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Claire Angelica reads the runes which offer a powerful and profoundly transformative reading. This is an ancient form of divination. Rune readings help develop and enhance ones own intuition and its gifts are growth and discovery transformation transfiguration. Claire Angelica gives intuitive, energy healing and clearing readings. As well as having all the Claire abilities she is also a spiritual empath. Claire Angelica is trained in chakra clearing which balances your energies thus clearing your aura during the reading. She addresses the whole of the person, mind, body and spirit and also offers ancestral and past life readings and Starseed Indigo Crystal empowering readings for all of those that have always felt different or drawn to the stars. Most of all Claire Angelica gives uplifting, empowering guidance readings.


  • Thank you very much Claire Angelica, she definitely left and I have most of my Energy back. Not all, as there is still one big Problem not solved .

    M, November 2023
  • My favourite reader, her energy is so calm and she makes you feel beautiful and special. This woman is truly phenomenal. I always enjoy her readings and she always leaves me feeling better.

    CR, June 2023
  • CA told me that I would be hearing from my ex by the end of this month and I would be securing a new job- this was also stated by Fiona & Jane- let’s manifest this! I’ll be back with an update <3

    Sh, April 2023
  • Thank you from the bottom of my Heart, for today’s reading. You made me feel very special. A wonderful Woman LOL XX.

    M, March 2023
  • Had a reading with Claire Angelica on the 12/2/23. She made a prediction about me receiving roses this week. I couldn’t think how and where. Today I received roses from someone. She has also made other predictions about work and home that came to light. I am praying for the ones about love. Thank you. I would recommend her she is honest and only repeats what she sees and if it’s not she won’t make it up. Trustworthy. She also helps with lifting your spirit/ vibrations. Lol. X

    Peace, February 2023
  • I agree! This lady is phenomenal. She is so phenomenally supportive of her clients, and helps look for the best outcome for you. She is spot on accurate with her predictions, which is what we are all looking for and can get right into the heart of what is going on. What an absolute gem of a lady and an asset to Elizabeth Rose. Fabulous reader. Five stars.

    Anon, February 2023
  • This lady is phenomenal. She tuned into my past lives and my current timeline quite well without giving information. She sees clearly into the different timelines and she has seen my higher self which I already knew who it was so having her tell me this was wow. If you are a starseed you must absolutely have a reading with Claire she will clarify things which you may not be entirely aware of. She’s a reminder of pure consciousness potential within this human existence. Give her a try!

    Ana, January 2023
  • Claires abilities to deeply look in to you and your loved ones is truly remarkable. Without saying a word, she is able to answer questions which you didn’t know the answers to. In that, she has fantastic remote healing properties. Claires knowledge and accuracy overall is profound! Thank you, Claire!

    LM, December 2022
  • Great most wonderous of readers,please try her ,very transformative.

    SA, November 2022
  • I cannot recommend Claire Angelica highly enough, she is the most deeply insightful, wise, light being that swiftly heals with her words and energy. She has not only put my mind to rest with her spot on reading but shifted my energy completely to a calm and positive state where I feel completely at peace and excited about my future. What a beautiful lady, I’m so glad we met.

    Ruby, November 2022
  • I thank you so much we’ve spoken quite a bit of times and honestly, you’ve been correct about everything. I sooo appreciate you, I’m looking forward to our next conversation.

    Mia, August 2022
  • Incredible reader, was left feeling very positive, she gave me great advice and tuned in immediately.. You guys are going to love this reader if you want someone who gets it quickly and accurately. she’s going to be a phenomenal success. Thank you so much, worth every penny.

    Amy, August 2022
  • Claire Angela was amazing. Really tuned in to my current situation. Feel uplifted and full of hope. Thank you with all my heart.

    Caroline, June 2022
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