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Kate has been reading cards since 2001 and she uses Tarot combined with messages from her Guides and Angels to give a kind of “aerial picture of the story unfolding around the person she is reading for. This helps people go forward in their life because they can then understand how events evolve to encourage them on their spiritual path and life purpose. Kate is a natural empath and very intuitive. It is so important to her that she can support wherever she can and help light the way for her client. After all, we all get a little stuck sometimes and need kindness and uplifting when we are not in a good place in our lives. Her journey with connection to Spirit started when Kate was about 5 years old, when she saw a man walk past her on the landing at bedtime and disappear into the spare room. It didnt faze her and she didnt question it or discuss it – she accepted it as normal. As an adult in her thirties, Kate became a holistic therapist and it amazed her how information for her clients would come through directly from Spirit to guide them at vulnerable times. So Kate decided to extend her gifts wider – and voila, here she is and is looking forward to reading for you!


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