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Merlina is a fourth generation psychic medium. This gifts runs in both sides of the family. Mina is compassionate empathic reader who specialises in love and relationships, career and house moves. She is a good listener to her clients needs and wants. clients need to be open and receiving information for their highest good. She will tune into your voice vibration to establish a link with you. Merlina works with her guides, she tends to work hands free and with crystals. She also uses tarot, angel cards, runes and pendulum as a focal point if needed.


  • After years of struggle when not quite at the end of one enormous gladiatorial obstacle, I had bn told the finishing line was already there. Merlina, saw otherwise in great detail but assured me that it would still all work out well despite a wrench in the works. It was exactly as Merlina saw. When the initial huge disappointment first erupted, it nearly killed me but I held on to Merlina’s words. It all came to pass as she predicted. Her words still continue to prove themselves as each month passes. She reads as if from a front row seat in my heart. Thank you so much Merlina. 🙂

    Alice C, March 2018
  • I would like to say what a pleasure it was having a reading with Merlina today. She was absolutely spot on with how I was feeling and why I was feeling that way about someone .Very insightful and guided me in the right direction for future outcome. Thank you so much Merlina and look forward to my next reading with you.

    Angel, November 2017
  • I’d like to leave a long overdue testimonial for Merlina 7449 I’ve been having
    readings with her for about a year now and everything has happened EXACTLY as she said. She describes the person and situations like she was in there. She said the exact location, and what happened!! She also gives great advice. She does not sugar coat or tell you what you want to hear. She is very straight ,honest and the information is non stop.
    I would give her a 6 star! !

    Berta, October 2017
  • Hi, Melina, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely reading you gave me today. You were spot on with all the things you told me and I felt so uplifted by your validations and it was as if you could read me and the gentleman in question like a book . I shall look forward to October and will continue to be strong as you have confirmed all the things I already knew and it was a real blessing to have you read for me. Maureen

    Maureen, August 2017
  • Merlina is an amazing reader on matters of
    Investments and personal relationships.
    She is spot on with my property situation ( she advised
    To hold for longer duration and sell later for higher price)
    She is absolutely correct ! I am thrilled with transacted
    Price .
    Thank you Merlina for your accurate reading

    Dee, July 2017
  • I’ve had reading with Merlina, it is the best reading I ever had so far with so much clarity and detail. Even places, situations from past, present and into future. Truly amazing.
    If you are looking for genuine reading with asking question, you hit the right place.


    Ramesh, June 2017
  • Merlina is an amazing medium she picked up all the details and even places that I had recently visited. Extremely accurate with all the details regarding relationships and work. Truly jaw dropping with level of detail. Thanks.

    Mannu, February 2017
  • Hi, I’d like to leave a testimonial for Merlina 7449
    I’ve had some readings before and Merlina is truly one of the best. She was an exceptional reader straight to the point, honest, compassionate and gave me great insight both on relationship and business matters. Thank you so much.
    R. xx July 2016

    R, July 2016
  • I had a wonderfull reading with merlina it was really amazing and accurate what she said to me times places past times and predications for my future which I can very much relate to melina really is a gifted lady after the reading I really felt relaxed and calm this is my second reading with melina and really connected straight away i really would recommend a reading with this lovely lady 100 per cent definitely five stars sue

    sue, July 2016
  • I would like to say a big thank you and extend my gratitude to Merlina. I was truly stunned by her insight into what was going on around me she saw it all personal & work related with her guidance I have been able to begin to put things into perspective which has helped in my time of emotional distress.

    The meditation Merlina recommended has also helped me to feel more balanced in such a short time.

    Merlina keep up the good work. Bless you & thanks once again.

    N x

    N, January 2016
  • Had a reading with Merlina this morning. Have to say I’m incredibly impressed. Merlina picked up immediately on a current relationship and hit everything with absolute detail and clarity. Merlina spoke about what is happening now and what she believes will happen in due course. I am extremely impressed with Merlina’s ability to give exacting detail and the fact that she didn’t hesitate in the reading. I will be back in contact with Merlina – great reader.

    S, September 2015
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for your new reader Merlina. It was such
    an amazing reading that just blew me away. She picked up on so many things
    that just left me gobsmacked.

    I felt like I was talking to a friend and will definitely be speaking to her
    again. She picked up on how I looked, how my partner was feeling about me
    and my age etc. This woman is amazing and said all the right things to me.
    Please please try her and you will be amazed.

    S, November 2014
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