21 Dec 2020

The History of Auras by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The History of Auras

The fascinating subject of Auras.

You may be interested to know, that they were first discovered in 1939 by a Russian Scientist called Semyon Kirlian.

He discovered the Aura by accident, he had put an object on a photographic plate which was connected to a source of electricity, which then showed the object, surrounded by some strange energy and the rest is history as they say.

Many Acupuncturists and Doctors believe that you can use the Auras to help determine people’s health in diagnosis, others poo poo it and think it is just the escape of particles of the skin the air and the electricity that is given off by the person.

In the 80’s there was someone called Dr Guy Coggins he was an engineer, and he was very interested in cosmic energy. He was interested in crystals and mood rings. He eventually brought out the first aura camera for sale. The camera gave the chance for people to see their own auras in a photograph. This was called the AuraCam3000 and however was later replaced by the AuraCam6000 which would cost you a tidy $10,000.

Occasionally you would see these cameras at psychic fairs and similar venues and would pay at least £20 years ago, for the pleasure of seeing your Aura.

There are even artists who like to paint the Aura, a fascinating topic for us to view.

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