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Ellie started her spiritual journey as a child when she experienced visions and paranormal activity. Born into a family of spirituality and clairvoyance, she was blessed with inheriting her mothers and grandmothers spiritual abilities. She has been intuitively reading tarots, angel cards, and oracles, whilst providing spiritual guidance for over 20 years, and she has travelled to over 20 countries. She has lived in Australia and now lives in the UK, where she has read successfully for many clients, privately, at psychic fairs, festivals, and events. Elle is an intuitive tarot reader who uses tarot to provide clarity to personal and life issues and provides spiritual guidance to help clarify a particular issue, situation, person, or life in general. She is committed to helping others and her readings are honest, direct and straight to the point, and she delves deeper into issues using numerology to get the clarity and answers needed. Elle believes that to reach your full potential, you must first navigate your journey by understanding and being aware of the unconscious, to make the right choices that will impact your conscious world for the better and help you reach your ultimate destination. True healing begins with your thoughts and what you manifest creates your reality, so by mastering your thoughts, you will master your life.


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