14 Apr 2021

Superstitions by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

British Superstitions

Even in our 21st century technological age we are still quite superstitious.

Years ago, many superstitions were connected to food. In Yorkshire they used to believe that the bread would not rise if there were a corpse in the vicinity. And, if you cut off both ends of the bread it would make the Devil fly over your house!

When at a table it was bad luck to have thirteen people of course. 

If the salt was spilt then you had to immediately throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder into the Devils eyes.

After eating a boiled egg, you had to put the spoon through the bottom of the shell to let the Devil out!

If the cutlery was crossed that you indicate a quarrel that would certainly happen.

If you dropped a knife then you could expect a male visitor, and if you dropped a fork then you could expect a female visitor.

A tablecloth was never left on overnight as that would mean a shroud would soon be needed.

It would be lucky to meet a black cat.

To knock on wood would mean that something would come true.

To find a four-leaf clover would be very lucky.

If you put money in the pocket of new clothes it was believed that it would bring you good luck.

If you broke a mirror then you would have bad luck for seven years, this superstition arises from the past when it was believed that mirrors were the tools of the Gods.

If a sparrow flew into a house, it was thought that someone in that house would die. If someone caught a sparrow then it would have to be put to death immediately or the person who caught it would die.

If you saw or heard bats, it was considered very unlucky, as bats were thought to be associated to witches.

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