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Would you have a relationship with someone a lot younger than yourself? BY ELIZABETH ROSE PIN 7430


It seems that it is more accepted that a man can have a younger woman hanging on his arm or even marry someone years younger.

Although eyebrows are raised if the man is wealthy and people wonder if the woman is a gold digger.

When a woman has a relationship with a much younger man is seems that it is not accepted quite so well. May there is an element of jealousy that makes gossipy remarks from people.

Also when a man has a relationship with a much older woman it does cause gossip.

Well why shouldn’t you have a relationship with anyone that you are attracted to?

The question most asked, will be will the relationship last in old age when a woman is much older for instance?

 However there have been famous people who have successfully had relationships well into old age where there has had been a significant years difference.

However there are many relationships in all these categories that are happy and last for many years.

If your partner has many years difference it can last as long as they are mature.

If you are attracted to someone where there is an age difference and you do nothing about it then in the years ahead you might well look back and think what if and have regrets?

If you get on and have a lot in common and are attracted to the person then why not explore a relationship with them, after all age is only a number.

It does not matter what others think as long as you are happy in your relationship whatever age discrepancy there is does it?

If you fall in love with someone where there is an age difference and family or friends object and try and interfere, then take on board what they say, but if you feel your relationship is right then follow your heart.

So take courage if you are attracted to someone where there is a significant age difference and give it a go, at least you will not look back and wish that you had.

If your relationship has broken down would you want to try again? By Elizabeth Rose pin 7430

It is very tempting to try and get together once you have left a relationship.

After a couple of months of being on your own then reality kicks in and you begin to miss the one that you loved.

You may also have financial difficulties and feel lonely as well, which can lead you into thinking well, it was not too bad and start to think about trying again.

However, the statistics are not good for people getting back together . In 87 percent of couples that try again only about 13 percent stay together.

The problem is that if you have problems then they must be sorted out before the relationship can succeed. Otherwise, the problems will occur again and within a few weeks or months you will be back to square one.

On top of those issues, there may be other issues, like having to trust your partner, which you must do or things will just eat at you and cause a break down between you.

Or, maybe you will find it hard to forgive your partner. Which is essential if you have to make a success of your relationship.

The past problems have to be put in the past and not dragged up every time you have a disagreement.

If you really love your partner, it would be worth having counselling or a mediator to help you come to terms with your problems.


Have you given up on love? by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Are you sat at home alone with just a pet to talk to?

Or may be you do have a very busy life, and plenty of friends, but no love in your life and you have given up looking.

I remember some years ago a lady in her late fifties came to see me for a reading.

All she wanted to know was, was she going to get married that was all she wanted in life to be happily married.

She was a professional person and met many different people every day in her work.

She still lived with her parents who were elderly but very well off.

This lady had an action packed life; she had horses and went riding.

She travelled the world and had many interests and many friends.

In spite of her privileged life she had never really had a loving relationship.

She told me that she just had not clicked relationship wise with any one that she had met, although there were plenty of men that she had liked and got on with but fallen in love with.

I told her that she would get engaged by the time she was sixty and she would get married a short time after.

I am pleased to say that my predictions came true.

In fact she got engaged on her birthday when she was actually sixty.

She retired early and has been very happy.

So my point is it is never too late to find love.

There is someone out there for everyone.

So don’t give up.

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Are you a permanent mistress? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Many people have asked me – “Will my lover ever leave his wife or partner and come and live with me?” the answer is usually NO!

Why is that? Well, the answer is because it suits him or her. The man does not want to upset his wife or lover, his friends or his children. He also does not want to have his finances becoming compromised as often it would leave him worse off.

However, he will often come up with a great variety of excuses for not leaving. The favourite being he will leave when the children are older.

Another favourite is that his wife is not well, or her parents are ill and she has a lot to cope with so he cannot just leave her as he would feel guilty, and it would not be fair. If you are the mistress, then you would reason that he is being caring and carry on with the relationship.

He is in a great position; he has a caring wife who cooks and cleans for him and for his excitement and to make his day out of probably a boring or routine relationship he has a secret sex life.

Someone who cannot do enough for him is at the end of the phone, craving for his calls his texts and his visits. If he calls late at night only, then you are definitely being used. If he never takes you out, then it would appear that you are cheap to keep happy!!

Some women are happy to be a mistress and carry on with their lives with other relationships too. However there are few than can carry on with such a situation and be happy about it.

So as I have said before look at a person’s behaviour not at what they say. Do they follow through with what they have promised to you?

If you have been a mistress for a while, then you can say that you are going to stay being a mistress.

One way to test your relationship is to tell them to come back once they have got a divorce or are actually separated. I think that you will have a long wait!!

Could you live with someone who has cheated on you? – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

This is a very difficult situation as each relationship is different.

If your partner has had a fling with someone at work for instance and you know that they are seeing each other daily, even though the fling has finished, it would be very difficult to forgive.

It is the trust that will hit you; you would be thinking if he or she was late from work were they seeing each other again.

You would be quite in order to ask them to leave that work place as a sign that the fling is definitely finished.

Can you forgive them without searching through their pockets and their phone if you have the chance, and checking up on them and do it on a constant basis.

If not it will eat at you and you will find your relationship will be doomed.

You have to be able to forgive and trust your partner. Trust has to be earned and built up, only then will you will able to repair the damage done to your relationship.

However some people in relationships put up with their partner cheating, some cheating regularly.

The reason many don’t leave their relationship is because it just suits them.

Perhaps they are willing to put up with things because they have financial security or status of some kind.

Maybe they feel they can have relationships too.

Others can feel trapped in the relationship and cannot find the momentum to do anything about it, so they just put up with everything.

We are all entitled to be happy, so after living with someone for a while, you find that you cannot forgive them, well the answer is to move on and not waste your life.

Do You Feel Trapped in a Stale Relationship? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Is your relationship boring? Do you feel trapped or in a rut? Do you feel that you are being controlled and can do nothing about it?

Well, a lot of people are in the same boat, and they do nothing about it.

There is a lot of help out there so don’t waste your life staying in a bad relationship.

One of the main reasons that people do not leave a relationship are the finances, they feel that they cannot manage on their own.

A trip to a good divorce solicitor is a must if you are married or are in partnership financially with a partner.

Citizens advice are good at helping with debt and will give advice on many areas that you will need to know.

It would be a good idea to confide in someone that you trust about what you want to do.

Your local DWP will tell you what benefits you can claim and social services can help where children are concerned.

Your local council will help with housing as well as housing associations and you can also rent privately.

For people that are in abusive or violent relationships there are safe houses and refuges where they can go.

There are also many telephone help lines which you can Google.

So shake a leg and make that first step to get help and you will not regret it, move on and have a lovely life.

Can you tell if someone fancies you? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

It is really easy to tell if a man fancies you as it is all in the body language.

A man will keep looking at you if he is across the other side of the room for instance and, if he is with you will keep trying to get eye contact.

He will be constantly preening himself by undoing his shirt collar button, arranging his collar and running his fingers through his hair.

He will keep turning his head towards you if he was in a group for instance although his body may not face you and if he makes eye contact, he will smile.

When close up the iris – that is the black dot in the middle of his eye – will dilate, that is it will get bigger. Something that he has no control over and a sure sign he is interested, if you can get near enough to look into his eyes!!

His mouth will slightly be open and he may well touch his lips or even his ears.

A strong sign is also if he is nervous or a bit fidgety in your company.

When standing or sitting his feet will tend to point straight at you.

Men wearing jeans often stand with their thumbs in their pockets with their hands pointing down towards their genitals, say no more!! They are saying I am a man and I am ready!!

They will touch your arm when talking and if you touch them first will respond by touching you back.

They will try and make you laugh all the time keeping a lot of eye contact.

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Should You Check Out a New Love Interest? by Elizabeth Rose Pin 7430

The answer is a definite yes!!!


To save you heartache in the future.

When you meet someone new and you really like him or her it is always a plus if you know someone who knows him or her or a bit about them.

Then you can have a friendly chat and find out more about them and whether they have a history that you cannot cope with.

If you don’t know anyone that knows them then you can always check out the media face book etc. If there is nothing about them in that area then maybe you can speak to one of their friends or family.

Even a friendly barman where they may visit regularly may enlighten you.

If none of these work for you then you will have to be very careful.

Many men and women target a new partner for their particular needs. They tend to overwhelm you at first sending continuous texts and phone calls sometimes gifts and flowers as well.

After three months there could be a dramatic change.

Often that is when the cracks start to appear.

The idea is to draw you in and maybe move in with you if they can.

Be very suspicious if someone new asks for money early on in the relationship, whether it is alone or any excuse to do with finances.

It is a well-known red flag that you are being targeted and used.

So be very alert with anyone new that you meet who has no family or friends even if they come up with a plausible story. It is often a sign that they have left an unpleasant situation behind.

It is always best to be careful if there are a string of relationships behind them.

If a previous partner of your new interest contacts you and tells you horrible things about them it could be they are just jealous, or there could be truth in what they say. So, it would not hurt you to keep an open mind and if possible, do some digging about your new partner.

With Google you can now see where people have lived and where they work.

Just taking a few diplomatic enquiries could save you heartache in the future.

Of course, it would also help to have a romantic reading with one of our experienced psychics.





Is my partner lying to me? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Can you tell if your partner or new person in your life is lying?

Well there are some pretty sure signs that they are if you look for them.

One of the finest things is your gut feeling or instinct, is it telling you that something is not quite right?

If you feel this way then you can bet your bottom dollar that there is something wrong.

A liar has to have a very good memory for a start, as inconsistences in their stories should raise your suspicions.

Do they hang on to their phone and never part with it, even take it to the loo or take it with them to the shower?

They definitely will have a password on it.

Do they rush into another room to answer it?

If so something is not quite right.

Do they want to take you out to a Pub or Restaurant or Public place?

If the answer is no then ask yourself why?  If they just want to stay at your home or hide away in some very quiet place again ask yourself why?

They are obviously hiding from someone or something and do not want to be seen with you.

If they do not introduce you to their friends or family then that to is a bad sign, although it can also be a sign that they are not serious about you too.

Look at a person’s behaviour and not what they say, ask yourself do they tally up, or are they saying one thing and doing another.

This is a sure sign that they are lying or are up to something that they do not want you to know about.

Do they go out and give silly reasons for where they have been and whom they have been talking to?

Do they suddenly give you chocolates and flowers for no reason, this can be a sign of guilt because they have been up to no good and also want to look good to your friends and family that they are not doing anything wrong they are just being a good partner.

Other signs of a liar are that when asked a question they tend to fidget. They sometimes will not give you eye contact.

They will also talk a lot because they feel nervous.

They will often scratch their nose hiding their mouth with their hand, psychologically showing they do not want you to see the truth.

They will also wave their arms about more than usual and go into a lot of detail hoping to put you off the scent.

Are You in A Relationship with A Controlling Partner? By Elizabeth Rose Pin 7430

People who control their partners are not always aggressive or violent.

One of the first signs of a controlling person in a relationship is that the partner tries to isolate their partner from family and friends.

In can start in quite a small way by them complaining how often or how long you talk to your relatives or friends, or how often you visit them or go out with them.

They will try and turn you against your family or one particular person if you are close to them.

The object is to get you in a position so that you don’t have any one to back you up or turn to and that you rely on them only.

They will try and get you to be totally dependent on them emotionally.

You will lose confidence in yourself if you stay with them and you will even think that it is your fault that there is a problem and that is one of their aims.

They will criticize you in a small way at first; it might be, if you lost some weight and wore such and such, I would fancy you a lot more, that kind of thing.

It happens to people across the board from highly educated to no education, we are all a target for the controller.

It does not matter how intelligent you are or how much money you have the controller can relentlessly target you, till he or she gets what they want.

What they want is total control of you.

I once new a lady who if she met a friend for coffee for instance, he would send relentless texts to her till she came home, and in the end she gave up going out! That’s how bad it can get.

They spy on you what ever you are doing.

They want a minute-by-minute account of what you were doing if you just went out for a loaf of bread, and God help you if you took longer than they thought you should off.

They go through your phone, as they don’t trust you.

They make you feel guilty and nervous.

At worse they can be threatening and abusive and violent.

So if you see any of these signs in a new relationship, run for the hills. If you are already in a controlling relationship, seek help there is plenty out there.