12 Mar 2014

The Madness of being in Love

Love is one of the worlds most powerful emotions.

Remember when the very thought of your partner made your heart beat speed up? And just being near him or her was almost electric?

This is what you feel when you are going through the joyous time of “falling in love”. However, sadly, as we all know, it doesn’t last forever.

Try as we might, we can’t experience the joys and highs of romantic love without at some point experiencing its low points.

Many scientists believe that love is an emotion that evolved to bind two people together for a long time and jealousy is an emotion that evolved to protect the integrity of that bond. So it seems although jealousy is a very destructive emotion, it is also a very functional one.

Just about everybody has experienced unrequited love and they all want to know how to get out of this alive! By far the best way to deal with this is to throw out letters and cards and get rid of photographs. Don’t try to talk to them on the phone, don’t text them and don’t try to be friends. Pick up new interests. Make new friends. Do something in your spare time. Don’t dwell on the past playing your favourite music and eventually you will begin to feel sane again!

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