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Wendy Jean is able to give Spiritual Guidance and offer insight to people from all walks of life. She has a natural gift which she has been using and developing for 22 years. She is able to tune into your energies, balance your energy, clear Past Life Stress from your Aura, Remove Entities and Negative Thought Forms. She can connect in with your Past, Present and Predict your future with great accuracy. She is able to tune into and assist each individual achieve to their greatest potential. Her ultimate goal is to give clients peace of mind, clarity and most of all confidence to continue on their own personal journey.


  • Wendy Jean is amazing. She is able to tune in very quickly to what you are asking. She is simply an astounding reader, with straight to the point accuracy, and reassurance. I recommend her without hesitation to everyone, she will not waste time in getting to the very important facts and details, and she is so crystal clear in the facts and predictions. You come away feeling absolute relief from any concerns and tremendous hope for your situation and the future. She is incredibly accurate, and just fantastic to talk to. She just makes so much sense. Sometimes life presents us with very difficult experiences, and if you want immediate direction and clarity, call Wendy Jean.

    Anon, September 2018
  • I have had a few readings with Wendy Jean over the last year and each time she has picked me up off the floor and brushed the dust off me when I have been on rock bottom, she has given me ‘girl power’ in a way, I feel stronger and braver to get on with my life!
    Wendy Jean is direct and to the point which I liked and respected. She has always amazed me with her recall of my situation and today especially on maybe my 3rd or 4th reading knew all the little details relating to my situation, names, events, amounts of money, plans, troubles and she was spot on with each fact even though all I had told her was my first name. She won’t tell you what you want to hear but will advise in a no nonsense but yet friendly way the truth of the situation and will question what ‘you’ to want from life, empowers and guides to what can ultimately only be your decision. She will never keep you on for any longer than necessary like some readers do. She definitely knew my past and that of my complicated partner, she certainly knew my current situation and I hope the future comes true.
    My future is a slowly unfolding one but one in which Wendy Jean has been correct about so far.
    She tells me her Angels are great at giving her information especially following a family bereavement in which she feels her skills have increased. I felt this in her today before she told me, she was even more thorough than usual.
    I would highly recommend speaking to this lovely lady if you want to be set on the right path and seek the truth in your situation. Thank you so much Wendy Jean. Sx

    S, April 2018
  • She is always to the point, picks up on situations very accurately and doesn’t waste time. She has a clear view of a situation, whether it is of my own or a relationship, and finds a way to help and clear this. I call her regularly for guidance and she has always been spot on. Thank you!

    S, April 2018
  • Wendy Jean is a no nonsense, straight to the point reader, basically you get it how it is! This works fantastically for me as skirting around the issue just wastes time. Wendy Jean is also very compassionate and empathetic in delivering each reading, providing consistent and concise information which is easy to comprehend and ultimately for the individual to act upon. A truly lovely lady/reader who I will continue to have future readings with in the coming months. Thanks.

    Adam, August 2017
  • Thank you for my amazing reading with Wendy this morning , i was very emotional hearing such clear messages that rang bells i understood. It was confirming other readings , was blessed.
    Please thank Wendy with all my heart.
    Kind Regards Wendy j Harrison

    Wendy, August 2017
  • I had a reading today with Wendy Jean and was seeking reassurance for a relationship issue. She picked up very quickly not only him but other areas of my life. The reading was extremely accurate, reassuring and uplifting. I came away having received exactly what I needed and more as she picked up on deep past issues and cleansed me of negativity from those.. I would highly recommend this lady who is friendly, kind, caring and very quick with information getting to the core of the problem. Thank you

    N, March 2017
  • I had a reading with Wendy and she has an excellent quality of making you feel at ease and reassured. I had an ongoing query, that she put to rest and make me look to the future, with nothing but positivity. Thank you Wendy for your good, bright and positive insight. I know now for once and for all what is important and what to focus on. Thank you. Out with the bad and in with the good.

    Sade, January 2017
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