14 Feb 2021

A Day In The Life of A Psychic – Sophia 7419

Day In The Life Of A Psychic (6)

Every psychic will have their own routines and rituals that they follow before they carry out psychic work. This is actually a very important part of the psychic’s daily life, since it is important to deliver psychic guidance when you are operating at a high vibration and the space around you is clear of negative energy. In this blog, I am going to describe some of my own routine and rituals, and my memories of my first day of working at Elizabeth Rose/Moon Predictions.

I used to wake up every morning feeling tired and drained, and unfortunately this feeling got worse during lockdown. One of my former tarot teachers told me this is because, at night, I am still trying to help people psychically in my sleep, and obviously there is more to help people with at this difficult time! There is a great deal of fearful and apathetic energy in the world outside the window at the moment. So now, before I go to sleep, I play a psychic protection video: I tend to use the Rest, Relaxation, Reiki one, free on Youtube, or ‘The Aura Shield’ meditation music, complete with Tibetan singing bowls. I know that these are good for me and supportive of my energy system: it is important to be quite discriminating though. The more psychic you are, the more likely you are to experience some quite strong effects from various energy videos. Some binaural beats tracks, for example, used to give me severe nightmares. My psychic friend Harmony used to refer to them as ‘ghostly whispers in the night,’ at which point I stopped listening to them!

A good thing to do before you go to sleep is to surround yourself and your family with a protective bubble of golden light. Alternatively, you can imagine that you are all sitting inside a mirror ball (like a Christmas bauble, with the mirrors on the outside.) Any negative energy directed at you should then reflect back to the sender, leaving you and your loved ones unharmed. I also always wear a black tourmaline bracelet to deflect negative energy, and a pyrite bracelet to strengthen my aura. More recently, I have started to wear a very powerful citrine ring, and I wake up feeling much more positive and optimistic. It is made by the same company that made the citrine ring that Queen Cersei wears on the TV show, ‘Game of Thrones.’ I don’t like the character of this wicked, witch-like queen but I very much like her taste in jewellery – and the feeling this ring gives me of channelling my inner monarch! The ring was a Christmas present from my future father-in-law, and now, when Harmony reads for me, she can actually see the energy of citrine in my cards!

When I first wake up, I tend to use Alex Wilon’s stress spiral, free on Youtube. This is a spiral that you project all your worries into, and it seems to clear negative energy or the potential problems of the day. I might then listen to a short psychic protection video or something targeted at a specific health concern. In order to feel grounded before psychic work, my former teacher also recommends eating a substantial breakfast including protein, so this is quite often porridge and yoghurt, or scrambled eggs on toast. A shower is also necessary (!), in order to clear away any negative energy accumulated in the night.

If, after taking all of these steps, I still feel as if I am picking up on any stressed or anxious energy that isn’t my own, I use my tarot cards or pendulum to work out who’s energy it is (sometimes I just know.) Then I carry out the paper-tearing exercise which I will have recommended to some of you. This requires you to write your name, put a circle round it, draw another circle on the other side of the page and write the other person’s name or situation, and then draw a line connecting the two. It is then important to tear that line in two. It won’t break the connection with the person, but it will break the energetic link with what may be quite a problematic emotion or situation. It is sometimes quite a fine line to tread between being

empathic and caring, and actually processing other people’s emotions, which they need to do for themselves.

Other things which seem to be useful before logging on to do psychic work include carrying out some form of exercise, which for me is either the qi gong exercises that I’ve been taught, or just going for a long walk. This also seems to raise my vibration, and then I find I can give better tarot readings as a result.

On my first day of working for Elizabeth Rose/Moon Predictions in July 2018, I didn’t have all these routines organised, which have evolved over time, and with increasing experience. However, I did remember to open my chakras, which is vital to do before any kind of psychic work. I remember speaking to lots of different clients that day: I suppose everyone was keen to try out the new reader! It was my first day, but I kept my cool, and didn’t get too flustered. I remember Wendy telling me I was doing well. Obviously, I want to respect the confidentiality of my clients so I won’t go into specific details of readings. However, I do remember that there was one gentleman who was experiencing a particular problem. When I stared at the cards, I could see that there was a very kind woman around him who had helped him previously – she was showing as the Nine of Pentacles lady in the Gilded tarot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t work out the connection to this gentleman. I ventured ‘sister’ but that didn’t seem quite right – as it happens, the woman turned out to be the client’s sister-in-law.

In fact, only the other day, I was able to describe the exact personality of someone significant in another client’s life using tarot cards, but once again, I couldn’t quite get their relationship to the client (it was actually a friend’s daughter.) That is why, for specific questions, I tend to ask not only for the client’s name, but also for the name or initial of the person that they are interested in. Otherwise, if it is a love reading, and particularly if there is more than one love interest involved, it can get quite complicated!

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