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Fiona has been working as a certified psychic/ clairvoyant and medium for around 25 years. She considers herself to be empathetic and completely non-judgmental, having a special gift for unravelling very complicated situations. Fiona works with situations concerning relationships, money or just life in general and can tune in to the most difficult and heart-breaking areas, always being able to give guidance and help. Fiona considers herself to be un-shockable and will listen patiently to you, empathising on all levels, before giving very positive guidance so that you are able find a way through any issues which may be challenging you now, or even which you consider may be presented to you in the future.


  • I have had two readings with Fiona and I am ashamed to say that I came away from both with disbelief but everything she said has either materialised or is materialising exactly as she predicted. Thank you Fiona for sticking to your predictions when I know you must have heard disbelief in my voice, you are truly remarkable. You said last year that I would not move home until the summer, at the time there was no way I could stay renting my current flat beyond April nor did I want to and I was ready to move and all packed with a place to move to. Today, out of the blue my landlord just said I could stay as long as I want . To everyone now with the pandemic this may sound obvious, but it wasn’t in December and you didn’t waiver no matter how many times I told you that I was moving in April and that it was a fact and not open to negotiation.

    A few days ago you told me that there was a problem with my landlord’s job and that my issue with him would be resolved if I followed what your guides were telling me and you repeated their advice several time because you said they were going to great lengths to make sure I took their advice. Well you can imagine my surprise when the next day, my landlord told me that he had a problem with his job (nothing to do with the pandemic)! So I followed what your guides said and a very tense and difficult situation was resolved better than I could have expected and helped your first prediction from December come true, I will be moving in the summer, just like you said and not because of the pandemic, but because it means I will only have to move house once this year, not twice. I never mentioned your first reading in the second reading, nor did you remember reading for me , so you would never have known the link in the two readings. And just to recap, in December there was no pandemic and when I called you a few days ago, I never mentioned that I was moving or thinking of moving, nor did you know what your guides advice would result in and neither did I!

    Thank you Fiona, you are amazing!

    Adele, March 2020
  • Fiona is the real deal. She has a true ability and her spirit guides are very accurate. I have had two astonishingly accurate readings from her. She is cool, calm and collected and has a very genuine aura and energy about her. She is not phased if you do not acknowledge what she is telling you immediately. She understands that sometimes people do no want to give away too much but as the reading goes on, you realise that you are dealing with a true psychic who has a genuine gift. Her readings make you challenge your own thoughts and feelings about situations and actually help you to consider matters fom a different perspective. She manages to delve deep and empower you deal with those situations in a much more confident and beneficial manner. She is also a delightful person

    Jacqueline, October 2019
  • I recently had a reading with Fiona and want to say a big thank you. It was the absolutely the most accurate reading that I have ever had. Without asking me anything at all, she began to tell me about my life and then gave me some warnings about my partner. I must admit that I was super shocked and actually wanted to cut her off. I was rather short with her and told her that she was talking rubbish. What a shock I had when only a few days later, the truth came out. It was exactly, to the letter, as she had told me and then other things started to happen which she had predicted too. I really think that Fiona is in touch with angels and that she is able somehow to give help to protect us! She definitely totally helped and protected me. She may have even saved my life and for this, I want to thank her and to tell others, …..Fiona is wonderfully accurate and in touch with spirit big time!!!!! Please, if you feel concerned about anything in your life…ring her and then listen, she will probably change your life. Apart from this, she is so kind and caring, if a little severe. I love you Fiona, THANK YOU.

    Paula, March 2019
  • Fiona read for me recently and I have been trying to find the time to write this because I need so badly to tell others just how accurate she is. She is a really brilliant reader who tells it the way it is and I have to admit that the first time I spoke to her, I cut her off cos I did not believe what she told me but when it all started happening to me I thought back to her words and followed her advice. If I hadn’t handled it the way she had suggested, I would have been in a mess.

    Thank you Fiona.

    Paula, June 2018
  • Fiona is so accurate…she predicted something almost to the day. Amazing, I had been waiting and never
    expected this to happen. Thanku so so much Fiona. I doubted you but I won’t again. Xx

    Donna, March 2018
  • I’ve had a fantastic reading from Fiona and felt I had to write about it. Amazed is an understatement. Fiona is 100% accurate in all aspects as well as 100% compassionate. What a helpful, understanding and lifting lady she is. Will definitely call her again soon. Xx

    David, April 2017
  • Wonderful reading from Fiona.
    My dad died last week and she connected with him,giving me his name, everything about him, even circumstances surrounding his death which were most unusual.
    Wonderful medium.

    Geroge, October 2016
  • Fiona is uplifting and consistent. she has helped me through some tough times. she sticks to what she says and what her guide tells her. One Monday she said I would have a job offer by the Friday. It happened. quite out of the blue., she said I would be offered a permanent contract with training that happened as well.
    Love life she picks up what the person I ask about is going through. Then when I speak to them they confirm it. She also got the name of an ex, in the spirit world, whom I never even mentioned.
    She is frank and is not influenced by moods. I have regular readings with her and have done for a long time. She is very understanding and patient, brilliant reader

    anne, August 2016
  • Gifted and accurate, Fiona is truly a reader who is able to analyse personalities and situations; not just predict outcomes.

    L, April 2016
  • Wow. I have had a very lovely reading with Fiona. Fiona is a truly wonderful lady and is very accurate with times and dates . I really do recommend a reading with Fiona – This was my second reading and I certainly will contact her again – Sue.

    Sue, April 2016
  • What a wonderful lady and her predictions were so spot on I was amazed it was very detailed and her guidance was very helpful I’m very happy with the reading I got

    Sam, April 2016
  • I love this beautiful woman who was able to tune in and tell me all bout my life in detail, before continuing with a wonderful reading. She does use Tarot, which personally I do not like, BUT, if you go with her it is certainly well worth it. She amazed me, not only was she accurate in everything she told me but the advice she gave me was worth it’s weight In gold. I would recommend her as long as you can understand that she likes to make QUITE sure that she is definitively connecting with you before she begins the reading. This in itself is magical and amazed me.

    Eli, April 2016
  • wow what a wonderfull reading I had with Fiona March 2016 everything she predicted past & for the future was spot on ?????? Every question I asked she answered with warmth & sincere passion it was has if I was sat next to Fiona ,,, i certainly would recommend Fiona 100 per cent for a reading & I will contact her again in the near future …..

    sue, April 2016
  • I need to tell everyone about this reader. She is absolutely spot on. How does she get to the bottom of things so quickly and put them all into place so that she can sort out your life problems; this is just what she did for me. I was no less than amazed! How can someone do this.. fortune telling I expected, but here , in this lady we have something very different, a unique and powerful gift indeed,
    I hope she never give this up as she is a real problem solver. As for predicting what will happen, well, she has been so right on this too. Her advice and insight together with her future predictions are just amazing.

    Natalie, February 2016
  • WOW, what a reading I had from this gorgeous lady. She told me all and everything about my life, within minutes; and then sorted out my mess thread by thread. What a knowledgeable and wise lady, who is the most brilliant clairvoyant I have ever encountered…She can look back,…. and ahead, and although she told me that her predictions for the future are not quote” always correct, ” – they are already coming into real focus all around me. It was as if she had a birds eye view of my life.
    I will be contacting her again and also recommending her to others. I am blown away.

    Karen, January 2016
  • Eve is gifted far beyond the typical phone reader.
    She tunes in instantly, and while she can answer your query she delves deep into the heart of the issue to identify underlying issues, providing healing for the caller and relieving them of the initial fear and feeling of needing to hang on to the particular situation at hand.
    She is easily able to identify the feelings and behaviours of others around you on a very deep level, and it’s profound as she does this by becoming the individuals involved!
    Her aim is to heal, and she offers you what you need to feel empowered and free.
    Words simply don’t do this wonderful woman justice. Her abilities are a gift to the world and she is a true asset to this site.

    M, November 2014
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