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  • What a phenomenal lady! Had 2 incredible reads with Gabby. The detail she picked up on was fantastic. Even after the reads, I realised I had been so breathless with what was happening in my life, I had missed even further gems she was giving, that I spotted only after looking at my notes when the reading had ended (sorry Gabby!😊). Humble strong, kind, supporting and so on the ball, I would recommend this wonderful lady ten times over. I will definitely be ringing back again over the next weeks as I sort my challenges out. She is the REAL DEAL and an excellent medium and psychically, able to channel loved ones from Spirit and explain friends, relationships and people in detail and at the same time able to give down to earth practical advice in a way that makes you feel supported and empowered, NO MATTER what the trauma or situation you are going through. Dear Gabby, you were, are and have been a tremendous angelic help and support to me and the information has been bang on. I’ll be keeping in touch for sure and I’m sending huge heartfelt thanks for the astounding reads that have helped in multi-layered ways, I can’t even begin to truly put in writing. Love and gratitude, Emma from Brighton Uk 🙏❤

    Emma, February 2023
  • Wow!wow!wow!
    Absolutely amazing lady Gabby. I have never connected so well with a reader ever! Gabby is truly gifted and very special. I was over the moon with my reading. She mentioned names of loved ones in spirit and people on the earth plane. She decsirbed them very well. I trust your predictions will come to fruition. I finished my reading feeling so happy and more positive than I’ve been in a very long time. I can not reccommend Gabby enough. She has given me so much positivity and hope for 2023!
    Love and light Gabby. Keep up the good work. I wish you lots of lovely things in 2023. Remember what I said. The ring by November. Lots of hugs Leanne xx

    Leanne, January 2023
  • WOW!
    UNBELIEVABLE details and straight talking pin pointed accuracy and precision!
    In a league of her own.
    Mind Blowing.
    Hold on to your seat for a ride of a riding!
    First Class. End of.

    s, December 2022
  • Gabby is a brilliant reader.
    She never asks you any questions. When you start talking to her she tunes in straight away and tells you what she is getting. She tells you how things are going to unfold in the coming weeks and months.

    Thanks Gabby. I look forward to your predictions and I will be back for another reading when those other predictions come to fruition.
    You deserve more than 5 stars Gabby. Thank you for your lovely readings.

    Ryan, July 2020
  • Amazing. Made some predictions ; which other psychics have also said. Validations were spot on. Honest, friendly, kind, genuine person and reading. Will update when predictions happen. I would definitely recommend Gabby. LnL all stay safe.

    Peace, May 2020
  • Gabby is a brilliant reader – tunes in straight away and gets to the root of the situation with her clairvoyance. If you are ready for the truth to be delivered in a kind and supportive way – Gabby is your gal ! x

    T, April 2020
  • Gabby is truly brilliant and straightforward. Her energy is warm and understanding but with a cracking sense of humour. How Gabby picks up on things I will never know but she is so spot on and tunes into situations and people in a very detailed way. She will guide you with advice but in a compassionate manner. The Gabster as I call her is brilliant!

    Lisa, August 2019
  • Herewith a big thank you for the exceptionally kind and understanding reading that you gave me about a couple of weeks ago. It was a pleasure to be able to speak with you, and am really grateful. It’s necessary to wait tho’ for another month or so to see how things eventuate between my friend and me. Hopefully, it will be along the lines you indicated which would be wonderful.

    Deborah, February 2019
  • Gabby!!! You were so on point once again! I just wanted to say that everything you predicted about my ex contacting me again early February came true today! You were also right about me walking away, at the time I couldn’t imagine it whatsoever but it happened so you’re right! Also would like to mention that the person you predicted that I was going to meet when we spoke for the very first time a year ago has entered my life, you predicted “Micheal” his name is Miguel!! If anyone wants to speak to a genuine psychic then I couldn’t recommend Gabby anymore than I already have, such a kind hearted lovely person and her predictions have all come true, speechless!! Xxx

    E, February 2019
  • Gabby has been an incredible anxiety reducing presence for me and my family in a difficult year. She is an incredible reader with pinpoint accuracy, and a no nonsense straight to the point approach with exact details and times. Her ability is nothing short of absolutely astounding. She wants her clients to know precise, exact information to be able to make the best informed decisions in their lives. She has been an absolute godsend in times of stress, so we have been able to navigate difficult situations with ease. Elizabeth Rose is the best service out there, and Gabby is a reader my family can very highly recommend. She is nothing short of astounding.

    Anon, September 2018
  • Was gobsmacked with Gabby’s astonishing accuracy about a guy I was seeing … she described his character to the tee!!

    Bernadette, September 2018
  • I have been having readings with Gabby for a while now, and I can honestly say she is a fantastic reader! She is lovely to talk to, direct, very empathetic and she tunes in straightaway to your feelings and the events surrounding you. Months before it happened, Gabby predicted very specific details about the person I would meet – and then it happened, just as she said! Thanks Gabby! I will definitely be calling on you again.

    Sarah, June 2018
  • I have been having readings with Gabby for a while now, and I can honestly say she is a fantastic reader! She is lovely to talk to, direct, very empathetic and she tunes in straightaway to your feelings and the events surrounding you. Months before it happened, Gabby predicted very specific details about the person I would meet – and then it happened, just as she said! Thanks Gabby! I will definitely be calling on you again.

    sarah, June 2018
  • Well, where do I start!! Had a really lovely, uplifting reading with gabby today, as soon as she picked up she already knew exactly what I was calling about without asking any questions! I honestly felt like I was speaking to a extremely kind bubbly “older sister” or “cool Mum” even. Her insight into my life and statements about my current and past situations were completely accurate, she picked up on everything down to the exact months that certain events occurred in my life, as well as the names of people I will meet. It honestly gave me goosebumps in the most amazing way. Gabby gives you complete honesty on what she sees and delivers it in such a lovely positive way that even predictions that are personally disheartening do not seem like the end of the world! Her advice on future events and predictions are so uplifting and tremendously helpful. She’s honestly an angel on earth. If you’re looking for a kind hearted, bubbly/talkative and extremely accurate reader I highly recommend Gabby!! Will definitely be having more readings with her.

    Elis, April 2018
  • I had a reading today by Gabby. I always find your readers are excellent but Gabby was so good I felt I had to write a brief testimonial for her.

    Stunning detail, so kind and gentle with her words, the level of detail was extraordinary. I can only say it was like having someone record the events of my year in HD and then predict what was happening next.

    If anyone ever doubted the power of your wonderful readers they should have a reading with Gabby and I promise they will be amazed at the precise level of detail she can transfer.

    I have had readings for over 4 years now, I would never look anywhere else other than Elizabeth Rose, but having had that reading I will book a reading regularly with Gabby. Stunning and brilliant reader.

    Thank you so much to Elizabeth Rose for enabling me to find Gabby. Gabby thank you so much, your amazing and without fail the best reader I have ever had. You have helped me so much today I would say you will never know but I think you all ready do x

    Thank you again all, Gabby your amazing thank you 5 stars are not enough for Gabby.

    DJ, November 2017
  • I want to say a big thank you to Gabby who has read for me over the last few months on some issues and her insights have been brilliant and true. She has been kind and thoughtful with her readings and accurate in what has been unfolding.

    D, October 2017
  • ‘I have been having readings with Gabby for approximately 2 years each and every time I talk and interact with Gabby it always cheers me up and makes me feel more positive and buoyant about situations. The delivery Gabby provides always has a lovely,warm and positive stance, even when the answer is negative Gabby is always able to provide a positive swing/steer! Thanks Gabby you have been a truly remarkable influence over the past few years.’

    thank you Adam

    Adam, August 2017
  • OMG! Gabby is pretty amazing! I was chatting to her at the weekend and she mentioned that I may be meeting/or involved with a man who has property in France. Well, I was at a social music event, this same weekend. I have known the man concerned for about 6 months or more. He gave me a lift home from the event and he told me that he has a property in France with several acres of land. Not only that he drove an E-type Jaguar car from the 1960’s! I still don’t know his name but he was born in Alexandria, Egypt and ancient Egypt is one of my main studies! Actually he is not Egyptian.

    It seems Gabby has certainly tuned in. Definitely recommended!


    Yvonne, August 2017
  • Hello today I had reading from Elizabeth Rose psychic readings from a lady called Gabby and I would have to say if I never believed in unseen energies I most certainly do now I think Gabby was just one step short of actually coming through the phone and touching me.The essence of honesty sweetness and genuine goodness effected me greatly of course I would love the the things she saw in the cards to materialise but it was unexpected force of her spirit that affected and my oh my what a lovely spirit ,she spoke with not an ounce of arrogance and made me feel that I was the most important thing in the world for the 1/2 hour reading, Gabby definitely gives flavour to this world that we share ,much respect to Gabby and the bestess love to her from Bassy.

    Bassy, June 2017
  • Gabby is such a lovely person and tunes in immediately to what is going on and who is involved. She comes up with spookily accurate little details of things. She is spot on and is just like a big sister to go to. She knows what is happening and gives you clarity. She deserves more than 5 stars.

    J, May 2017
  • I had a reading with Gaby today, and I was blown away! She tuned in within seconds, and was on point in every area. I’ve had readings with others on this site, this was certainly the most accurate, descriptive, precise and enlightening reading I’ve had.
    Thank you

    T, March 2017
  • Gabby you are such an incredible intuitive reader! I’m always blown away at how precise and accurate you are with the details in the reading. It’s almost like you can see what you’re describing! My readings with you have been very helpful in learning the truth and being guided in the right direction. You says things like they are not how they should be or how I want them to turn out, which is most important!! I’m very happy that you’re only a click away when I need your unbelievable insight!!! Your a star!!!

    N, February 2017
  • Gabby… I have had a lovely reading from Gabby she is such a nonjudgemental reader with a lovely aura that puts you at complete ease and enables you to ask all those questions that you feel silly asking but you want guidance on. When Gabby reads for me she connects straight away its almost as though she has been a best friend and has known me for years and been with you throughout your turmoil so you can image that it is a strong connection, I highly recommend Gabby.
    Danielle X.

    Danielle, January 2017
  • Gabby is the best reader I’ve ever had. She was spot on with names of people associated with me. She is very warm and positive and factual. I think she is wonderful and will always try and speak to her from now on.

    Lucy, September 2016
  • I couldn’t recommend Gabby highly enough. I had my first reading with her and can honestly say that this lady truly has a genuine gift for clairvoyance. I have had numerous readings before but this was literally out of this world that I wasn’t prepared for. Gabby has validated so many facts without seeking any information from myself at the beginning of her reading. She gave me precise dates of the forthcoming events (which I was aware of) and the exact name of my loved one! I have been feeling very positive after her reading. Thank you so much for the reading Gabby and I look forward to my next reading with you. X

    Lynn, August 2016
  • Had a few reading with Gabby, she mentioned a few names to me who I didn’t know turns out one of them is a friends niece who unfortunately just lost a baby.She also got how I felt about things ever describing my home and what colours I have, it’s like she was sat there AMAZING.she has given me so much hope for the future,looking forward to the rest of her predictions, you my girl are my fairy godmother

    simone, July 2016
  • I had a reading with Gabby a few days ago. I am a person who has had a lot of readings but this lady is EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Her timings going backwards are 100% correct giving hope that her timing going forward is likely correct. Her description of people I asked about, everything she said was amazing. She even got the profession of the person I was asking about without any information from me. I have to say I gave very little anyway as she did all the work. I truly believe she is a brilliant psychic and a really lovely bubbly person into the bargain – I’m hooked!
    Emma, Inverness.

    Emma, May 2016
  • Had an amazing reading with Gabby, will use again so helpful and so spot on .

    Jessica, May 2016
  • Gabby is brilliant and honest. Very spot-on. Amazing and uplifting reading. I feel positive about my future. I would recommend Gabby!

    CL, April 2016
  • I have had the most wonderful reading with gabby a very gifted and truly amazing reader everything was so accurate I am sad at the moment gabby reassured me 100 per cent everything will change and the next six months is going to start changing for me of which I can truly relate to a very big thank you gabby I would highly recommend any one to speak to gabby you will not be disappointed. Blessings sue

    sue, April 2016
  • Gabby is super lady full of warmth, honesty and humanity. I look forward to the coming weeks to see how it all works out but she picked up on some important details. Thank u very much Gabby.

    A, March 2016
  • Gabby is an amazing psychic and has such an uplifting personality. What a lovely lady. She links into any situation immediately and left me stunned at her accuracy. We spoke for an hour and then I couldn’t resist but to call her again a week later to discuss other topics. Very highly recommended. Thank you. V

    V, February 2016
  • Gabby’s straightforward no nonsense approach make her one of the most refreshing readers I’ve spoken with over many years. Her genuine enthusiasm, focus and care come across clearly. Highly recommended!

    A, February 2016
  • Absolutely outstanding!. Gabby is a lovely lady who gave me lots of validations. She connected with my family in spirit. She also told me about a gentleman friend who is very special to me. She was spot on.

    Maureen, January 2016
  • Gabby is an amazing lady! She reads without using any tools and connects very quickly with everything and any situation. She is very uplifting and reassuring. I have had many readings in the past but her reading is one of the best I’ve ever had.

    Anon, January 2016
  • I had a reading with Gabby yesterday and was blown away by her ability to
    give unbelievable descriptions of people nuances and situations . She was
    able to connect instantaneously and give a very analytical detailed and
    profound reading about the past, present and future! It’s such a rare and
    wonderful gift and Gabby sure seems like a natural! Also it’s a real joy
    talking to her because of her uplifting and positive nature given any
    situation, her style of reading will give you clarity and empower you to
    move forward . I will definitely be calling Gabby again!!

    Anon, January 2016
  • Wanted to leave a glowing testimonial for Gabby 7432 for such an outstanding reading today. The information and detail she provided was so accurate. She even mentioned key words – a surname, company names and professions of people I was enquiring about. These validations gave me confidence in her predictions which I look forward to. I took notes so will update in time but very happy with information provided and her lovely warm manner too 🙂

    Zyna, January 2016
  • I found Gabby to be a phenomenal reader despite not using any tools. Her vision is extremely detailed and she has such lovely energy, speaking to her will leave you feeling uplifted !

    taz, January 2016
  • Gabby offered guidance and a possible outcome. I leapt out of my lethargic ‘funk’ and back into enthusiastic engagement with what I should be doing as she spoke. I feel renewed and positive, particularly with the future predictions which Gabby suggested should occur. I’m offering this testimonial as I feel Gabby really understood what was happening in my life and I felt we had connected. I feel Gabby is a very genuine and gifted reader and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for helpful guidance out of their current situation. Give her a go!!

    Ian, January 2016
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