20 Dec 2017

Spirit Animals by Louise PIN 7492

9 Aug 2017

Love/Relationship readings by Gabby PIN 7432

Love/Relationship readings by Gabby.  Love and relationships are the most complex and challenging readings that I give here at Elizabeth Rose because many of us struggle to contemplate the “truth” of the issues we face in our relationships.  I feel it is relevant to discuss how to know if you are in a “toxic” relationship. If… Read More

26 Jun 2017

The Ascension Process and working with the current Energies by Rosalyn PIN 7426

The Ascension Process and working with the current Energies This is just one description for the evolution of Humanity and the Earth currently underway. Many of you are familiar with it, some more than others but I still speak to folk who’ve never come across it. It is a vast topic and there are as… Read More

7 Dec 2016

Dream Analysis by Melanie PIN 7423

So you wake up, get up and follow your daily routine. But something is very different – you had a dream last night and it’s that dream that is tapping away in your mind relentlessly. Whether the dream is good, bad, or indifferent, it’s there and it’s confusing and disruptive. Depending on the content of… Read More

7 Dec 2015

Getting the best from your Psychic readings – By Agnes

Seasons greetings to all clients and new callers, Just a short blog today with some simple techniques to a successful reading. If you can, turn of all electrical equipment that is not needed in the space you are having the reading. Spirits are sensitive beings and a  dimmed light or candle is preferred, Personally I… Read More

30 Oct 2015

Meditation – By Louise

Meditation.   For a while now lots of my callers have been asking me how to meditate and what are the best ways to meditate for different things and reasons.   The reasons for meditation are various – some people like to meditate for relaxation and to just calm their mind. When I am meditating for… Read More

28 Oct 2015

5 False Myths about Psychic Readers – By Sharon

5 False Myths about Psychic Readers Most psychic readers use more than intuition to provide you with psychic guidance. They use various divination tools such as the Tarot, crystal ball, numerology and astrology to give you specific personal details. Some psychics speak with spirit guides while others connect with your deceased loved ones. So, while… Read More

16 Sep 2015

Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels & Spirit guides – What is the difference? As a medium and healer, I often refer to spirit guides and angels for guidance during a reading.  This not only helps me to help you but also helps people learn more about their guides and angels. Angels are beautiful beings made up of mainly love… Read More

16 Sep 2015

Soul Plans and Soul Progression

Right from the first day of soul creation our souls have plans laid out to aid and assist in our soul progression. Before we each reincarnate to earth to our earthly bodies, we hold a meeting with our spirit guides, angels and other souls that will be with us on our earthly journey. Each and… Read More

7 Sep 2015

Soul Mates and Twin Flames – By Louise

The term soul mate has been long used throughout history to describe someone who you were meant to love. Whilst a soul mate can be just that, a soul mate can also be an enemy in order to teach us lessons for our souls progression. Anyone in our soul clan is actually our soul mate. We tend… Read More