Psychic Readings In Ireland

Moon Predictions Ireland are pleased to announce that our services are now available in your area.

We like to think our psychic readers are just as down to earth and friendly as Irish people are perceived to be and you can be assured of a warm welcome and efficient service when you call to speak to one of our talented psychic readers.

If you are new to psychic readings, then be assured that our friendly reception team will help guide you through the process and will reassure as to what steps will happen next. All of our Credit Card readings from Ireland come with a 5 minute guarantee. This means if you are not entirely satisfied, or feel that you are not connecting with your psychic reader, then you can request a full refund or ask for your minutes to be reimbursed.

In Ireland, many people use psychic readings to gain a sense of which direction their lives are heading in. Our psychic readers can focus on love and relationships, career, finances and family matters.

There is a very long history of fortune telling in Ireland stemming way back from the Irish Druids who used different methods of divination. They used to interpret the flight of birds, animal behaviours and the planetry alignments to aid them with healing. Most likely, they would use cloud divination to reveal hidden dynamics within oneself or within a relationship. Divination by the Irish Druids was quite simply the forerunner to fortune telling that we see today. Modern day Irish Druids use plants and animals to help them see more clearly into the future. If you search the internet you will find lots of information regards Irish Druids teaching and practices which could help you understand more fully the tools that the use and the information that is gleaned from them.

Here at Moon Predictions Ireland we are are pleased to offer a great selections of Psychic and Clairvoyant readers for your consideration. If you would like to familiarise yourself with the style of a particular reader, or look at customers testimonials, then please visit

Moon Predictions Ireland offer a variety of services. To book a credit card reading please call 01686 9338. A 20 minute reading is €42.00 and a 30 minute reading is €63.00. If you wish to extend you reading you are able to do so by staying on the line after your time runs out and you will then be charged €2.10 per minute. If you wish to pay for a call on your telephone bill the number to call is 1580 411 161 and you will be charged €2.40 per minute. If you would like to use the Irish text message service simply text ‘Moon’ to 57777. This service costs €2.50 per message.

Moon Predictions Ireland has a variety of reader available throughout the day and night and is a 24hr service for your convenience. If you are unsure of which psychic reader to choose, please call our friendly reception team on 01686 9338 and they will help you choose a suitable psychic for your needs.