She guided me through the end of a relationship and picked up things like the guy seeing someone older with dark hair (confirmed as true later on), how things would transpire between us and that I’d meet someone else (I now have). I have appreciated her accuracy and guidance so much.

    L, November 2021
  • I had to go on a huge psychic binge till I eventually got to this beautiful woman! She confirmed things as soon as I spoke, knew things she couldn’t have known and I confirmed later on, thanks for giving me hope! Love ya xxxxx

    S, September 2021
  • Absolutely fantastic.

    Aine, September 2021
  • It all happened as she said it would! Finally ready to let the last go and welcome the best x

    S, September 2021
  • Just had a reading with Merlina, she really made me laugh… Merlina is so spot on with weighing people up and the situations I’m in. It was a comfort and reassurance to hear her stance on a number of situations, personalities and this has given me the confidence to move forward and feel good within myself. Merlina, I look forward to my next reading with you.

    C, September 2021
  • Thank you so much for such an amazing reading Merlina. Your accuracy is incredible. Definitely on the money. Thank you for the advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone

    Cheryl, September 2021
  • Just to say Merlina is FANTASTIC I have had a few readings now and just WOW 😃 tunes in straight away to your situation spot on with names and issues. But more importantly guides you through the problems which such genuine care 😃 makes you feel so empowered I cannot thank Merlina enough for the support and advice, just left me feeling on top of the world. I look forward to speaking to her again 👍👍

    Nikki, August 2021
  • I would like to leave some feedback for Merlina. I have just had an amazing reading, she was spot on with her advice and she picked up on the problem immediately. She described the person I needed help with exactly and gave me clear advice as to how best the situation should be dealt with. I could have carried on talking for hours. Thank you so much. Merlina is a very talented reader.

    Fi, August 2021
  • Merlina is an amazing psychic, she won’t sugar coat anything which I love, made very accurate validations and some predictions that I’m looking forward to. She is empowering and kind, I have come off the call feeling so much better than I did! I’m very grateful for the time we spent talking today, thank you.

    L, August 2021
  • Merlina is extraordinary.
    I thoroughly recommend her if you want a reading that is honest and insightful.
    The predictions she makes are accurate and they are delivered with sincerity and courage as it cannot be easy somethings when dealing with sensitive issues.
    I think very highly of her.

    Nikki, August 2021
  • Merlina has that WOW factor.. she got my situation exactly and got everyone involved down to a T. It was like she was in my head she really understood me and how I came to be in this situation and sequence of events as if she was right there living it with me. She gave me clarity which at this point was much needed as I was starting to doubt myself. Merlina gave me guidance to get back on track and predicted some things which I’m sure will come to pass. Merlina is one special and gifted lady very psychic and intuitive. Thanks a million xx

    Tracy, May 2021
  • Hi merlina, had a reading on 27/04/21 sorry we got cut off, all I can say is what a fantastic psychic you are, I loved my reading and felt that I was talking to a very supportive friend. I’m astonished at your accuracy, you blew me away, WOW can’t wait to speak to you again xx

    R, April 2021
  • I have to say a massive thank you to Merlina. I phoned her when i was in real need of help as i was completely unable to understand a very complex situation. She gave me a huge amount of very detailed information and described something completely unique i’d seen earlier that day she also answered a question before it had even left the tip of my tongue! The topic at hand was a very intense and she delivered spot on details about it and she didn’t shy away from things i asked to know the truth about, all of which she delivered with compassion and tact. Because of the information she gave me i was able to see the whole landscape of the situation i was in which meant i could go away and work through a problem which i resolved immediately thanks to her help and insight. She was incredibly thorough, patient and kind and i will be eternally grateful to her for giving me the help i needed when i had no where to turn.

    victoria, March 2021
  • I had a lovely reading with Merlina this afternoon and I could not ask for a better reader. She was straight to the point, accurate, honest and offered great guidance. We started in love and ended up in spirituality and I could go on and on if I could afford it lol! I would definitely recommend Merlina, you won’t regret it! Love and light.

    Clotilde, March 2021
  • Omgsh. Merlina is amazinggg.
    How she knew how to catch the characteristics and contents of people in readings is second to none so far. Wow.
    Very insightful, honest and humorous. She’ll definitely give you greater clarity on heartfelt topics ♥️

    Leo, February 2021
  • Merlina, she is a gifted psychic. She channelled into my energy really quick and was extremely clear and very accurate during my reading.
    She is warm and will boost you with a lot of confidence. Thank you Merlina, you are a beautiful soul.x

    Jemma, February 2021
  • I dont know how i can say a very big thank you. It was an amazing reading ,straight away linked in to everything and said things the way they are. Really helped me understand my feelings and how to deal with my next steps. All said with a very simple way that makes see things. Thank you so much

    Samantha, February 2021
  • Absolutely brilliant! She tuned in straight away to my situation with such detail with dates and times. One of the best readers on the site. Wish I got through to her sooner.

    S, February 2021
  • She tuned into many things regarding my break up . She even tuned in that my ex had a nose job !! Definitely recommend her for a reading and I’m hoping my predictions come to fruition !!

    K, January 2021
  • Dear Merlina….I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational guidance through a very difficult time and how accurately your predictions have manifested. Always enjoy my readings with you as you are very straight forward but empathetic with your guidance! Look forward to our next conversation soon!! K

    K, October 2020
  • I really hope you didn’t think I cut you off,the phone told me my time was up.
    Merlina was really lovely to talk to,she gave me hope about my situation again.i really hope her predictions come true and I will speak to her again.
    Thankyou xxx

    N, August 2020
  • 23/0720. Worth every penny I spent. Lol. Validations were spot on to the T. Validated my past and present and what I think about going forward. One of the best readings that I have had to be fair. Merlina predictions were Informative and exciting to hear. I will be in touch to further validate when they happen. I would certainly recommend because it is always nice to get a psychic reading where the reader just gets you completely and knows things about you that nobody knows. LNL. X

    Peace, July 2020
  • Dear Merlina….I wanted to say a bigger thanks for a truly insightful reading. You were so accurate without any information and you explained it so simply!
    I would really recommend Merlina for anyone looking for some clear reasons and honesty to get a reading with Merlina, you have a lovely way about you, so patient and understanding. Importantly not holding back any thing you may not want to hear. I will speak to you soon!! Thank you!!

    KC, July 2020
  • An astute and accurate reader who gets straight to the point. I’ve spoken with Merlina several times and always appreciate her strong insights delivered with a no-nonsense style. Highly recommended.

    Ally, May 2020
  • Merlina is an amazing reader! She hit the nail bang on the head. She is also so lovely to talk too and non judgemental. She described both visually and personality wise the person I was calling about and knew what was happening between us. I will definitely follow her advice and im sure her predictions will happen. I will be back for another reading and keep you updated Merlina as I promised. I would recommend everyone to have a reading with Merlina!

    Donna, May 2020
  • I have just had an amazing reading with Merlina, I am honestly amazed with how accurate she was. She picked up on so many things that I didn’t even ask her about which were all true! She is so talented and spot on! She is also very lovely to talk to. I definitely recommend Merlina to everyone as I am sure you will find it extremely rewarding. I will definitely be back for more readings with you! Thank you so much Merlina you are truly an amazing psychic. xxx

    Andrea, May 2020
  • hi
    ive had many readings with psychics over the years and none have come close to merlina.We talked about my current situation and she ws very accurate even laughed when i said i had not had a reading like this before.She seemed to know a lot about me…not many people havenot been so accurate.

    its still early days about the situation with the guy that i was asking in question but she predicted this guy i will hear from him and our paths will cross again no time frame as im now aware of what happened witht him.the fact she told me i blew his socks off and he got freaked out because of the past life soulmate connection i had this exact conversation with him.

    So ill be in touch if he gets back to me but on the whole she got me like no one else ever has.I hope to have another reading with her again.

    thank you merlina

    Fiona, April 2020
  • Merlina is extraordinary. I have worked beside and heard from many psychics and Merlina is exceptionally gifted not just in her sight but in her delivery of message that you can be certain will serve your highest good. You will have guidance that’s not just spot on about it exactly what’s happening, it’s going to support you in every way possible.

    Amber, October 2019
  • This is a long overdue comment for Merlina. I love this lady, she is awesome. Melina has read for me on many occasions and just hits the nail on the head everytime. She makes me laugh so much too. She is warm, compassionate but will tell you straight. Merlina will uplift you too and you can just ‘get it all of your chest’ to her. She advises and guides with compassion. I have a lot of love for this lady…thank you Merlina x

    lisa, September 2019
  • I had my first reading with Merlina a week ago and she tuned into my job situation with out me mentioning a word. She was spot on in predicting the date when I would get the good news and how impressed the interviewers were. That’s exactly what I heard from them . She made me feel empowered with few words and boosted my confidence that I lost due to certain situation that had huge impact on me .

    I feel confident and valued as she approached my emotional state with warmth care and strength . Now I feel my usual strong self

    Thank you Merlina

    Archie, July 2019
  • I had my first reading with Merlina and i could feel the vibrant energy straight away. She was very well connected to my situation and provided great detail and insight without any input from me. Her questions and guidance made sense and has left me feeling much calmer and positive for whats to come. I will definately be returning for a reading with Merlina! thank you xxx

    Carly, May 2019
  • After years of struggle, when not quite at the end of one enormous gladiatorial obstacle, I had been told the finishing line was already there.  Merlina saw otherwise, and in great detail, but assured me that it would still all work out well despite a wrench in the works.  It was exactly as Merlina saw.  When the initial huge disappointment first erupted, it nearly killed me but I held on to Merlina’s words.  It all came to pass as she predicted.  Her words still continue to prove themselves as each month passes.  She reads as if from a front row seat in my heart.  Thank you so much Merlina. 

    Alice, March 2018
  • I’d  like to leave a long overdue testimonial for Merlina. I’ve been having readings with her for about a year now and everything has happened EXACTLY as she said. She describes the person and situations like she was there. She said the exact location, and what happened!! She also gives great advice. She does not sugar coat or tell you what you want  to hear. She is very straight, honest and the information is non stop. I would give her 6 stars!!

    R, October 2017
  • Merlina is an amazing reader on matters of investments and personal relationships.  She was spot on with my property situation (she advised me to hold for longer and sell later for a higher price). She was absolutely correct!   I am thrilled with transaction price. Thank you Merlina for your accurate  reading.

    Dee, July 2017
  • Merlina is an amazing psychic and a gifted reader! She is very honest and spot on with everything she says. She also gave me great advice about my current situation. She is very accurate with what she says and I would definitely recommend her. Thank you so much xxx

    Andrea, July 2017
  • I’ve had reading with Merlina, it is the best reading I have ever had so far with so much clarity and detail. Even places, situations from past, present and into future. Truly amazing. If you are looking for genuine reading without asking questions, you hit the right place.

    Ramesh, June 2017
  • Merlina is an amazing medium she picked up all the details and even places that I had recently visited. Extremely accurate with all the details regarding relationships and work. Truly jaw dropping with level of detail. Thanks

    Manish, February 2017
  • I have just spoken to Merlina and found her to be an exceptional medium and psychic. The information was clear, concise and very accurate and I would recommend her for a very accurate reading on.

    Robyn, March 2016
  • I would like to say a big thank you and extend my gratitude to Merlina.  I was truly stunned by her insight into what was going on around me she saw it all personal and work related with her guidance I have been able to begin to put things into perspective which has helped in my time of emotional distress.The meditation Merlina recommended has also helped me to feel more balanced in such a short time. Merlina keep up the  good work. Bless you and thanks once again.

    N, January 2016
  • Had a reading with Merlina this morning. Have to say I’m incredibly impressed. Merlina picked up immediately on a current relationship and hit everything with absolute detail and clarity. Merlina spoke about what is happening now and what she believes will happen in due course. I am extremely impressed with Merlina’s ability to give exacting detail and the fact that she didn’t hesitate in the reading. I will be back in contact with Merlina – great reader.

    James, September 2015
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