18 Jun 2020

Purple Aura’s by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The Aura that is a Purple in colour – what does it mean?

When the colour purple is in a person’s aura it tells a lot about the character and personality of that person. It can vary each day, one day you might have more purple, then the next day it could be lighter.

If there is a much darker area in the aura around a muscle, it could mean some muscle strain for instance.

A dull colour close to the head could show that the person is in a bit of a low mood.

Purple showing around the heart area can show that the person is having emotional problems or having a breakup with a partner for instance.

A clear purple does usually indicate a good balance between the heart and the mind.

A dark purple can indicate that there are problems to solve or a worry of some kind.

It is generally a good, positive colour – it shows that the person has many ideas, has a lively mind and is probably quite creative.

However, people with purple auras can be very sensitive and sometimes look on the worse side of things.

So generally they need to find balance and grounding in their lives.

They also can have healing abilities themselves and can help people in an emotional way.

Many people connected with the church and other religions of course can have this beautiful purple Aura.

It is a very spiritual colour and these people have the ability to help people’s soul.

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