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Rachael specialises in relationship readings. She is a natural medium from being a small child however, after the sudden death of her husband a few years ago her gifts really became profound. Rachel has the ability to link empathetically with your emotions and to those people around you. She combines her gifts to give incredibly detailed, honest, and compassionate readings. Rachael is a truly gifted reader who comes highly recommended.


  • Rachael was lovely to talk to. She picked up on my situation quickly. She gave very thorough details on a prediction, unfortunately it didn’t come through . Thank you anyway.

    Anon, December 2023
  • Rachel is just phenomenal. It’s as if she is a fly on the wall in your home! She has advised, predicted, manifested, and encouraged me.

    Her predictions are uncanny, I’ve never known a reader to be so precise, down to locations, names and the way she can see into another person’s mind.

    Thank you, Rachel. I’m just truly blown away

    Olivia, October 2023
  • Thanks Rachael for a wonderful reading, lots of very specific details – names/places mentioned and specific timelines for predictions. I shall let you know when these come to pass. Very talented genuine reader – the real deal.

    Anonnn, July 2023
  • I had 2 readings with Rachael, it blew me away at the things she knew, her energy and her gift is amazing, I so enjoyed my readings. She is my favorite I love her. I will always go to Rachael for guidance. Rachael thank you so much . Lots of love.

    Nadia, May 2023
  • Rachael is nothing short of amazing! This lady was spot on with everything she said. This was important to me as she was reading for me at the most difficult time of my life so far. Losing my partner. She brought him through for me and I will forever be grateful. I will definitely have another reading with Rachael.

    K, November 2022
  • Rachael is just a brilliant reader.
    You could just sit there and listen to her give you little readings all day if it were possible.
    That is how good a reader she is.
    You can tell when you listen to her during a reading that she has a strong connection to spirit.
    She has predicted things for me that have to come pass and happened just as she said they would.
    And I can’t wait for her other predictions to happen which I’m totally confident they will.
    Thank you Rachael.

    Ryan, March 2022
  • Racheal is lovely to speak with and has a very calming nature. I read with her at the beginning of July and she clearly saw someone who was wanting to contact me and that this wasn’t far off. This has now come to pass and her insight into the situation was astounding. Her advice was clear and to just be patient. Racheal is a fantastic reader and I highly recommend her.

    L, August 2021
  • Had a reading with this psychic on the 25/10/20. She gave lots of intricate details that nobody would know. Rachael validated my past,current and predicted what other top psychics have predicted to come. She was absolutely amazing. The level of information was astounding . She work free hand too and linked in with spirit who gave information and advice from above. I would recommend her. She is lovely and calm, friendly and nice. Xx

    Peace, November 2020
  • Rachael is a lovely lady to talk to very clear in her messages very insightful quickly linking into what is going on i shall definitely call again! thank you so much!

    mxx, May 2020
  • Rachael is one of the most accurate readers I know, I always have a great fact filled reading with her and enjoy her very pleasant voice. She’s a five star reader easily one of the best I know. Roger July 16

    roger, July 2016
  • I have spoken to Rachael about three times now and she is such a good reader. She tunes in straight away and just hearing her gentle voice always puts me in a good mood. When it was bday she mentioned that I would wear a red dress but at the time I had not even thought about what I Was going to wear but after my bday I realised I had infact wore a red dress which was amazing and instantly I thought of Rachael. She truly is amazing and I would recommend anybody to speak to her . She will put you in a good mood and will always be honest. I will update you on future predictions and thanks for your help.

    S, November 2014
  • I wanted to write to you with regards to a recent reading I had with Rachael. I was absolutely astounded by the accuracy of the information I was given. She went into great detail about a factory move I was undertaking. She didn’t ask me anything and certainly didn’t dig and delve! I feel that you should champion this reader within your organisation as her information is informative, accurate and extremely helpful. Keep up the good work you and your company do. It’s a great service to myself, friends and family.

    SG, November 2014
  • I had a wonderful reading this morning with a genuine, caring, gifted and accurate reader-Rachel. I felt comfortable with her and got a lot of answers. I am really glad that I didn’t give up hope as I had spoken to three different readers, who were unfortunately disappointing. I will start my day with a big smile on my face and a spring to my step.

    Thank you for being amazing and making me feel at ease and hopeful.


    Arike, August 2014
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