Questions To Ask A Psychic

When you consult a Psychic reader you may have 101 questions that you want to ask. In reality, there just isn’t enough time to cover all the questions in any depth so you need to prioritise your most important questions first.

Once you have it clear in your mind the questions that you want answers to then it is time to make the call. How you phrase your question is very important to achieve the clarity and insight that you desire.

There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ questions but most people look for direction in the following areas:

Love, career, relationships, success and well-being are all topics that can be covered. When speaking to your reader it is good to avoid ‘leading questions’. The psychic could then possibily pick up on your hopes and wishes and simply tell you what they think you want to hear. What you truly want is a direct answer to your question.

Experienced psychics will not want any information from you at the beginning of your reading. They prefer to treat you like a blank canvas and get information from their guides or tools. They can then be sure of getting a good connection with the client.

If you are short on time it is always best to ask your psychic a direct question for them to answer. You will then get straight to the heart of the matter. This is particularly a good idea if you are paying per minute on the premium rate line as time literally is money!

Before you have a psychic reading you need to prepare yourself. Make sure you are in a comfortable position and that there are no distractions. Turn off the TV (and mobile telephone!), light a candle and get yourself a soothing drink. Prepare the questions you wish to ask in advance and most of all, enjoy the experience.

At Moon Predictions Ireland we offer a 5 minute guarantee on all credit card calls. If, for any reason, you feel that you are not connecting with your reader, Moon Predictions will offer a full refund or reset your minutes back to the full time paid for.