23 Aug 2020

Yellow Aura’s by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Each colour in the Aura has a different meaning.

You can buy excellent books on the Aura explaining how you can see them and interpret what the colours mean.

Sometimes when you meet someone for the first time you may feel an instant dislike towards them, this is because you can feel that persons Aura, so you don’t have to actually see it, you can feel it.

Most people give off more than one colour in there Aura it is usually two colours but it can be a combination of more colours.

The colour can show their health their mood the type of person they are, and it is not difficult to learn to read the colours in the Aura.

For instance the colour Yellow is very interesting if seen in the Aura.

Usually the person is young at heart and likes to have a good time and enjoy life.

They are rather like the butterfly they like to be free they are creative and strong-minded and they hate to be criticised.

They are adventurous and usually have a great sense of humour and they can charm the birds from the trees.

They can also be very sensitive and can soon have their feelings hurt.

Yellows tend to go into health care or into beauty salons or become Vets or even go into show business.

They are usually creative people and hate to be constricted in their work. The Yellows are amazing company whom you would enjoy being with.

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