27 Jan 2021

Amazing Predictions from the Past by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The author Morgan Robertson, fourteen years before the Titanic went down on route to New York, killing 1,517 people in the Atlantic, wrote a book called ‘Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan’. In the story an unsinkable ship sank after hitting an iceberg.

Such a creepy story, with even the name of the boat practically the same. How can you explain that?

At the beginning of the 20thcentury telephones were a new invention. However, in 1909 an engineer and inventor called Nikola Tesla predicted that one-day people would be walking round with a telephone in their pocket. He talked with the New York Times and said that it would be possible one day to transmit messages to many countries and probably one day even all over the World. He also said that he thought people would be able to carry and operate their own apparatus. Interestingly he briefly worked with Thomas Edison.

It was not until 1954 that we had a first major organ transplant However, in 1660 which is 300 years before, a man called Robert Boyle predicted that this would happen. He made many predictions of which most have come true which is absolutely incredible.

James Dean was a promising young actor aged 23 years of age; he died in a car crash in 1955. However, Alec Guinness a famous actor explained in a BBC interview in 1977 that he was talking to James Dean, whom he only met once, as he was showing off his new car, and saying that it could reach 150 mph. Guinness said later that something weird came over him and he told James Dean “please do not get in that car, if you do by 10 o’clock next Thursday night, you will be dead”. So, he predicted the actual date that he would die which was September 30th, 1955.

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