7 Oct 2019

Chakras by Faith – PIN 1131

Faith PIN: 1131

What are Chakras, and why are they important? And how to keep them in balance.

What are Chakras?  You have probably heard of Chakras before, but do you know what they are and how they work?  They are energy centres within our body connecting the physical, mental and spiritual aspects together.  They are like small vortexes or spinning discs all with different colours and are associated with different parts of the physical, spiritual and emotional body.​

The seven main Chakras, starting from the “Root” Chakra which is situated at the base of the spine and moving in a straight line up through the body to the crown of your head, to the seventh Chakra the “Crown” Chakra.  Contained in each Chakra is “Prana”.  Prana is pure healing energy, or if you  like, the energy of the universe, pure universal energy, this energy keeps us healthy in mind, body and spirit.  When our Chakras are blocked it can cause both physical, emotional and spiritual issues and upsets.​

Blocked Chakras can lead to all sorts of different problems and re balancing these Chakras can bring back balance in health, emotional stability and bring us closer to our spiritual selves.

  1. The Root Chakra – This is the first Chakra and is located at the base of the spine. The colour associated with the “Root” Chakra is red. It is responsible for our feelings of security and survival, so connects us to worrying about our basic needs such as food, shelter and safety. and for your emotional need it is all about letting things go, feeling safe, and stability.  When this Chakra is blocked we can start to feel anxious, panicky, suffer from fears and nightmares.  In the physical body it can affect the colon, the bladder, the bowels and also lower back leg or feet issues.
  1. The Sacral Chakra – This Chakra is located between the pubic bone and the belly button.  This Chakra is associated with the colour Orange.  It is all about sexual energies, passion, abundance success, wellness and joy, however if this Chakra becomes blocked you will feel unmotivated or uninspired, suffer emotional instability, depression and addiction.   Physically this can lead to sexual dysfunction, overeating, drug or alcohol abuse, low energy, allergies and low self esteem.  Constiptation, back pain, urinary and kidney infection, impotence.
  1. The Solar plexus Chakra – This Chakra is located a few inches above the belly button. The colour associated with this Chakra is Yellow.  This Chakra is to do with personal power or will power, taking responsibilities, decision making, clarity, personal identity, confidence and independence.  Physically it is associated with nerves and is part of the sympathetic nervous system, kidneys, stomach, liver and adrenal glands.  If blocked it can often cause excessive controlling nature, or the opposite with a feeling of disconnection or helplessness.  You may find you misuse your power and lack clear direction or have difficulty in making plans and decisions.  Physically it can cause Anxiety, nausea, sweating and a fast heartbeat, acid reflux and gastric issues including stomach ulcers.  It can also cause bloating, abdominal pain and indigestion. 
  1. The Heart Chakra – This Chakra is located in the centre of the chest.  The colour associated with this Chakra is Green or Pink.  Psychologically the Heart Chakra is all about self love and love for others, relationships, empathy, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness (letting go), transformation change, peace and is the centre of awareness.  Physically this Chakra is associated with the cardiac system and lungs.  If blocked this Chakra can cause feelings of jealousy, overly defensive, co-dependency (relying on others too much) feeling like a victim, or feeling self absorbed, antisocial behaviour and isolation, holding grudges.  At the physical level this Chakra can cause respiratory issues such as bronchitis, lung infection, circulatory issues and heart related problems. 
  1. The Throat Chakra – This Chakra is located in the centre of the throat.  The colour associated with this Chakra is blue.  This Chakra is associated with communication, speaking your truth, expression, connection with the etheric realm and the more subtle of the spirit realms and intuitive abilities, sense of purpose and sense of timing.  Physically it is connected to the thyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue and larynx.   If blocked, the throat Chakra can cause A fear of speaking, shyness, detachment, social anxiety, unable to express thoughts.  Physically it can cause a sore throat, laryngitis, mouth ulcers, tooth decay, thyroid problems, neck pain and frequent headaches, and ear issues. 
  1. The Brow (Third eye) Chakra – This Chakra is located on the centre of the brow.  The colour associated with this Chakra is indigo. This Chakra is associated with Intuition, energy, psychic abilities, wisdom, insight, inspiration and creativity.  Physically it is associated with the brain, eyes and sinuses and pituitary and pineal glands.  When blocked you may feel stuck, not seeing the bigger picture, rejection, lack of clarity, paranoia, anxiety and delusions.  Physically it can affect your sleep, metabolic function, migraines, sinus issues, poor vision, sciatica.
  1. The Crown Chakra – This Chakra is located at the top of the head.  The colour associated with this Chakra is violet or white.  It is associated with the connection to the divine, spirit guides, enlightenment, consciousness, liberation, presence and bliss.  Physically it is associated with the pineal gland and regulates cycles such as sleep, spinal cord and brain stem.  When blocked you may feel disconnected from spirit, disconnected from yourself, closed off, lonely, lack of direction.  Physically you may feel nerve pain, neurological disorders, pineal gland disorders, migraines, insomnia and depression.

These  main Chakras are important to our overall health and wellbeing of the physical, mental and spiritual being.  when your Chakras are closed, blocked or unbalanced, this canhave an impact on not only your psychical health but also your mental and emotional state too.  When all our seven main Chakras are open and balanced and working in harmony,  we have more vitality and benefit from greater health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A simple and effective excercie to do to balance your chakras is to lie down on a bed or sofa and put on some meditation music at a low level, then close your eyes and focus on your breathing, breathing in your nose for a count of four then holding for four then breathing out of your mouth for a count of six.  Let your mind be still and try to only concentrate on your breath and do a body scan, checking that your whole body is relaxed.  Once you feel relaxed, starting with the root Chakra, visualise this Chakra as a spinning disc or ball red in colour, when you breath in, breath in the colour red and breath it all the way down to your root Chakra, now visualise this spinning disc or ball becoming brighter and bigger and still spinning.  Once you have done this then move on to the next Chakra, the Sacral Chakra and repeat the same process but breath in the colour Orange, do this visulsation for each of your Chakras using the corresponding colour and finish with the crown Chakra.  When you are done just relax and breath normally for a while and become aware of your surroundings again, open you eyes when you feel ready and just take it easy when you get up.  You may not feel the benefits immediately but repeating this exercise twice weekly will certainly help you to keep your Chakras balanced and open and working in harmony and you should start to feel the benefits.  Just a little warning, some people may have what is known as a healing crisis, this is where your symptoms actually worsen for a few days and you may feel a bit down, this is completely normal and it just means that your body is working on repairing itself, just be sure to keep yourself hydrated and grounded.  Although this is a great excercie to do, please seek medical attention for any illness or injury you may have as this exercise does not replace medical treatment.

Love and blessings

Faith PIN 1131

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