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Camilla is an empath who began reading tarot fifteen years ago, tuning in psychically through clairvoyance and clairaudience as the cards open up and tell their story. She is an artist and teacher with a passion for helping others develop their intuition and uses her trusted Lovers Tarot and well-worn Rider Waite decks as guides. She loves the natural world and finds forest walks very soothing. She first connected with psychic awareness after a sudden death in the family. Calm and softly spoken with a healing vibe, Camilla is discreet and non-judgemental; whatever comes up in a reading is treated with respect and confidence. Camilla can also use angel-cards at the clients request.


  • I read with Camilla this evening and she was patient, kind, and took the time to understand me and my MANY questions on the same topic.

    Safe to say I overanalyse!

    She had so many great insights and was able to tune in and pick up on things very quickly.

    A warm, compassionate reader who I will naturally gravitate to time and time again.

    Natalie xx

    Natalie, November 2021
  • Camilla thank you so much for your kindness and insight, it’s always been spot-on, for both of us. I know you focus on the positive and it’s always come to pass, so thank you💙

    Patricia, March 2021
  • Camilla, big thank you as you saved my sanity, told me the truth which I respect and showed me how not to give up. We re-mortgaged but kept on and profits have swung up by 54percent. Camilla was so genuine and worked so well with my very targeted issues! She did not waffle on and gave me names of three colleagues – on the money-a really good psychic. Thank you Camilla and please don’t go anywhere!

    Dave, January 2021
  • I had a lovely chat with Camilla last week, I can’t quite believe it BUT her predictions are coming through-I had given up on psychics.  The real deal…stunned.. I’ve spoken to hundreds but she’s thoughtful and accurate, just feels her way into it. Thanks.

    H, January 2021
  • 16/01/21 – Camila, was spot on with her validations and detail about my surroundings and my experiences. She made predictions that I will look out for and that resonated with what has been said and advised before . Camilla was friendly, polite, understanding and worked free hand with guides. She was very genuine. I would recommend her. Lnl

    Peace, January 2021
  • Had such a good reading with Camilla two weeks ago,she nailed me and my situation and she was off like a rocker.  Look I just wanted to say thank you for being truthful because you have helped me move out of a time-wasting pit into new happiness.  I met the Scorpio guy with the little Pekingese dog you picked up,and we are already talking about moving in when our leases expire!  I also found out that I would have been sacked if I has carried on my affair-so thank you, you saved my job.

    M, January 2021
  • What a lovely perceptive reader spot on sensitive and very truthful thank you for the hope you have given me iliana

    Iliana, January 2021
  • Gosh what can I say-you’ve really shifted my wife’s mindset and given her hope,things are working out as you suggested they would-you gave her three key dates, and events on the last one have just come through. Thank you Camilla you were a godsend-we needed someone with a miracle mindset and higher vision and we got it in you!thank you for being very detailed as well!

    Damon, September 2020
  • I got a kick up the butt from Camilla but it was the blessing in disguise and as a result I got a big promotion I had wanted for years. She’s fast and goes deep. Really witty and worth a call. Much better with Camilla if you are authentic and focused on a certain objective, she will not waste your money, I promise!

    AS, August 2020
  • I felt compelled to write a little review for Camilla whom I spoke to last year…
    She was very modest and not at all pushy,really very quietly-spoken,but in retrospect she just nailed it.
    Absolutely spot on and all her predictions have come through which is very rare in this game!
    I will definitely recommend her and I am very surprised at some of the little details she put her finger on….really very good indeed.
    Thank you!

    Deirdre, August 2020
  • Just want to say that my boyfriend had a reading with Camila three months ago,taped it on am a iPhone app,and I’ve just been allowed to listen to the recording….
    Brilliant,she told him what I would have said if he’s asked me!!as if she was inside my head.I think it wasn’t necessarily what he wanted to hear but it was spookily apt and it helped us a lot through a tough patch.
    Really interesting-this lady is a spiritual coach,she might not know that yet!brilliant empath too.She does I Ching on request and she’s really smart.
    Highly recommended,Miriam

    Miriam, May 2020
  • I just wanted to leave a little note saying that Camilla’s predictions from late last year have all come through and it’s been spot-on. Very impressed and curious/surprised she has only one review… quite a find you have there and beautiful soothing voice on the phone…much older than she looks,maybe?
    Really great.Thank you,will recommend

    Sarah, April 2020
  • Camilla is excellent! She tuned in to my situation very quickly and was extremely quick to get to the crux of the relationship matter. Her read of the person was perfect and I have no doubt the situation will unfold as she has predicted. I would have more readings with her but she is hardly on ! Do speak to her if you have the opportunity to do so!

    T, April 2020
  • I just wanted to leave a review for Camilla who gave me some very timely advice last month about a work romance…I was carried away but she gently advised me it was risky and it could cause problems as his wife would soon give him a fright and he would turn against me.I didn’t want to hear it but it’s turned out to be true! It was spot-on;she’s definitely psychic and she told me things people would say pretty much word-for-word- with integrity, and somehow softened the blow. Clearly older and wiser than her photo! Thank you ER for a great service.

    DG, September 2019
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