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Martyn is a natural clairvoyant and medium with over 40 years of dedicated work bringing a wealth of love and experience to his readings. He is both a confident and gifted reader, being kind and considerate on love and relationships, career, business and much more. One thing that Martyn really enjoys about relationship readings is that he can deal with sensitive and complex issues that life throws at us. He can look at others in our lives to see and feel their emotions, mind set etc, and will answer your many questions, including why are we here? whats it all about? He will look at your aura, the natural energy around your body which he sees as colours in his mind, it will tell him what makes you tick, all the time taking information directly from the spirit world. Why are we drawn to another person? Is this my soul mate? My companion? Or is it an auric connection? Just what is it? - call Martyn for some strong answers, help is at hand. Being an energy master Martyn will guide you to your true potential and all with kindness compassion and understanding with genuine empowerment. Our beloved pets often feature in readings, so whatever your need is Martyn will help you with your journey in life - why not turn to Martyn when you need warm friendly psychic support.


  • My reading from Martyn gave me hope when going through a complex situation. He delivered messages quickly from spirit and give me clarity around the situation. Thank you so much Martyn.

    PG, August 2023
  • Thank you so much Martyn for such a thoughtful and accurate reading. I’m so glad I rang to speak to Martyn. He is a very kind, gentle but also straight to the point too. I really appreciate the reading I had with him. He is genuine and sincere.

    Patrica, February 2023
  • Martyn is a very beautiful, wise, deep and gentle soul. Not only did he give me great perspective and understanding of my present difficulties, but he also gave astounding wisdom on my own spirituality, personality and characteristics, which very cleverly interweaved with what was happening right now in my life, and in my life as a whole-amazing! i had a multi-layered reading which helped on so many different levels, it’s hard to describe how profound it was. Martyn was also very good with dates and extremely comforting and calming, I came away feeling so much better and able to go back into the fray with clear focus and spiritual protection and positivity all around me. bless and thank you so much, for all your dedicated focus time and energy on my read Martyn! there was so much to cover, and you did it with such calm, care, detailed focus and grace, it has helped me greatly and will continue to as I go forward. I’ll be back for more wonderful wisdom as I ascend upwards and out of my present situation, which thanks to your read I already have! God bless and thank you, huge gratitude, Emma, Brighton Uk 🙏❤

    EH, February 2023
  • Martyn is an excellent reader. His style is unique, and he picks up so much accurate information. He’s made many correct predictions for me in the past, too. Highly recommended.

    Charlotte, December 2022
  • Thanks Martyn, you are the best, sending you love and to the spirit world, so kind.

    Val, October 2022
  • I had a reading with Martyn about 3 months ago as I was rather low at the time, Martyn gave me hope, not false hope, I managed to put my life into order now and his reading set me on in a better direction.

    This was my first ever reading with a clairvoyant and the messages that came from the spirit world were spot on and I now know I am not alone, so thanks for the reading, you are so very kind, my sister often calls Martyn so she told me about this fantastic reader, thanks again, 10/10, kind regards

    Peter, June 2022
  • Martyn is a fabulous reader, he tunes in straight away and connects to you as a person and to those around you in question with incredible detail and insight. He is very kind and caring and how he explains situations in such great detail looking at people and situations in a unique yet accurate way is wonderful. He also has a very calming and soothing energy about him. Thank you Martyn.

    wendy, January 2022
  • This is a long long long over due testimonial for Martyn which I have been meaning to write for awhile now. I have been having readings with Martyn for the past year and Martyn has been an absolute gem. We have explored many topics ranging from my soul purpose to my pets, work, relationship, family. He has a very different style to the usual ‘psychic’. The best way I am able to explain it is that he is able to spiritually dissect and magnify in to both the situation and people involved – exploring its “energetic root”. This is nourishing to the soul if you are someone who isn’t looking for quick fixes and answers but genuinely looking to grow and develop yourself as a person and understand situations, your life path etc from an energetic perspective (which in my opinion is the one and only true perspective !). Martyn himself is a genuinely lovely down to earth person with a lovely soothing voice which adds a healing dimension to his readings. His delivery is devoid of judgment.As always, thank you Martyn – much blessings always !! T x 26.06.2021

    T, June 2021
  • Martyn’s reading was very productive I actually went on over an hour with him . He is very in tune with the spirit world and even picked up on some things I was manifesting . I would definitely recommend him !!

    Kelly, December 2020
  • 3/11/20 Had a genuine reading with this psychic. He connects with spirit to validate you. Martyn does not tell you what you want to hear or waste your money. He is clear and concise bringing you messages from spirit and guidance. Made some clear predictions that I will take on board and look forward too. I would recommend him. He is not arrogant or cocky; he is caring , encouraging and polite. X

    Peace, November 2020
  • Martyn is an amazing and compassionate reader. So kind, intuitive and in touch with spirit. He can guide in the most beautiful and gentle way. Thank you Martyn, you were the right person at the right time and I hope to speak with you again. Best wishes and thanks, Gemma.

    Gemma, July 2020
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